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  1. If you can afford it the Canon 500D is an amazing piece of kit for an entry level model and I speak as a Nikon devotee. I personally don't see any great differences between the other low end Canon and Nikon models as the 400D, 450D, 1000D, D60, D3000 are much of a muchness. If you fancy one of those you may as well choose based on the lenses you intend to deploy. At the next level up Nikon edge ahead as the D5000 and d90 are superior to the Canon alternatives. All IMO of course. Padders
  2. Nikons DSLRs are great and any one of them will give you results head and shoulders better than a bridge camera or similar. You will spend the next year or so developing lens envy. A word of advice, avoid the 28-200 range mentioned above as on a 1.5x crop camera the short end of that type of lens becomes equivalent to 42mm which is not remotley wide. One of the various 18-xx mm lenses are a much better range to walk about with. Assuming you got a 18-55mm with the D60 then for longer stuff maybe think about a 55-200mm VR which is a fantastic tele zoom for the money or if you want to splash out
  3. I have a 10Mb connection and those pictures are still causing me bother! Maybe a little resizing might be an idea... Lovely motor but the name? Why associate it with Hakkinen's 97 F1 racer, it didn't even finish top 3 in the championship. It is not as if it has 12 cyls so that doesn't make sense either as a name prompt. The whole MP4 link with the F1 stuff smacks of over-obvious marketing, a simple M themed name ie M8 (see the orange model in the pic) would be more suitable IMO.
  4. They are rather more than that now, at the last count the cheapest is £1800 now they have imposed the coax movement on the SMP and dropped the rather more attractive (IMO of course) sword hands model. I bought one of the last electric blue sword hand models for £1300 6 months back but they seem to have dried up now.
  5. I have just bought a B and R 'ahem' homage by Parnis - so not actually a fake take note and have found it to be fairly impractical as it is damn huge at 46mm and square just aint so comfortable as round. It certainly has presence though!
  6. Why do people of late quote Soprod as if they are the holy grail of movements? Can someone list some links to facts about them because as far as I have seen they are warmed over ETA and therefore not necessarily any better than high end seagull. I am prepared to be corrected and enlightened though!
  7. Ah but in 10 years your halflife will be up and superluminova will be king...
  8. You need to decide whether it is losing or gaining time to an annoying degree or as noted above the chrono is not behaving itself. It that is the case then get it serviced, otherwise I would wait a few years yet. £300 sounds a bit steep to me, if that is the Bienne price then look at Swatch uk or the other good uk specialists.
  9. I am afraid I have never rated Seiko at all. I thought their 70s and 80s designs boring and derivative and the more recent efforts garish. I would rather have 3 interesting chinese watches (even if homages) to 1 Seiko which either doesn't excite me or is too large or orange to wear. For me it seems to be high and Swiss and gutter end Chinese with nothing in between.
  10. I must be turing into a miserable cynic in my old age. When I saw you mention 'heritage centre' and noticed that you are based in Essex I guessed Ford and assumed you had a go in an old 1600E cortina or at best the Lotus version but once I saw the pictures all sneering cynicism vanished. Wow :notworthy:
  11. Yep, looks like a 14 to me. Wonder if our host can do anything about that, (obviously i don't wish to start any conspiracy or anything) Did you not see my post above? The case is used elsewhere, or is this an excuse for a repost for the MP RLT grief, in which case be my guest... Fair comment, but the post above was not there when i posted mine, but then it was after, oh well :) Curse my over hasty use of the 'view new contents' button. Apologies if I came across over eager. Back to the thread, the case is still lovely but the face is rubbish, a bit like an ex girlfriend of mi
  12. Fair enough. I have enhanced my calm with Sauvignon Blanc.
  13. Yep, looks like a 14 to me. Wonder if our host can do anything about that, (obviously i don't wish to start any conspiracy or anything) Did you not see my post above? The case is used elsewhere, or is this an excuse for a repost for the MP RLT grief, in which case be my guest...
  14. Well yes but dont get too indignant on Roy's behalf. Identical cases have been available fro the chinese (and this may well be one of those)for a while. Parnis produce a couple of nice pieces on the same case, both left and right handers, see item 200377116765 for a look. No affiliation but I thought I should point out that it is not a unique case. Padders
  15. I had a crafty look at the CW forums earlier to see what they were saying about the new chrono (and to see if there was a forum discount to be honest) and noted that someone posted that this was the cheapest 7750 chrono available. Someone else replied with the fact that Roy still has for sale 7750 chrono at the same price!
  16. Me too but I guess it would pretty speedmasterish then so maybe in the interests of diffentiation they chose brushed steel.
  17. Quite nice and good val, what is the movement, 2824? I notice they now do a 7750 chrono too.
  18. I think it depends on what you are after when you wear a watch, is it the recognition of others and the social cachet wearing a seemingly expensive piece of kit or is it simply the desire for a well designed object. If the latter then what does it matter if it is a homage/copy/wanabee? I may not even wear mine too much, I currently have in the region of 50 watches (all original) and only wear about 5 in a year but I desire certain other designs and while funds dont permit I dont see the problem in the odd homage.
  19. Well at £35 vs £3000 you would be silly to expect it to be an alternative really though wouldn't you? As long as it keeps time ok and doesn't fall apart for a couple of years I would consider it good value but I guess even that remains to be seen.
  20. I have looked at the Orient sub and it does seem to have advantages, the main one being that it actually is a dive watch what with the 10atm rating but I haven't seen an Orient with the green bezel so an Alpha it might have to be for now. I always fancied a real sub and nearly bought one a few years back but got a SMP instead which has been great but the sub still calls to me now and then.
  21. Fake Alphas? Fakes of fakes, where will it ever end...
  22. Sorry for my ignorance but my reading of Ruskie chars aint what it should be, who is that brand in English? It is very nice indeed whatever it is.
  23. Yes I saw the milsub, very nice indeed. For any other Alpha though I noted that it works out a fair bit dearer to go from the US site as they start $5 more than china and then they add on ~$15 for postage which is included on the main site.
  24. At the risk of inviting scorn and loathing I am very near ordering a green bezel lv type Alpha sub, well either that or the coke GMT if I can make my mind up. I am well aware that 'homage' watches incite heated discussion but as long as it doesn't actually say Rolex it cant be that bad, right? Can anyone comment on the quality or otherwise and if they come up short can another sub or GMT type piece for <£100 be recommended? Cheers Padders
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