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  1. Bloody Germans!!! :-) Try this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHv92vLxGIc
  2. No worries mate, best to get her to contact via this link, which I'll pick up right away, cheers :-) (if she uses facebook) http://m.me/TheBlackBeez or (email) theblackbeez@gmail.com
  3. Hi, everything from the Beatles right up to present day music. Basically songs that get people up to dance and are popular. Have a look at our website and you'll see some of our videos from events. We're hoping to have a video that was professionally filmed at a 900 capacity venue recently up soon which will give a better idea of what to expect, but in the meantime there's plenty on the website to have a look at including media from weddings, functions, etc. http://www.blackbeez.com Cheers, Cammy
  4. Hi guys, my band, The BlackBeez, is the resident house band for Jools Holland's Jam House in Edinburgh, something we're really proud of. I just thought I'd post in here and mention that we're happy to give good discount to any fellow forumers looking for an experienced function band for a wedding, birthday, etc. Feel free to have a look at our facebook page (if you could give us a 'like' I'd be really grateful chaps, as it helps spread the word), and our website, etc. Cheers chaps! :-) https://www.facebook.com/TheBlackBeez/ http://www.blackbeez.com https://www.instagram.com/theblackbeez/
  5. What a fantastic story! Well done mate, and something to remember forever and look back on with fond memories. How did you learn to pan?
  6. Oh no, not at all mate, I really appreciate you telling me. I just feel a bit stupid.....some detective!
  7. Wow! The car is staying on the garage unti it goes into the garage....bloody hell
  8. Thanks Bruce, good to have the opinion of someone reliable I can trust. Yep, booked in to garage, on the 14th, so couple of weeks. It's bizarre though, the car drove pretty straight before the rack replacement, now it pulls like buggery to the right (though it definitely had wheel alignment after the rack was replaced)! You'd think it would have pulled on the old rack. Hopefully ok to drive carefully until then. The mechanic who's doing it reckons I'll need new wheel bearings though, as he says they usually can;t be transferred over. I'm just looking forward to getting it done. You're right about the corrosion, the rest of the car has no corrosion whatsoever, I was really surprised when I saw that. Bit worrying to hear you say how bad it is. Which bit is it that;s twisted Bruce? (And thanks again for your input, been invaluable through this)
  9. Hi chaps, finally got a picture from the garage of the offending article. Its the front near side (so this must be taken standing underneath the front passenger seat, looking out towards the front of the car if you see what I mean). Means bugger all to me! Does it look particularly bad to folk that do know how it should look? Cheers:-)
  10. Ha ha, true matey! I couldn't afford the garage quote of over 400 after everything else and needed the car, so the rack is on. Just sorting out the carrier now and getting it replaced through a mechanic I know. Weird thing is, prior to the steering rack being replaced, the car drove straight as a die, now it pulls significantly to the right. The garage did a second wheel alignment but just the same, the garage said it's because of the bent hub carrier. Not sure how it drove straight prior to the rack change though! Nearly there pal :-)
  11. Phoned Skoda, aand it's £246.19 for new one :-) Found this on ebay, new part. Sorry to be a pain, but will I need anything else? Don;t want to end up with it on the ramps and it needing something else! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281595169543?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  12. Thanks Bruce. Goodness knows what they were going to do that would have cost £450! The carrier doesn't look that expensive
  13. Hi chaps. Trying to source a second hand part, what am i asking for here? Is it a wheel hub carrier, or wheel hub assembly, or something else? Sorry guys, not up on this sort of thing!
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