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  1. Weve had the pile off Pidgeon feathers on the lawn on at least 3 occasions, but i've always assumed it was caused by an urban fox. Will now be keeping the yes peeled for Sparrowhawks.
  2. O&W MP for me so far this week, but guess I'll be switching to something cheap & quartz tomorrow as I've got to spend all weekend decorating Richard
  3. Jim, congratulatios on the purchase. I'd certainly like to own a Rolly one day, but for now it would mean selling all my other watches, my boat and all my other toys, so I guess it will just have to wait. Looking forward to the pics of the Explorer and perhaps a group shot of the rolex collection. Richard
  4. I use the greenwichmeantime website, only accurate to within 1 second but that's close enough for jazz Richard
  5. Still got my one and only air rifle, a 'BSA Airsporter S' .22 (circa late 70's). Not used it for some years but a great rifle, if a touch on the heavy side. I lent it to one of the of the lads at work last year and he reckoned it was still more powerfull than his new expensive peice of kit (can't remember the make). Richard
  6. Paul, sorry to hear of your woes with the MOT . Unfortunately I gave my SVA manual to the guy who bought my old part build kit car, otherwise you would have been more than welcome to it. It may be that the mod's required for your car to pass it's SVA are not possible given the vehicles design. I am not familiar with the Mosquito kit, is it still made? If so, have they had to change the design greatly to enable them to be SVA'd. I'm gutted for you and hope the DVLA will let you sort the problem the easy way by re-registering the car. Richard
  7. Late arriving to this usual. Cor, talk about 'light the blue touch paper and stand well back', still it's his loss not ours. I think the 710 must be slipping something into my tea, I'm obviously far to laid back. Richard
  8. A warm welcome to you Rob Richard
  9. Been wearing this PRS-11 (Mod'd) since it arrived from 'mart broad' on Monday Richard
  10. Interesting watch, well done with the reveiw and if the pics are yours there first rate Richard
  11. I agree with Hawkey it's probably not worth repairing. If you want the Speedmaster styling then you can pick reasonable quality hommage Speedmasters from the Far East for about £35. These will at least have the Speedmaster looks and be without the stigma associated with a fake. Much better to do however what Hawkey suggests and put the repair money towards a quality timepeice from our host. Richard
  12. Apologies, I'm getting my sales confused with my purchases, the O&W actually came from from 'bluejay' so my thanks to Ben for a great watch and quick delivery Richard
  13. Post'y arrived with these two yesterday courtesy of 'mart broad' & 'Philjopa'. I'm very pleased with both of them but won't bore you with the spec's as I'm sure you're all familiar with these watches. My thanks to Martin & Phil for the great service PRS-11 (Modified) O&W MP2801 Richard
  14. I've seen a lot worse, I'd happily give it wrist time. Richard
  15. S**T, loks like I'd better set the alarm Jansen's on pole
  16. Welcome Barry. The guy's here really know their onions and should be be able to help with most watch related problems (and probably some other sorts ). Look forward to seeing your pics Richard
  17. The Certina's very nice John, it looks an awful lot of watch, any idea what the total weight is with bracelet? Richard
  18. If it looks like Jensen's in with a shout then I might be tempted, otherwise i'll stay in my pit and watch the midday re-run. Richard
  19. Had the Aristo on all week. Currently on a leather strap but was considering buying a mesh for it. Richard
  20. Great photos John. I love those Orsa Pro divers, but like you say they are now not easy to come by. I especially like the orange version and I hope to acquire one in the future. Richard
  21. Lovely watch Stan. Orients are a much underated brand IMO, though some of the designs can be a touch eccentric for some tastes. Richard
  22. Decoarating so wearing this Orient Richard
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