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  1. :lol: Well at least the hands and hour markers are apparently genuine Omega.
  2. Love the corner mounted crown. Which of you has the correct hands?
  3. I have far too many watches; however this is my first electronic bought at a very reasonable price thanks to eBay. It is really nice condition bar a crack on the class between 1 and 2 but this doesn't notice when worn. And it's keeping really good time which is a bonus :D Not quite up to Wittnauer standards, but it's a start.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knew about this watch/watchmaker. It belonged to my Grandfather who gave it to me many years ago. The back says Antimagnetic Incabloc, Waterproof Swiss Made, Automatic, Stainless Steel Back, Unbreakable Mainspring and presumably a serial or model number 3185. I'd be interested to know the rough age and whether they are considered a good maker.
  5. Does anybody know where I might be able to source a couple of links for this band (or maybe even have a couple they are willing to part with for the price of a beer or two ;) ). Any assistance much appreciated.
  6. Nice site and really classy straps. Hope you do really well.
  7. I really like the look of that one. But $60? Is that the trade price or something because I can't find that model on the net for anywhere near that. :dontgetit:
  8. Many thanks for the suggestion. Although I would very much like to believe the watch I bought was a Grand Seiko, sadly I am pretty sure it was actually from the lower end of their range. Maybe it was just something they put on a limited range of watches for a short time then dropped :unsure:
  9. Hi, I was wondering if any of you knew what a lion head emblem on the face of a Seiko means. I am asking as I have just bought a watch on ebay with this. I realise can't mean anything special as I was the only bidder, i'm just curious. It was described as a 8223-525A. The only reference I could find on the net was another person asking the same question and nobody was able to answer him. This too was a 8223 series watch but a different model. Below is scan from the other thread of the lion, the ebay pic is far too fuzzy to show it. Does anyone know?
  10. I don't own one...yet, but it's definately my kind of gadget - it would go nicely along side my MP3/MP4 watch and Casio colour camera watch :) Great tip with the IPOD battery if I should ever find one of these gadgets for sale - can I trust my soldering skills though??
  11. OK, as threatened a few of my favourites. The first my current favourite diver's, an MD-703. I got it as NOS/ex display from a closed down jeweller via ebay. Really chunky and in mint condition - only worn once as I don't want to scratch it ;) Another kinda divers watch although I would never trust it to survive getting wet. An MDA-100. I like this one because it's so retro and OTT. An early Illuminator, I love the way it makes a high pitched whine when I press the Light button - drives dog mad :lol: . Next my current favourite Chrono. An oldish Seiko in really nice condition. Not seen one this colour or with a cyclops before. A recent ebay purchase. I've got the original bracelet, but prefer it on a leather strap. A recent car boot purchase was this Accurist Greenwich that I think is pretty smart. I've been looking out for years at boot sales for LED watches, only found two so far though, a Timex and this Imado. It's in really nice original condition, works perfectly and cost me £1 :D OK that's 5 out of 150 ;)
  12. Just a quick post to say hi. I have been collecting watches on and off for years. Not the high end stuff by any means; funds don't allow. I currently have a couple of briefcaseas full of watches (about 150) mainly from boot sales and ebay - all in re-sealable freezer bags to prevent scratching (handy tip there :grin:) . I will post pictures of a few of my favourites so you can have a snigger :P Anyway, I found the forums really intestesting to read through so thought I would join in. Who knows I might even start going for quality rather than quantity. Hopefully I have already made by first buy from the sales forum too. :D
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