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  1. But rumour has it he's had an approach....................................... ( to sell I mean) Richard
  2. The one & only guitar god himself (closely followed by Jimmy Page, Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore, Slash)
  3. Some months ago whilst smurfing the web I stumbled across a web page that detailed the ownership of the majority of watch & movement manufacturers (i.e. which companies were owned by Swatch, Seiko ect). I unfortunately never bookmarked the page and have since been unable to find it. If any of you knowledgeable folks know of such a resource please could you advise. Cheers Richard
  4. Nice review Paul, especially like your photo of the caseback. I am also very pleased with my Orient and have been wearing every day for the past week on the original rubber strap which I have found to be comfortable though the 'Dolphin' graphic on the strap (as on the caseback) may not be to everyones taste. If this watch is typicable of Orients quality then they certainly punch above their weight. Richard
  5. Wearing this Orient 200M Diver today . but unfortunately wearing it at the office Richard
  6. Andrew, I've not done an accurate test yet on the Orient, but early indications are around +10 seconds per day. Richard
  7. I think all these apologies (fishing for compliments? ) for crap pics when they are evidently good should stop right now. How do think those of who consistently post real crap pics feel.? Richard, was the Orient from Roy? I have thought about buying one of those, what's your verdict? ← Mark, I genuinely thought the pics were crap as I could'nt stop the reflection from the crystal. But hey I'm not proud I'll take all the compliments I can get Yes the Orient was from Roy (excellent service as usual). This is my first Orient and I am rather impressed, seems good quality for the money. At 30mm the dial is slightly smaller than I'd expected, but it looks OK on the wrist. I also luv the orange seconds hand. Richard
  8. Nice RLT Paul I hope you enjoy it Below is what Santa brought me (apologies for the crap pics) Aristo Fighter90 Orient 200M Diver Richard
  9. Compliments of the season to everyone. Richard
  10. Not sure if this is heavy enough to qualify, 185 grammes on a bracelet Richard
  11. Or local department store sells a range of Nautica watches. I would class them as fashion watches, the ones I saw all had quartz movements. One or two models said they had swiss quartz movements but most were unspecific so I guess they were far eastern. I liked some of the designs but thought the prices of were high for watches of unspecifix make up. Richard
  12. Sorry to hear of your loss Mark. I hope the scumbag get's his comeuppance soon. Richard
  13. A friend of mine owns 2 'Seiko Kinetics' each of about 5 years old and was asking me if there were any mechanical components in these watches that needed servicing. I told him I didnt know, but that I new some people who would, so come on guys & gals whats the answer? Richard
  14. According to their website the watches are made in Switzerland. I found a magazine atricle on the net that said prices are 4400 Swiss Francs ( Approx 2000 GBP) for the steel version & 9500 Swiss Francs (Approx 4100 GBP) for the gold version. The little clip on computer is a further 1500 Swiss Francs. Their do not appear to be any distributors listed so maybe they are only trying to create a demand at present, probably worth emailing them and asking if they will sell direct if your interested in purchasing (thats assuming they actualy have product for sale). Richard
  15. No idea Griff, I suppose it's different but I would have prefered it without the slot. Have to wait and see what it looks like on the wrist. Richard
  16. Hi dj, The Hamilton looks a very nice purchase. As a fellow newbie I can assure you that you won't meet a more friendly and knowledgeable bunch than those that reside here. Richard p.s. I excuse myself from the knowledgeable bit.
  17. Unlike Olly I'me not lucky enough to own the real thing, but have still been enjoying my Alpha copy all week Richard
  18. Hi All Just received this today to go on my new 'Ariston Jager90' which is currently residing in the "Can't have it till Xmas cupboard". The Strap is black leather with green neon (dayglow) seams & stitching. It's certainly very diiferent from the supplied Nato strap and it will be interesting to see if it works on the watch when I get it at Xmas. I've seen pics of the orange version on orange faced dive watches and they looked quite good. I'll try and post some pic's after chrimbo if I can get the hang of this photograph malarkey. Richard
  19. Well done Paul you have my admiration. I tried building a kit car a few years back but never finished it (like so many). It was a 'Locust' (not to be confused with 'Locost') Lotus 7 clone which had a ladder frame chasis with plywood body tub covered in metal sheet, Ford crossflow engine & Cotina\Escort running gear. Unfortunately there was far to much re-engineering of components required and the lack of access to any specialist engineering equipment mean't I never got it finished. The build manual was also worse than useless and went along the lines of 'Take a donor car and adapt parts to built Kit car'. Also their was the daunting prospect that if I had finished the car then I would still have to get it through the dreaded SVA test, much better to do what you have done and buy an already registered car that just needs some work. Your car looks great, hope you enjoy it Richard
  20. 1960's manual wind boy's watch. From what I can remember it was very similar in appearance to PG's photo, but I don't recall a date window. Richard
  21. Nice looker, but 38mm is my minimum. Richard
  22. First - 'Queen', Southampton Gaumont 1977 Best - either 'Led Zeppelin' - Knebworth 1979 (great gig but venue to large) or 'Queen' - Alexandra Palace 1979 Worst - 'Judas Priest' + Iron Maiden support - Southampton Gaumont approx 1980 , though 'Velvet Revolver', Hammersmith Apollo 2005 ran it a close second, Richard .
  23. Like Pete I have a very limited watch knowledge, but I would be willing to offer those here with more comprehension any help & support required. Richard
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