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  1. I bid . . . "A million dollars!" Just kidding! I'll be sorry to see it go if it comes to that. Lots of good times in years past.
  2. Great story! Now that you've got your "grail" watch is that it? Will you still look and perhaps buy? I'm curious because I'm kind of in the same boat. I used to collect anything and everything and eventually got pretty interested in Omega. After 5 Omegas and all kinds of others I ended up getting a Sub anniversary and I love it. Do I love it more than my Speedmaster? I'm not sure - but they both have their place. I haven't bought a watch since the Sub though as it is kind of hard to justify buying less expensive watches as now you've got five grand going to waste on the watch winder. At the same time I'm certainly not going to shell out more for an even more expensive watch. Even if I had the money I couldn't justify it to myself. So is this it do you think?
  3. In my book they are the best budget Swiss watches out there. I've got a Khaki Crono, a Piping Rock, a Ventura a men in black 2 Pulsar re-edition and several others. Classic brand with great pricing.
  4. Most of my watches are right around 41mm as that is a popular size. Omega Seamaster Pro, Speedmaster Pro (moon watch), Omega Aqua Terra, Rolex Submariner and Seiko Monster. All in the just over 40 mm range. Anything smaller feels... well small. Anything larger just doesn't fit.
  5. My wrist is 6 inches and I would not opt for a 44 mm watch personally. 41 mm is about the limit, anything over looks like a clock.
  6. Although mostly a lurker these days I am often a guest as I seldom log on.
  7. I've had the same model (I think) as alf pictured above for the last month. Samsung 4254. I am absolutely in love. I did several weeks worth of research and found this to be the best for the money. At the moment I don't even have cable and pick up crystal clear HD channels on my primitive rabbit ears. There is no such thing as an HD antenna. Watching HD TV is incredible. I never really thought I'd notice the difference, but it is like night and day. I couldn't recomment the Samsung enough. It does look a little futurestic though. I laugh whenever I enter the room. It looks like some artifact from the future has been deposited in my living room.
  8. It certainly looks bigger. Doesn't seem to wear much larger though?
  9. How does the Pseudo-Ruhla divers watch wear? Does it wear much larger than a Seiko Monster? I've been thing about one of these for ages but the size has put me off. I can just pull of a Monster but anything larger would be too much. Anything else anyone could tell me about this watch would be welcome.
  10. Related to this I just had a computer mishap and somehow lost Mozilla Firebird, an older version of Firefox. Anyone know where an old version of Firebird may be found?
  11. There're all so sports oriented though. I wish they made more like this:
  12. I think I paid just over $400.00 for mine. It's 200m but on the small side. Are they all this small?
  13. If it helps any the movement is an ETA 955.412
  14. Has no one here changed a Ventura battery? Roy doesn't know and my wrist is itching for it back. I guess an auto Ventura would be out of charicter, but I'd like one.
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