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  1. Still spending some time fettling through my broken watches as a therapy for current times. Brought this back to life this morning with some donor parts from others and servicing (as far as you can with these throw away 70's Timex), another similar one is now in progress on the mat.
  2. Another wrist tickler for this afternoon, bought from the sales section a few years ago.
  3. Mother of pearl ((?) faced Seiko today. Not sure what the face is actually made of but its really hard to get a decent picture of it..
  4. Another one brought back to life today from the 'broken' box..
  5. I'm probably way off but looks to me like a Yam RD250 DX Dream that has had a 'cafe racer' job done on it?
  6. Switched to a modern watch with a retro vibe for the daily constitutional.
  7. This vintage alarm watch to rattle my wrist today..
  8. Switched to another with a textured dial.
  9. Up a bit late with the clock change. Starting with this rather ornate Mayak..
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