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  1. Can't comment on this as I've never handled either, but there will probably be someone on here who has handled both and can give you a comparison. Rich
  2. If you want a cheap fix then it may be worth googleing 'Alpha Watch', they do a PO homage\replica on S\S bracelet for about $56 (around £35), diameter is 43mm and weight is 152 grammes, not sure what the real thing weighs but probably about the same. Not the 45mm your looking for I know but will at least give you an idea if this weight and look of watch is for you before laying out the big bucks and will leave you with more cash for the main purchase. I'm sure some kind soul on here may even be able to post a picture of one. Rich
  3. Mach, I can advise that the original '36' you reserved (21/21) is destined for a hard life as it's hardly left my teenage sons wrist since the day I gave it him. I know he doesn't quite realise what he's got, but it's great to see him wearing it even if it means it's at the expense of a few knocks Rich
  4. Alpha day for me Love that Orient Quoll Rich
  5. I agree with Jase, the ChineseSeagull St19 would be a nice movement. Hows your Mandarin Roy? Rich
  6. No problems registering this time and all seems to be working OK Rich
  7. Used to sail a class of dinghy called a 'British Moth', hence Mothman. Rich
  8. Tells me 'Forbidden' you do not have permission to access this server Rich
  9. At the end of October I was contacted by Roy advising that ‘Nautilus’ No21 was available again as ‘Mach’ had decided he was unable to take it at that time. Whilst I would dearly have loved to add the watch to my own collection, I new my son had noticed the watch on a couple of occasions whilst I had been surfing the forum and expressed how much he like it, so as his 18th birthday was only 4 months away I decided to buy the watch and keep it for him. However since it arrived I have lost count of the number of times I’ve taken the watch out of it’s box for a fondle whilst thoughts of keeping it for myself played across my mind (curse this watch collecting), but fortunately for him I managed to resist. Anyway last Friday the big day arrived and son Adam was duly presented with RLT36 No21 and needless to say he is well chuffed . This is made all the better by knowing that ‘Mach’ has also now managed to secure a ‘Nautilus’ for himself. Unfortunately teenage shyness procludes a photo of watch and recipient together so here it is with his other birthday present. Richard
  10. I've owned 4 Alpha's so far , still got 1 Speedy and 1 Seamaster hommage. As with a lot of chinese things quality control can sometimes be a bit hit & miss, but you do get an awfull lot of watch for your money and both mine still get a lot of wrist time . Rich
  11. Ive only the one Orient but like it very much, would certainly buy another. Rich
  12. Poor mans Seamaster looky likey for me Rich
  13. Was passed at speed by an Esprit only yesterday and they still look absolutely gorgeous IMO, though probably one of those cars that it's better to lust after, than to own. Rich
  14. aaahhhhhh not the red special!!!! Rory was a genius with a strat, But Brian May and that...thing! There is a signiture model that i tried some time ago and it was the worst thing i have ever played. Granted, he did coax some wonderful sounds from that thing, however, live its sounds awful. Why he still uses an old six pence piece as a pick i'll never know. Sounds AWFUL. No polarizing of opinions yet then Rich
  15. Most of the Strat players already mentioned would also be on my list, but as you will have gathered from the other thread, for me Rory Gallagher was greatest ever exponent of the Strat. Though all guitars should of course bow down to BM's 'Red Special' I should add however that I couldn't play a note myself if my life depended on it Rich
  16. Last CD was 'Lifeblood' by the 'Manic Street Preachers' Currently listening to 'Stagestruck' from the late great Rory Gallagher, how that guy could play guitar, sadly missed! Rich
  17. Great work Roy I guess the chances of any buyers dropping out are receeding quicker than my hairline Rich
  18. Roy, Can you put me down on the substitutes list in case anyone drops out Cheers Rich
  19. What a fantastic job, well done Andy Rich
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