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  2. Used to put watch in pocket when doing dodgy stuff. Not after recently blatting down a hill on a scooter (not the motorised kind) with my Big Crown in my pocket (oh I can just see the one liner ripostes to that statement..). Off I come and the rear mineral glass of the BC is no more, except in a million bits all through the movement. That'll learn me. Mind you, I don't have anything that I regard as immensely valuable except, perhaps, for the Full Steel Chronometer that I bought at the time of my first daughter's birth but that's as tough as old boots (and and as old as tough boots) so I'm not scared of damaging it 'cos it can always be fixed. Were I to ever obtain something at 2k plus I'm not sure I would wrap it in cotton wool as it were. I'd almost certainly wear it whatever I was doing because it is, after all, just something to tell the time with.
  3. I think when i was around 9 years old. Wish i'd kept all the ones i had as a kid Same here except probably about 7 when I got my first one. Bit like being given your first cigarette really, hooked forever after.
  4. I think when i was around 9 years old. Wish i'd kept all the ones i had as a kid Same here except probably about 7 when I got my first one.
  5. I have an Olympus E500 and am very impressed. It's now superceded by the E-510 which added more pixels and built in image stabilisation (and shortly the E-520) plus the E-410 and E-420 are no slouches either. Any of these with the 'kit' 14-42 lens (giving a 35mm equivalent focal length range of 28-84mm) would suit family and macro photography perfectly (close foxus distance is 25cm). Generally, Olympus kit lens are, at worst, a match for those sold with the other major manufacturers' bodies. They are all easy to use and (the 500/510/520 particularly) are customisable from within the menus as you progress. I am constantly amazed at the image quality from my E-500 which I teamed with the 18-180 zoom lens (no macro capability on that one but I don't really need it for family and landscapes) and can only think that this is partly because the entire system has been designed from the ground up to work specifically with digital sensors. The 400 range is very small (well, for DSLRs that is!) and I prefer the slightly chunkier feel of the 500 range. A compact is all very well and I would advise one of those for backpacking around Africa for instance but it gives you no options at all for future expansion on the lens front and options for creativity are significantly more limited. Whatever you go for keep in mind the number one rule for successful images - patience and more patience, let the image come to you rather than the other way round. At least get a hold of one or two of these before committing, they're very well made and feel, to me at least, just right. Good luck.
  6. Awful. Can't see anything that's good. Sure a mega deep dive rating is technically impressive but really - so what? The dial writing (amount) and the chapter text (crass, tacky, cheap, useless, bling, tasteless, nasty, devil-like) really take the biscuit. It seems that as each year goes by Rolex seem to make their products even less attractive than before. I'd still like one just to say 'yes I have a Rolex' and would probably stick it in a box in drawer 'til I die. Sorry, oh great Swiss manufacturer with huge waiting lists that are certainly not engineered by yourselves in order to increase the cachet associated with the brand, but it's going to get to the point pretty soon when we may as well all buy a few Alphas instead. Probably end up a load happier too.
  7. Alpha 49mm sub - the one with the Miyota movement so there's none of those will it/won't it last worries (as long as they really are Miyotas!). I haven't got one 'cos I think it'd be too big for ol' lil limp wrists here but there can't be any denying the value. And those Revue Thommen auto and handwinding 'pilots' on the bay going for around the £100 mark look pretty good value to me (eg 270224527490). And they're a good size. And they look just great to my old myopic eyes. Best add one to my list then.
  8. Est. Switzerland 1895 emblazoned over the boxes and on (some) watches' dials seems a clear indication that Rotary now has little to do with being Swiss. If they did then Swiss Made would be on the dials. There are some such on their website but just you try spotting any of those in the high street! It is disappointing but not surprising to see a company with a strong and long history moving its the majority of its manufacturing processes elsewhere but still hoping to dupe some potential customers into believing their products to be Swiss made. It is normally accepted that Swiss made = higher prices so non-Swiss made should equate to lower prices. However, a straw poll in my local jewellers showed prices for Rotary and Tissot (which is exclusively manufactured en Swisse) to be virtually identical. I can guess who's really raking in the cash out of those two. Most are nice enough though, I have a quartz diver that's good as a beater but I got that for £24.99 from Argos which is pretty much what it's worth. It's only what I perceive to be a spot of deception that I take offence to.
  9. To think that not so long ago I thought that these looked like Timexes. Just goes to show how wrong one can be. It's lovely. I want one. Need to open up a secret watch funds account immediately.
  10. Yes, the longest is the date indicator and the shortest is for the hours but the other three are all minute indicators and are fixed at 120 degrees to each other, the tip of each lines up against the minute markers on the left side of the dial. One hand is always present in that area (two on the hour and at 20 past and 20 to the hour). So 9:41.
  11. Nooooooo. Tell me it ain't so. That's like taking a full page ad in the Times and boasting about how hard you hit your wife and children.
  12. 9:41 Once you get the knack it'll be easy. Just imagine the laughs when someone asks you the time and you turn your wrist around and let them figure it out for themselves. Mind you, other than that I can't see the point, or should that be pint?
  13. Whoa there everyone, hit that space bar to get that pic of an RLT17 on screen instead of the signup screen that we're all using to create a new username so we can all post a on the equis thread and play at being an innocent new type member who honestly doesn't have anything to sell. Well, not until tomorrow anyway.
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