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  1. My pal went into the Navy as an officer pilot a few years back. After qualifying on fast jet at Valley he spent a couple of years flying with Crab Air on Tornado. Subsequently he rejoined the boys in dark blue on Harriers and I can confirm that his only issue watch during that 8 years was a shi**y CWC quartz pos. He purchased a very nice Harrier personalised Breitling (at a discount price) for his day to day use. Breitling do a lot of special editions for specific squadrons or aircraft. I am lead to believe by an army buddy that Iraqi airforce marked Breitlings were particularly sought after during that last major unpleasantness in which he served. He never found one but he did confiscate a gold pistol which was promptly taken by his CO and probably brought home as a trophy...
  2. Padders

    Mp Rlt

    By the way if we are all going to kick off about the fact that the movement is misrepresented by the script on the face then shouldn't someone mention that the use of the broad arrow is also misleading on a watch not actually issued to forces though I note O & W have been exploiting the same fib for years... ps if you think as I that the arrow is not an issue then by extension maybe 'swiss made' is not either
  3. Christ I hope not, not to my taste but I am sure someone in the Sultan of Oman's forces must have such a watch or something similar made back in the 70s when the brits were there in numbers
  4. Padders

    Mp Rlt

    I have read much of the sycophantic criticism and flim-flam levied at this watch with the huge smile on my face because I'm just doing exactly as Stan suggests - I'm enjoying every minute of my RLT51 as I'm sure everyone else who has purchased one is :wink1: Some people really do need to get out a bit more :lol: Mmmmmmmm.....lovely :wub: At the risk of being a pedant, how can the critisism be considered sycophantic? Either you get the watch and buy one or you dont and you slag it off. You cant kiss Roy's ass and slag it off at the same time surely can you?
  5. My dad is a wealthy man and has worn a two tone gold-steel rolex which he loves for 10 years but as far as I am concerned it is a little vulgar and since the presidential strap has stretched I am not too impressed with the quality either. Much to his disgust I have gone Omega but there you go...
  6. Look elsewhere or haggle like hell. That is much too much for a 5 year old reduced on a leather strap in my opinion.
  7. Padders

    Mp Rlt

    Hmm take a look at the photo of the case back above. Shouldn't the '3TAM' actually read '3ATM' ie 3 atmospheres or 30m resistance or am I misreading it? Discuss...
  8. I agree with everything said but don't be too fooled with the History and miltary image they lean on. The current Swatch Group products have less in common with the older stuff than you might think. The name was resurrected by Swatch after a ~10 year break in production. My Hamilton is actually an ex-military issue, British Army I think, 1975. Nice one. I wasn't suggesting that the company doesn't have a long and noble history as a manufacturer of military pieces simply that the company has changed a lot. They have all had to change to survive, O & W are prob the only ones left in a simlar state to the 1960s
  9. I agree with everything said but don't be too fooled with the History and miltary image they lean on. The current Swatch Group products have less in common with the older stuff than you might think. The name was resurrected by Swatch after a ~10 year break in production.
  10. You could make a good case for saying the Moonwatch Speedie had the advantage that it was relatively low-spec compared to many other chronos. Firstly glass or even sapphire crystal was considered a no no as the admittedly slim chance of shattering could not be tolerated apparantly so the hesalite was thought of as superior for shock its resistance. Secondly a watch with too effective atmospheric sealing would have been a problem and could have lead to popping crystals when decompressing/compressing hence the relatively low water resistance. Thirdly it has been suggested that Nasa initially considered that an auto-winder would function strangely in zero-g, though this is not the case as gravity has no significant impact on the rotor - momentum does the work. In summary you could argue the simplest, least robust, least waterproof design won! The reduced speedie could be described as having the missing (and unwanted) complexity put back. Not trolling: I love and own several Omegas but they are points worth considering all the same.
  11. You have clearly never been to Bravissimo.
  12. I rather like Hamiltons. They are stylish and different and sit in a similar position in my mental pecking order to Oris but as noted above have the advantage of using ETA movements as an in house partner. I have nearly bought 1 several times this year for a change from the norm.
  13. Padders

    Mp Rlt

    At the risk of repeating an earlier question from others, does anyone have an idea what movement is used in these? Cheers Padders
  14. Ok Ok fair comment, I shall make more of an effort starting here. That is 2 off at least! I have seen a Damasko, Archimede and various RLTs that I would have loved in the last week alone. My collection needs some churn to keep it intersting.. Padders
  15. It is bloody frustrating though. I dip in and out now and then and don't post a lot but every now and then see a must have watch and now cant even comment on it. I can understand giving active members first dibs but that doesn't stop it being annoying...
  16. I don't blame you for fancying the date, I quite fancy a chrono one to accompany my exisiting date version, so like you in reverse. Mine is on a tan leather strap as I find the metal band a hair pulling nightmare. I noticed in passing that the Damasko DS36 looks rather suspiciously similar and would probably be my first port of call if I was parted from mine again, either that or get another Date from fleabay. The only problem is the last few good ones have gone for silly money ie ~£500see http://www.gnomonwatches.com/DamaskoDA36.html for the Damasko picture. Have been looking at black planet ocean today, but i think that will be rather a financial stretch so it may come down to a full size replacement SMP. I did look at the Coax SMPs but they are beginning to turn me off with all the desperate Bond themed marketing. The ltd edition with 007 on the second hand -makes me retch for instance. Rather reminds me of that other film based watch tie-in the Micky mouse Timex. Obviously YMMV.
  17. Thanks for the tip, have had a look and while they are certainly striking and undoubtedly attractive, I am not really a big fan of 70's inspired designs as I perceive these to be. They rather remind me of the bulky bezels on the orignal Omega dynamics or the Jacky Ickx bull head, nice but not my thing. The ones that do stand out are the twin crown diver jobbies:nice.
  18. Hehehe I would never deliberately part with the Dynamic, seriously never. It was actually stolen along with the SMP but a keen police sgt found it 50 yards from the house where the scrote had dropped it thank god. It is far and away the most appealing watch i have ever owned and I have to force myself to wear other supposedly superior stuff. It was and IMO remains THE Omega bargain of the last 10 years, particularly as they used to be ~£250 on ebay. One crazy idea is that I get a Longines Legend diver, but then it does have the black face thing I was trying to avoid going on I suppose. I have spent the night looking at Damaskos, Sinns and Stowas but the ones I like dont readily fall into the price range I seek.
  19. I spoke to the loss adjuster today and she seemed to imply that while they would try to reinstate, I would be given the opportunity to choose and alternative or pay extra for a more expensive repacement if I wished. I expressly enquired about getting the full size for instance and she said this would not be a problem. This is why I set the price range above as I imagine they will value the mid size at ~£1200 where as I could afford to add a few hundred to that for the right watch.
  20. Some thieving low-life relieved me of much of the contents of my house last weekend including my mid-size blue face SMP 300m chronometer, not the bond one but the electric blue face with the chrome bezel. Fortunately I am fully insured so this gives me a dilemma... do I just replace it like for like (though I might try the full size now) or look at something a little different? All suggestions in the £1200-£1400 ballpark will be appreciated. Fortunately I still have other stuff including my 1999 Omega Dynamic and O&W A120 so I am not exactly bereft for the time being, but this does mean I am a little heavy on black face military style pieces and will consequently be looking for summat else. What would you get and why? Cheers
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