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  1. Once fully wound the main spring in an auto slips to prevent breaking so manual winding would feel more resistance at that point. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. There are 2 barrels in those if memory serves which may complicate things but it’s the same principle, one slips. I suspect the staff in an AD will look at you blankly if you complain that winding it when fully would is stiff and perhaps suggest stopping winding it at that point. Rather like the Tommy Cooper joke about the patient complaining that it hurts when he does ‘that’. The doctor replies ‘don’t do that then’.
  2. I was jealous, my 997 can only do 177mph!
  3. Now 230mph would be an impressive 924 lol
  4. Yeah but the 6 in the M140i makes an easy 340hp as std, 400hp if messed with like this...
  5. I am travelling to Yorkshire this morning so won’t be able to post loads but this is analogous to your question, the Twin paradox: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin_paradox
  6. I'll say for you Jonny, you are thought provoking. Bloody annoying mainly but thought provoking. You may find this interesting, it discusses the time dilation effects on Apollo missions, as I mentioned you couldn't measure them on a mechanical watch but they are there: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19720022040.pdf
  7. Yes several watches were worn in space, a couple of instances of Rolex a Bulova etc etc. The first was Russian built of course. Casio, Timex etc etc Not sure what your point is to be honest but then, yet again, I am not sure you are either.
  8. Err no. I have a BSc in Physics awarded from York University in 1993. What is your physics qualification? As such I can confidently tell you, as I think you already suspect, that relativistic effects like those you clumsily allude to above are so microscopic as to be unmeasurable when at the speeds and distances encountered in orbit or on a translunar flight. The normal error in the rate of that watch would be orders of magnitude greater. Look these terms up if I have lost you. I did wonder if you would be genuinely clever and discuss the effects of vacuum and lack of air resistance on the balance wheel. Or on the freezing of the lubricants. But no.
  9. Fair enough but It’s not a franken it is a fake sporting fake hallmarks. A franken takes genuine parts and combines them in a way the factory didn’t. If you like it absolutely wear it in happiness but don’t kid yourself or more seriously try to kid anyone else that it is something it is not. There are no original Omega bits on that watch head. The bracelet could be legit for all I know but a cursory search using those terms turns up nothing similar unfortunately. The balance of probabilities suggests it too is hooky but if it is genuine will be worth likely much more than you paid.
  10. Tell you what JOB, why don’t you tell us why mechanical watches would struggle in space? I would just love to hear a well reasoned argument based on scientific principles. Would you care to touch on whether or not auto wind mechanisms work there too?
  11. Sooo. Your earlier post regarding mission need myths and suggestions of product placement commercial above has no foundation. Again? Golf balls didnt help get people back alive. I personally hate the Snoopy branding which was a later by product but the watch did time the Apollo 13 re-entry burn when the computer failed. Sneer all you like but try to use facts if you want to be taken seriously.
  12. I am curious, what was the commercial reason? AFAIK the watches supplied to NASA were purchased not given, indeed there are invoices in MWO. If there was no mission need, what was the point in NASA performing a watch selection process? I know you want to rewrite history, as usual, but the fact is Ed White chose to wear one on a successful mission in 1965 and after the testing and procurement, NASA gave them to subsequent astronauts. You keep harping on about the Racing thing but it is pilots who need timing functions like chronos provide on a daily basis. Yes there was an early advert with a car in it but they ditched that campaign after about 10 minutes, particularly after Ed White made his choice! ps you may or may not be aware that Scott Carpenter wore a Breiting Cosmonaute which was designed just for him which ingested water on splashdown during his 1962 mission and was destroyed. Breitling weren't invited to join the selection for the NASA watch and funnily enough, Breitling don't brag about their space heritage. Clearly even before NASA gave them one, astronauts considered a chronograph quite useful!
  13. Abstinence from cocaine and booze might have saved Falco more effectively than a seatbelt if Wiki is to be believed!
  14. I service mine either when they show signs of deterioration on my timing machine or after about 7 years, whichever comes first. How I service them depends on the watch. For many I use an independent for others a brand specialist which usually means STS for Omega. My most recent service (for a Speedmaster) was with Simon Freese. Those of you extolling the virtues of modern synthetic oils, do remember that it has to stay in the jewelled bearings to be of any use and after several years of use or for that matter rest, it often won't be any longer and/or will be contaminated by microscopic particles of metal etc. Good oils don't remove the need for periodic servicing. Water resistance also deteriorates with age and can't be relied on indefinitely.
  15. I personally feel quite happy with a round watch at 36-38mm so that would probably work for me to be fair.
  16. I really like the classic tank watch design but I have to admit that even the xl size look very small on a modern chap. I actually crave a JLC Reverso which is the same idea.
  17. I have just noticed this reply which is plain wrong, the vast majority of UK tyres are summer optimised and useless at freezing temperatures. I wonder if the contributor would like to update us on how his summer Bridgestones have fared this past week? My money is on not all that well!
  18. But what if your chairs were made of paper mâché? It wasn't the intellectual property I was concerned with. A rather unnecessary rant and rather misdirected. I was commenting specifically on the fact that it has a fake hallmark. That is a much more serious matter than mere copyright abuse and was doubtless designed originally to deceive. People who have gone to prison for faking UK hallmarks and items like this are routinely destroyed when seized. Now this isn't as far as I can tell a UK mark so it wouldn't come to that but it was from this POV I added on that rider.
  19. The previous 5 pages, weren't you paying attention?
  20. It is the guards which are the pain. The non Pro straight lug case models like the FOIS, CK2998 or 60th Anni are much easier to wind. And of course their 60s ancestors. Any excuse to post this picture
  21. You sure about that Hugh? New ones can be got for about £2800, decent second hand ones with the suitcase box routinely now fetch £2200-2300 so not a big enough saving IMO.
  22. Exactly. I made the point about a page ago that the foreign stuff isn't anywhere near as compelling a bargain as it once was. We may have expended 4 pages of hot air to come to the conclusion that it isn't actually worth it.
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