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  1. Thanks PC, hoping they can help, but fear I may have contacted them previously and don’t think they work on IWC.
  2. After a little help from the U.K. forum members. For my 40th (8yrs ago!!) I was treated to a rather gorgeous IWC Fliegeruhr chrono which has behaved faultlessly until the chrono reset button fell out and was lost recently. I’ve done a bit of digging, without much success and am trying to find an independent UK who could repair the watch, give her a service and generally freshen up the case and stainless strap. Any recommendations gratefully received.
  3. I'm turning 40 this year too, must be the year you treat yourself to a watch. I bought a Omega Geneve Dynamic a couple of years back to compliment my late 60's Opel GT, but now i'm also looking for a nice newer watch. I've been considering a Oris Meistertaucher, but having looked a some of your suggestions on here, i'm going to be seaching a bit more. That said i'm going through Heathrow Terminal 4 on Tuesday and wondering if there's going to be any deals to be had.....any of you well healed and travelled business exec's got any suggestions on buying from the tax/duty free shops?
  4. Not wishing to be cynical or anything but a T plate 523 with near 200k on the clock, irrespective of history and condition is going to struggle to fetch £1500 at auction. When i go to our local one there are X and Y plates with 100-130k going for the £1500 mark.....scary i know as i have a 5 series BM too! You might want to try listing it on Pistonheads or some of the more specific BMW forums....BMWLAND or do a search for the '5 series forum'......if all else then ebay it is, but as has been said prepare to take a big hit. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Well just a quick update for you. After watching (pardon the pun) several Geneve Dynamics on ebay, i've finally made a purchase. I decided only to look at UK and US vendors and eventually got in communication with a chap who was down-sizing his collection......his feedback also suggested some previous watch sales so i had to take him as genuine. The description of watch was accurate and after agreeing a price we did the deal. The watch was amazing well packed and has been adorning my wrist this evening as we've had a meal out, she's only going to be for Sunday best. Condition is near mint, with a brushed stainless steel case, stainless Omega strap and blue/silver dial face with a blue second hand. What amazes me more than anything is how light and comfortable she is in comparison to my Seiko Chrono which i wear every day. The only question now is how do i maintain her. She's an Auto, but what does that actually mean? I don't plan to wear her often and so i've thought of investing in an Automatic watch winder, are these any good? Thanks for you help and advise offered.
  6. The 607 is a real bargain to be had, i see them going for very little at auction, so if you go for one then don't expect too much residual. The C6 is stunning.......i don't do French, so me saying this is something. I personally wouldn't consider anything English (flame me if you wish). Alfa's I've nevered owned one, due to my long standing concern of electrical gremlins......though a 166 with the stonking V6 motor is also a real bargain. I know you say you don't do Germany cars, but what about an ML Merc, it's big, comfy, should have plenty of toys and won't cost the earth. Just my 2pence worth.
  7. Congrats Michael.....one of 6 Opels GT's i own, plus a couple of other Opels i have hiding away. The red one is a bit of a beastie as it used to be owned by the Director of Dealer Opel Team. Since i've owned it she's uprated further and now has a 2.5litre engine, producing 200bhp; 235bhp/ton.......not bad for a 40yr old car :) I'm currently just preparing another GT which i'll be taking to the NEC classic car show this month......maybe some of the forum members will be going?
  8. Just for you here's a few, but it'll give the game away
  9. My God that's some Porsche. I saw a stunning one of those at a classic Porsche dealers out in Germany this year, it was finished in a colour not to dis-similar to Viper Green, my little lad was desperate to get in a drive off.....he's only 3! Whilst i would certainly not say 'no' to having a modern 911 i do have a thing for the early 70's variants, obviously an '73 RS would be nice, but seeing as they're going through the roof at the moment, i guess i'd settle for 2.4s or similar. Only 2yrs to my 40th, time to start giving the wife a hint!
  10. Very witty Catflem....... I'm guessing you've worked it out? Thankfully i'm getting some help with the vintage Omegas too :)
  11. Yep, I'm after one from the late 60's, i believe introduced in '68/69. What can you tell me about the movements, how accurate should an automatic one be? Any decent ones out there that anyones aware of?
  12. so 'Yep' agreed i prefer the brushed case and also stainless over gold. As i already have nice Chrono i wouldn't be looking for one, the 'racing' model sounds interesting, i also like the silver/blue faced ones........almost sounds like i'm narrowing things down.
  13. Thanks Keith, are all Omega's so confusing? I'd be delighted to have some guidance if you've seen good-uns.
  14. Ok, so i'm hoping i've got the topic title correct or should the watch be called a Dynamic Geneve? I'm looking to purchase my first Omega and although this maybe regarded by some as an 'entry' watch i really like the look of it, very retro and i guess in keeping also with my fad for cars from the late 60's and early 70's. I guess the thing is i don't really know where to start as having had a trawl through the ebay listed ones there seems to be so many variations, so where's a good place to start looking for a nice one and how do i tell the real deal? I've seen 'Geneve' presented in different ways, some without a date function and some with a day / date function, where do i start? Also i don't quite understand how these work are they self winding, do they need winding or are the battery operated? How accurate are they and are there any special care instructions? I currently have a modern Seiko Chrono, which i'll carry on wearing as a daily and i'd plan on having the Omega as a 'Sunday' best. Price wise, i guess i'd like to find something from £150-250 but also knowing how much of a stickler i can be i could also be tempted by a new one, if such a thing exists. I am of course open to any suggestions you experienced horologists? Any help greatly appreciated
  15. Completely agree with you. On a similar note, i think most men now also go week at the knees at the sight of the Vulcan being up in the skies again :) Whilst at a car show earlier this year the Vulcan did a fly-over and whilst most of us were completely in awe the beauty one young lad with us asked what we were all look at, necks craned to the sky. When we pointed the Vulcan out he merely commented that she look kinda old........the youth of today! As a kid i was lucky to live at RAF Scampton (now home of the Red Arrows) when the Vulcans were based there. Our house was directly opposite where the Vulcans rotated for take-off.......nearly shook the house to pieces and we lost all natural day-light due to those impressive wings.....i'll never forget it.
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