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  1. Roger that on your logic Wookie. It's just that the danged 6309-7040s are soooo comfortable to wear compared to the other diver styles IMHO. I really like the type II military dials. All three of the previously mentioned vendors had versions of these 3 or 4 years ago with Bill's being the classiest of the bunch. I've been wearing mine for 3 years as a daily beater and am impressed w/it's accuracy. My dial came from Noah. Thanks for the responses.
  2. When I first got into the 6309-7040 Seiko watches, there were a number of dial options available for modifying Noah, Seikoboy, Bill Yao and others all stocked custom dials for this watch. But not any more, why not?
  3. portsample

    Bezel Mod

    Yep- it seems that they may have had a common supplier that has stopped manufacturing them.
  4. portsample

    Bezel Mod

    Just search for a Yobokies skx007 , Thats the watch sorted!
  5. Anybody added one of these to a watch that it was not stock on? Any suggestions regarding better quality cyclops? TIA again.
  6. Yeah- Roger that. But then I feel the same way about my reading glasses that I've been rudely forced to buy (and use) in the last year. Rather than putting these things on every time I want to see the date on my Seiko 6309-7040 I've been considering a cyclops. Question: Are there multiple options for these as far as different manufacturers and quality? I'd want to get an oval that is wide enough to cover day and date. TIA.
  7. Pete (petewatch"at"bigpond.com) has these as well as NOS 6309 movements...cheers.
  8. Hey all- I'd really like to swap the standard black font on a white background day date dials on my 6309 white font/black background set. Noah is selling the WF/BB dates, but not the days. Is there another source for these that anyone is aware of? TIA.
  9. Holy crow: that puts my ballpoint pen housing to shame...what else do people use? Any overall suggestions regarding this process??? TIA
  10. Hello gents- I just did my first mod a few days ago on a 6309-7040 swapping in one of Noah's military dials and a set of cheap PloProf style hands. The operation was a success as I'm wearing the watch now and there are no signs of any problem so far. I have several questions from this exercise... What is the tool of choice for setting hands? I made do with a ballpoint pen housing...this felt REALLY inadequate and clumsy. The retaining ring that sets inboard of the movement...does it "snap" into place, or just drop in when the spacing is correct? It felt to me as if it should snap in as it took a wee bit of work to get out...but it didn't however... it just went in, leaving enough room for the lip on the case back. What is the clamp of choice for holding the movement when it is out of the case? Thanks.
  11. Hello gents, Two quick questions: 1) Are all of the 6309 reproduction dials equal when it comes to their glow in the dark ability? 1.1) Which are best? 2) Are there any other dials that are especially bright that will fit in a 6309-7040? Thanks all.
  12. Ohhh, very nice. I have succumbed, (see ebay 230304648129.) I'll post picts post pimping. Cheers.
  13. One more question: Many of these sellers have disclaimers about the "vintage-rebuilt" 6309's not being pressure tested and not being suitable for under water use. Is there maintenance that a reasonably mechanically inclined user could do, (siliconing 0-rings, confirming that there is no pitting rust that would compromise any seals) that would allow the watch to be taken to depth again? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the response gents. You've clarified this for me.
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