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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. Hi all Need some advice if possible please........ My son, who goes walking quite a lot, wants a new watch for Christmas, with all the gadgets bits on. Having searched the net and found these two, could you let me have your opinions on them please on which one is the best. I know he wants a Casio and it doesn't matter if it's black or silver titanium. The black one does look a bit sturdier in this picture. Apologies for inserting the links, not to sure if this is allowed, was going to insert just the pictures, but couldn't work out how to do it. Thanks all Regards Trevor *** Protek Casio Commercial Links removed, Roy is a Casio agent and may be able to obtain these if you ask him. ***
  3. Yes i did search, but when you follow the links they are all on line shops. and some take you to American sites. I want to actually go and see before I buy. Cheers Trevor
  4. Hi all Where can I buy Luminox 9000 series in the UK? Been searching all day and still no luck! Cheers Trevor
  5. Right, your opinions please I've narrowed it down to one of these, sorry, couldn't figure out how to post pictures! Blackhawk 'Special Ops ' Watch, Or luminox 'Blackbird' Thanks Trevor
  6. Could I have your opinions on the MTM Black Hawk Special Ops Watch, is it a good watch and is it worth the money? Thanks.
  7. Need a good retailer in San Francisco to purchase a Casio Pro Trek Protrek Triple Sensor prg-80T-7V. Need one for my son's birthday. Thanks Trev
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