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  1. Have been wearing my Alpha Speedy all week Richard
  2. They look a good buy John, I look forward to seeing the post restoration pics Richard
  3. Was looking at this this Orient Star a couple of months ago, but might consider the Seiko as an alternative for the future. Richard
  4. Hi All, I felt my small collection needed the addition of something Germanic, so I have just ordered one of these Ariston fighter 90's I'm not big on nylon\nato straps so any alternative suggestions would be welcomed. It looks like the lugs are straight rather than curved, so I guess leather would suit it best. Report more when received. Richard
  5. Given a choice I prefer my gerbils, but then I wouldn't be without my cats either, guess I must just like watches! Richard
  6. Sorry Jase, just to big for my taste but I can appreciate the workmanship. Richard
  7. Have also used Novatech in the past and can endorse the good service comment. Richard
  8. Hi, I concur with JohnF. When I last looked into this, the small amount of money saved did not compensate for the hassle of building & the lack of a warranty. All you are probably going to save is a manufacturers assembly costs. Also because of competition, the manufacturers probably have to work on smaller margins on assembled units than they do selling individual components, further negating your potential saving. As others have said, I would certainly look for the best deal base unit you can get, then cost out the equivalent cost of building your own and work out whether the saving is worth the agro (especialy if you don't have the necessary know how). Richard
  9. Nicest dual readout i've seen by far, great choice.
  10. I use the following free programmes, No problems so far (touch wood) AVG Free Anti Virus (updated daily) ZoneAlarm (by Zone Labs) Free Firewall Ad-Aware SE Spyware - Ocassionaly run Spybot Search & Destroy as a backup Regards Richard
  11. Hi, I've now had my 3 Alpha's for 10 days, so thought I'd make a post on their accuracy thus far:- Alpha Seamaster +6 secs per day Alpha Oyster Date +8 secs per day Alpha Speedmaster +23 secs per day Overall I'm pleased with the accuracy of these watches for the price. It will be interesting to see whether these figures improve or deteriorate as the watches wear in. Cheers Richard
  12. My sympathys. Have also just received an Orient Diver via Roy that I won't get to see until Xmas day. Richard
  13. Alpha Oyster Date Silver Dial for me today
  14. Eight only, but the good lady has just ordered my Xmas prezzy, an Orient Diver courtesy of our host . Richard
  15. Pleased to hear someone else has also had the same positive experience with Alpha watches . Below are some photos of the Alpha Speedmaster which I think looks even better in the flesh than in the pictures. Definately my favourite of my 3 Alphas, the dogs danglies IMO. Alpha Speedmaster approx £31 delivered. Pictures are the sellers. Again the bracelet is of excellent quality, all soild links The watch is quite deep, don't know if this is same as the original Speedmaster. They also do the Speedy with this lovely white dial (I feel another order coming on). Won't bore you with dimensions\ specifications ect, so PM me you need any info. Cheers Richard
  16. Nearly all the Alphas models are clones of Rolexes\Omegas ect. but I agree that this is preferable to them selling fakes. I don't have a problem with buying homages\copies as the originals are out of my reach, but I do draw the line at wearing fakes. Alpha occasionaly offer some models with the Seagull 30 minute manual chrono but these appear infrequently and always sell for a premium. Richard
  17. Hi to all, This is my first real post so please be gentle. Having read some good reveiws recently of Alpha watches, I decided to take the plunge and ordered 3 of them, the first 2 of which arrived this morning. Most or all of the Alpha models are homages\ clones\ knockoffs (take your pick to suit your point of view), however I have to say the quality of the 2 watches I have so far received is exceptional for the price paid. I believe that the Alpha range is actually manufactured by the Tanjin-Seagull watch factory in China. This company has been producing watches since 1955 and I think they produce their own movements. The models I received today are a Seamaster & a Speedmaster and the 3rd an Oyster date is due shortly. To prevent this post being overlong I will just give details here of the Seamaster and will post details of the other later. Alpha Seamaster Price: £39 delivered Weight: 184 grams (Heavy) Size: 45mm inc crown, 47mm lug to lug Screw down crown (the thread stub is quite short & a bit fiddly to screw onto after adjustment). Dial functions are: Month @12, Day @9, 24hr @6, Date Window @3 The bracelet appears very well made, probably worth the price alone. Bracelet may be tight fit for those with 8" wrists or bigger. Case Back is solid & engraved Overall this appears to be a lot of watch for the money. On the downside it is a shame that the water resistance is only 3 ATM and there is no true Chrono function (not that these features can be expected at this price). However I am sure that with a proper chrono and improved water resistance they could ask considerably more for this baby. Photos are by Bill fisher from the PMWF Comments regarding time keeping to follow later Cheers Richard
  18. Attention Mark B Trying to PM you with no luck. is your mailbox full? Cheers Richard
  19. I'm new to the world of watches so yet to learn about all the different makes and models. but I suppose at least this ones branded and not sold as a fake. I have read a some positive comments on other forums regarding the Alpha Brand so I have taken the plunge and ordered one of their watches. Prices are very competative so it will be interesting to see just how good or bad the quality is when received. Will try and post a reveiw at a later date. Cheers Richard
  20. Alpha Jumbo Automatic Black Dial 47mm inc crown, 53mm lug to lug, 26mm Strap. Minimal water resistance. Around £30 delivered. Hi to all, this is my first post so apologies if not posted pics correctly. Cheers Richard
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