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  1. Ignorance on my part John, didn't realise there were two different types, thanks for taking the time to do that mate
  2. Hi folks, I recently found a small cassette that was my family voicemail cassette from when I was a child. I just bought a Dictaphone for micro cassettes, thinking they must ask be a standard size. Much excitement this morning when it arrived and looking forward to hearing voices I haven't heard for well over 40 years. But... The bugger doesn't fit! It's just a little too big... Can anyone offer advice on what I need to get this to play? I did think about simply removing the lid, but the cassette is still too big to fit. Would be much appreciated, thank you.
  3. Hi mate, yeah, thinking that's very likely as it's 29 years old and hasn't had a new battery in many, many years... I shouldn't be surprised really! It doesn't have any jewels so just be gummed up elsewhere. I'd take the movement out but can't get the dial past the pushers and can't see (don't have the knowledge) on how to remove them. Think it'll need to go to a watchmaker John.
  4. Just changed over to this old favourite.
  5. This puppy on today. Still after that RLT15 if anyone has one!
  6. Bugger, new battery in, shorted as per instructions and...nothing
  7. As a tradition in my family, when we got to 18, my dad took us up 'the toon' (Edinburgh) and we were allowed to pick whatever watch we liked as our birthday present. I picked this Accurist... It disappeared for many years and by luck I found it a few days ago. I'm waiting on a battery for it in the post, but have taken the bezel off, cleaned it, etc. So hopefully it will work. There's a chip in the crystal, which will need replacing...you can see it at the 5 o'clock... However, when I tried to remove the movement the pushers prevent me from doing so... As you may tell, I'm a complete novice in the minor watch repair / cleaning game! Can anyone offer advice? Are the pushers my to be removed, or am I missing something simple? If they do, I may leave it as is, as I imagine there are circlips involved, and, as Clint once said... "a man's gotta know his limitations"... It's a Miyota 6W50 movement. Not sure if these are even still available...
  8. Have you watched the Nekkid watchmaker on YouTube repairing one of these John? Fascinating to watch. This puppy for me tonight. Bought it in 2003 but getting sold shortly so having a few last moments together
  9. Not at all John, that's very kind of you to post that old friend. My brother wanted me to have this watch when he died, which I had given to him prior to going to war in the Gulf. Huge sentimental value for me. Couple of pics of him, greatly missed.
  10. It's funny, this brand has been constantly popping up as an advert on my Facebook news feed. Some good looking watches.
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