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  1. Hi Nin, The current PY is 1045 but the modern boats are nearly all strong but lightweight Epoxy Plastic Jobbies with carbon fibre poles. The minimum weight is now only 61kgs and these new boats need correctors adding to bring them up to this weight. Given two helms of a similar standard then it is unikely that my wooden boat would keep up with a modern plastic boat, but then a new plastic boat cost's about 10 times what mine cost Rich
  2. Thanks for the kind words. Nin I had an 'OK' previously but the 'Phantom' is a bit bigger 14'6" length with a 9.75 sq m sail. They are quite powerfull and suited to those with the fuller figure i.e. lard arses like me. Phil, my Phantoms definitely female because she's good looking, high maintenance and I'm always having to spend money on her her Rich
  3. Hi all, not been posting much lately as most of my time has been spent working on my latest toy, ( to many hobbies and to little time you know how it is). I guess most of you are probably not into boats but nevertheless I thought I'd bore with a pic now that the refurbishments finished Phantom Class Single Handed Racing Dinghy. Cheers Rich
  4. Been using FF for the past 12 months both at home and work, think it's great and could never go back to IE Rich
  5. I'm also considering a change to a smaller car. I went to look at the Fabia vRS last night and it seemed to tick most of the boxes for me, Small, Good Performance, Economical, Reasonably bulit ect, but unfortunately used ones start from about £8250 which is bit more than I was looking to pay. Rich
  6. Always fancied one of these but probably to old and sensible now . Nissan March Super Turbo (aka MK1 Nissan Micra), 930cc Supercharged & Turbocharged, weight 770kgs, 110bhp straight out of the wrapper but tuneable to +150bhp, a guy in the UK has had over 160bhp. Japanese import only, if you can find one that is. Rich
  7. My mate Brian recommends these Richard
  8. Aristo all week Mart Broad that Stowa Icarus is sooooooooh nice Richard
  9. I also think these are great straps for the money. I recently purchased a Casio digital from Roy for use when sailing and had Roy fit one of these resin straps. Good quality, comfortable and great value to boot. Richard
  10. Seems like the usual F.A bodge job to me. Mclaren certainly would'nt have been my choice, but now he's got the job I wish him well and hope the bloody press will stay of his back and let him get on with it (FAT CHANCE). Richard
  11. Orient Diver for me borrowed pic Richard
  12. Tell him you were hoping he'd do it in the spirit of human kindness (though I doubt he's got any) and if still no joy then tell him to stick it Richard
  13. Once you have spent more time here you will realise that RLT forumers are not a bunch of closet salesmen trying to promote one particular brand for gain of any kind. You seem to be suggesting that the only impartial advice can be found in magazines, but surely even these at best are subject to the personal opinions of the person writing the reveiw and are worst are swayed by advertising expenditure with the magazine by the manufacturer. It is a fact of life that people have personal tastes and preferences in many things 'Cars, Clothes, Watches ect, Opinions are subjective by their very nature. Richard
  14. I think you are confusing advice with opinions. The forumers here are as friendly a bunch as you are likely to meet anywhere. Advice is proffered freely, in a good spirit with the intention of being helpfull. You will also find many reviews & opinions expressed on this site which by their very nature are going to be subject to the personal taste of the individual and long may it remain so. I do not beleive that any particular brand is blatantly promoted on this site above other brands, any loyalty that forumers may have to the RLT brand has been hard earned by Roy by providing a quality product with service to match. Because an opinion may not agree with your own does not make it any less worthy. Richard
  15. Well done Paul, youre right to be pleased with the results. Richard
  16. Another great conversion Paul, well done Richard
  17. Alpha Speedy for me this week Richard
  18. If you try the 'moneysavingexpert' website there is an article on their detailing a procedure for obtaining many comparitive quotes without having to contact individual insurance companies. I use this sytem to get the best price, then go to my broker and ask them if there wiiling to beat it, they usualy do. I too had a huge range of quotes for my motor but the car is group 17 so many companies don't really want to offer, even though it's old and of little value. Currently paying £264 fully comp with me & the 710 as drivers. Richard
  19. That looks great look Roy. Congratualion to all you lucky purchasers but unfortunately due to empty coffers I'm not one of them. still only another 20yrs to wait
  20. I've never handled an Apogaum but have a couple of Alpha's which like are Chinese like the Apogaums. The Alphas are great value for money as long as you treat them for what they are i.e 'Fun Dress watches'. The quailty of cases & straps is good for the money but build quality control can be a bit hit & miss (i.e the odd duff one gets thru). In my opinion you get more watch than you pay for and at least their not fakes, but the real thing they ain't. Richard
  21. Congratulations Paul, The Lanco looks great Richard
  22. Love the Caterham Jon, hope she brings you many ours of fun. Always fancied one myself, but not sure my 'lardy' 15 stone would fit in the cockpit and I know the pedal boxes can also be quite tight for the larger foot. Richard
  23. Alpha beater (pardon the pun) all this week Richard
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