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  1. Sorry forthe lack of above picture, seem to be having image hosting probs Richard
  2. This will upset Jase (but I take his point), been wearing this Alpha Speedy most of the week Very slowly I'm getting to understand a bit more about different watch makes\styles and I don't think I'd buy another copy (i've already got 3, Alpha speedy, seamaster & oyster) but I'm happy wearing them as cheap fun beaters. Richard
  3. Is that a wart on your hand Richard ? I should strap some brown banana skin to that ;) . Ian I took the photo at xmas. If I remember right I burnt myself on the oven rack whist cooking the turkey! Richard
  4. Yes Jase, full superluminova face with blacked hands & markers, glows like a green beacon when full charged Richard
  5. Aristo for me today Richard
  6. Nin, Bought an 'Octavia' deisel when they were first introduced (about 1998) for the sales rep at work. Kept it for 5 years over which time it did about 150k miles, only part replaced (other than the usual consumables) was an aiflow meter (cost about £220). I then sold the car to my step son and it's still going strong though he reports that it is just beggining to be a reluctant statrter ( he thinks the Glowplugs need replacing). Great cars, would certainly buy another if in the market Richard
  7. Even smaller beer for me, in the last 6 months 5 watches totaling £200. Obviously no high end brands but happy with all my purchases Richard
  8. I'm led to believe from what I've read elsewhere the watches are made in Hong Kong. A member from another forum contacted the manufacturer and was quoted USD85 ex works Hong Kong with sapphire crystal (or less 8usd if Mineral glass). They will make dials to your design but I guess there would be a minimum order quantity involved. I don't think these people are interested in selling individual watches, but then again I don't think the minimum order quantities are enormous either. A UK company was selling the same watch with their own dial design but I can't remember the company name. All the reviews of the Binnacle I've read have been favourable and they would appear to be good quality as I'm sure Paul has found. I nearly purchased one myself a while back but in the end decided the bezel was not for me. Richard
  9. This Aristo was my most recent, though not wearing it on the nato anymore Richard
  10. Seem to find myself wearing this an awful lot lately, today included. Orient 200M Diver Richard
  11. It says out of stock unfortunately. Those King Divers and Triple A's are certainly funky. ← Paul means this one and it is in stock. ← I agree with Paul. I also was given this Orient for Xmas and it's a great watch for £60. Richard
  12. Another odd un here I'm afraid. Left handed and always were a watch on the left. Richard
  13. mach, Started reading part 3 and was getting all excited anticipating the imminent appearance of a 2801MP on the sales forum, only to have my hopes dashed a few lines later Richard
  14. USD340 with mineral crystal ( Sapphire crystal + USD110) Shipping: Worldwide USD45 ( States USD25) Richard
  15. They said on the radio yesterday that the Yanks are reluctant to stump up anymore cash so a second series may not get made. Richard
  16. That looks great Paul those speedy's really are the business, but at £2500 I'd be to scared to wear it out for fear of damaging it. Richard
  17. If I were buying I'd much prefer the Seiko Samurai, nicer looking and more originality of design Richard
  18. Best thing I've seen for a long while. If the rest of the series is as good as the first episode, then were in for a treat. Richard
  19. During July 05 I bought a 'K' reg Nissan Micra to do up so that I could teach my son to drive when he turns 17 in February 06. I managed to get the car repaired and MOT'd and then went to get it insured in my name 3rd party, the premium was 85 quid which I duly paid. Rang the insurance company this week to ask how much extra premium I would be charged to add my son to the policy on a provisional licence so I can start teaching him to drive. No problem says the insurance company, that will be an extra 1100 pounds !!!! Needless to say my sons driving tuition will be in driving school cars. Richard
  20. Congratulations Paul, thats one sweet watch Richard
  21. Great resource Pete, Many thanks for the help. Richard
  22. Hi Richard, this might help to get you started. If I find another I will post that as well. Dave.... http://www.ozdoba.net/swisswatch/whoownswhom.html ← Cheers Dave thanks for the prompt reply. I'll make sure I bookmark it this time. Richard
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