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  1. In that scenario in an ideal world around £1,212 if you have a Halifax Clarity card or a Yen bank account but often the shipping isn't free and you pay VAT on that too. As noted above, if you allow PayPal to do the conversion, more like £1,300. I you use a non fee free credit card maybe more like £1260. Don't think for a second you will be able to dodge the tax. You won't.
  2. Indeed but if I may refer the honourable gentleman to a post I made a few days ago you will see that the mid size models are substantially cheaper in any case so you may not have to look overseas to find a well priced one:
  3. Are you entirely sure that the prices on there are all that competitive by the way? I mean Speedmaster Reduced models are likely available in the Uk for circa £1200-1400. Since Brexit made the pound collapse, the foreign stuff is no where near as cheap as it once was. By the time you pay fees and shipping, a watch would need to be £950 or less to work out cheaper from there and many just aren't that cheap. In 2016 I managed to get an X33 from Japan for a landed price of about £1350, those days are long gone...
  4. Not me but several over on Omegaforums. Hop over there and search elady. To be fair one of the threads was about their photos not showing a mark on a bezel very clearly but in the main people seem happy. They have been on ebay for years. Much as I am tempted to continue to argue with Jonny who is now rambling way off topic, he does have a point in that their low feedback is odd. Clearly they are using multiple accounts for some reason, perhaps not a sinister reason but I would want to be 100% sure that there isn't someone copying elady. ie check the business address is consistent. The goods being offered by elady05 do seem fully consistent with prior elady sales though. I have bought several things from ebay Japan without issue, will go back and check the seller now if I can find them
  5. Jonny, just admit that in this field at least you haven't got a Scooby what you are talking about and bow out gracefully. You have declared that there are dozens of Jap fakes but so far have found none and have instead maligned a real watch from a known seller, possibly because you thought you were looking at a poor Reduced fake. You are clearly a clever bloke with eclectic knowledge but know your limits, you can't be an expert on everything and sometimes you will look rather foolish if you persist when the ice gets a bit thin as it has here. I know the feeling because I too am one of those who knows a little about a lot. I will be honest, I used to think you were a shouty buffoon, as you can give that impression and then I realised you talk some good sense but you do need to give it up when you wander into the quicksand...
  6. So far we have only the resident expert on everything’s word that they are heavily faked and the example he has offered up has a big problem in that it is perfectly genuine as far as I can see. Elady are a respected seller. Model 3210.50 Speedmaster Date Auto.
  7. Quick rule of thumb: if it is less than £2k then it won’t be a Pro model it’ll be either a Reduced or date model and will will likely need a service. There are fakes everywhere but on the whole Japanese sellers are to be trusted. Much more so than Eastern Europe, Italy or heaven forbid Peru. I have bought from Japan several times without issue.
  8. Padders


    Here, TZ? Not my field of expertise I am afraid, eBay is a minefield for everything.
  9. The fake 750 hallmark but plated case is a big no no. More than just a trdademark violation, it needs destroying.
  10. Padders


    Yes I am very happy with it but find I don’t do enough formal stuff to justify wearing it much. It’s a bit over the top for the pub on a Friday night!
  11. Quick answer? About £600. Seriously though, the std Moonwatch (.005 model) has a Hesalite (plastic) crystal and a solid 'medallion' back. That model is about £3500 RRP. The 'sapphire sandwich' model (.006) has a sapphire crystal and sapphire display back. They actually look quite different on, some consider the plastic crystal offers a much warmer dial. I have both and can see advantages and disadvantages in both too. The primary sapphire disadvantage is the shocking cost of a replacement crystal if you were to smash one, something like £400+. The plastic crystal is about £40, can be polished if gets scratched and is routinely changed during a service.
  12. Nice, that is one of the '2254 style' models I was referring to. The black sword hands dial is the most desirable of the designs to many, though I personally have a soft spot for the 2255 electric blue models too.
  13. Well said. There is nothing wrong at all with expressing dislike, opinions make us interesting. ps I too respect care in spelling and grammar, and even have a soft spot for outright pedantry but it is easy to to be hoist by ones own petard rather. See the bit in red above, word missing maybe?
  14. Padders


    Well to be honest, if Rolex are a similar price, go Rolex but this is an example of the kind of work STS can do, this watch wasn't in great condition with a scratched crystal when sent. I am surprised at their £450 quote. I have a 2018 pricelist and they list the higher figure I mentioned above for a watch over 25 years so perhaps they class your watch as a newer design or maybe charge less for a manual wind:
  15. Err no. I am perfectly happy to accept and believe that what you have experienced is as you say it is but that still doesn't carry across to every owner now does it? Hence my use of bold above. If I had a Tag watch I would indeed be offended by someone spouting such prejudiced nonsense. Your world as you put it sounds like a pretty unpleasant place, I will leave others to decide if that carries across to you since that would be an assumption would it not?
  16. Uhuh but that is rather different to slagging off every owner of said pieces. You are stereotyping on a massive scale and if that reflects on your attitudes in the real world possibly makes you someone I would rather avoid. I am no fan of much of the Tag output and own none myself but your contention that every owner is a 'twat' is ridiculous and deserves contempt. It is also guaranteed to piss off and awful lot of people on here. Way to make friends.
  17. The mid size models aren't hugely popular in Western Europe, but vastly more so in Asia where wrist size tends to be a little smaller. I work on a mid size being worth circa £300-400 less than a full 41mm style, movement for movement. Thus a good private sale price on a SMP auto may be £1,350, so circa £1k for the mid auto. Maybe £1050 for a quartz full size and thus £700-750 for a mid quartz They are very nice on the wrist (I had one) but the bezel steals a lot of the dial area which is very small on the mid-size model leading to slightly stumpy hands. On balance the 41mm is a nicer watch IMO, even on a slim wrist. If you are talking about dealer prices then the differential still applies IMO, though the sticker prices will be rather steeper of course. I probably should mention that the black 2254 style fetch rather more than those figures which are more relevant to the Bond and EB styles, perhaps £200 more each.
  18. I was only messing, I rather like the Superocean design, though it is maybe a little derivative of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, which was the original diver design, predating even the Rolex Sub. Not a bad place to find inspiration if that is the case mind.
  19. Wrong model. That is the hesalite model, not the sapphire sandwich. The Sapphire model has the code 311. and is £3525 at SWD, £3505 at Iconic. I would still go Iconic personally. Actually that model is only £3,360 at Chronext but they ship a lot of their stock in from Germany so can be a little slow with delivery, like 2-3 weeks sometimes. If you are happy to wait they may be an option.
  20. An Omega Boutique won't discount but as above, a AD may. It wouldn't hurt to be aware of the Iconic or Chronext price, then use that as a bargaining chip. Or just buy from iconic. 25% may be optimistic unless you get lucky but I should think 15% is doable on a sapphire sandwich. Not a sapphic sandwich, that is something else I am told.
  21. Padders


    Swisstime/Swisstec do very good work but won't be substantially cheaper than RSC, in fact they may be more! Their current Rolex service costs for a model over 25 years old is about £650 @mr.chef can you take a look at your tz mailbox. Ta.
  22. They are a grey dealer for many brands so be careful that you know what warranty coverage you have, it may be very little. If the item is still cheap after VAT and shipping is accounted for then I guess they are worth a try. They do offer big discounts on many lines.
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