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  1. Thanks to you all for the advice, I have ordered the sticky ball that was linked to. I was also going to order a couple of 344 batteries from the following link which I assume are the genuine type I need? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Renata-Watch-Battery-Swiss-Made-All-Sizes-Silver-Oxide-Lithium-Batteries-/141552547343?pt=UK_Jewellery_Watches_WatchAccessories_SpareParts_SM&var=&hash=item20f530760f Paul, I have emailed you regarding the Megaquartz. Rich
  2. I have both an Omega Constellation Megaquartz & Omegea Geneve F300hz neither of which get used owing to the problem of getting baterries fitted as most local jeweller won't touch them . The last jeweller I did take the Mequartz too damaged it, and so it no longer keeps time and needs repairing. I have just messaged Paul (Silver Hawk) regarding a repair, however I have reconciled myself that the only way I can keep these watches in use long term is to do the battery changes myself. Can anyone advise me how difficult it is to do the battery changes and what tools are needed. Also what is the best source for the batteries and what type do I need. Have searched Youtube for a 'how to' but haven't found anything as yet. Cheers Rich
  3. I did try Roy when I first lost them but I don't think he has any.
  4. Some months I was attempting to add a link to the bracelet on my sons RLT36 'Nautilus' and like a twonk I managed to lose 2 of the tiny female screw\nuts that secure the pins. As my son has now been without a watch for some time he is now understandably giving me hassle to get it sorted. I am therefore looking for suggestions for a replacement bracelet. I had considered something like a Yoebokies Anvil but was unsure whether the curved ends would be a good fit on the RLT and also I was not to keen on the Seiko branding marked on the clasp. Recommendations please? Rich
  5. Last one was Morrissey at the RAH in October. Next will be Joe Bonamassa in Southampton on Tuesday. Rich
  6. Hi To mark 25yrs of service with my company I was presented with a watch, a Longines model L4.743.6.11.2. La Grande Classique. Unfortunately as the watch is only 33mm dia, has a dial with roman numerals and is quartz, it is probaly the last thing I would have chosen for myself and is something I am unlikely to ever wear. I was therefore wondering if anyone knows whether the caseback from this watch (which has been fully engraved) could be tranfered to any of the larger models in the Longines range which I could purchase, or does the fact that the watch is only 33mm make this unlikely?. If this is not possible then it looks like the watch will probably be destined for a life in the attic gathering dust as any AD is unlikely to be interested in part exchanging the watch due to the engraved caseback. Rich
  7. Sailing racing dinghies takes up most of my spare time and money during the warmer months. I have two old plywood dinghies both over 30 yrs old, one is in reasonable condition and raced regularly and one is in the garage under going restoration. Sailing like many sports can be something of an 'arms race' and theres always plenty of things to spend your money on if so inclined. It can be a labour of love saving an old wreck from the bonfire and I often wonder why I bother. However when finished I usualy find sailing something you have brought back to life yourself quite satisfying, also whilst not cheap it's better than buying a shiny new plastic version would cost me the thick end on 8K and probably a divorce. Also boats appear to be just like watches as the 710 can't seem to understand why anyone would want more than one :D Rich
  8. I'm in Taipei, Taiwan at the moment and spending much of my spare time looking in the windows of the many and I mean MANY! watch dealers. Within half a mile of my hotel you can find AD many times over for most of the high end brands. Whilst drooling in one shop window 'The Nine-Two Smoking Watch Co' (great name), I was approached by an assistant and asked if he could help. I politeley explained that I was interested in watches but was only window shopping and could not afford anything. Anyway having noticed the F300 I was wearing he dissapeared out the back and came back with a copy of the 2007 Omega catalogue for me to take away. Unfortunately all the specs are in Chinese which I can't read, but who cares with 220 pages of gorgeous pictures :D Rich
  9. A good place to start is 'old-omega.com' lots of information there put together by an ethusiast. There is a copy of an english catalogue on the site from 1966 which will at least give you an idea of what was available around that time. Rich
  10. Won't be wearing this as it's in the UK and I'm in Taipei with just my F300 to keep me company. You would love it here lads, wall to wall watch shops. Only problem is the shops selling fakes seem to rub shoulders with the authorised dealers, Scary!. Even if I had the money I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to buy anything, too scared of buying a pup. Anyway with current exchange rates most brands look considerably more expensive than back home. Rich
  11. Realy like the OKEAH, £100 sounds a good deal :thumbsup:. Rich
  12. Mach, not sure if you meant mine or Toshi's? My apologies if it was mine, I'm renowned for my lack of taste :lol: Rich
  13. 1960's Edele for me Have a good un Rich
  14. Like many here my 'wants list' constantly ebbs & flows, but realisticly 'Sinn 144 ST SA' & 'Sinn UX' are always near the top of the list. However should that elusive lottery win ever materialise, then 'Dornbluth 99.0' here I come' :D Rich
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