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  1. belated happy new year everyone, Andy
  2. except you'd have no time to eat it :lol: His legacy, a soft boiled egg Andy
  3. Haha, fantastic. I was waiting for the bed shot, love that photo. I must go and count mine but I think its around 50, half accys half divers. Andy
  4. That would be a Snowflake, the subject of the first DeskDivers article I really missed the boat on these and should have bought one when they were still a bargain. Lovely collection Jase, have you moved on your PloProf? I do love that Camy, I've a G2 with the same case, lovely unusual case-shape. Andy
  5. foztex

    Tissot / Omega

    Hi all, In the '70s both Tissot and Omega were owned by SSIH and many of the brands' models shared parts from a common supplier, some were practically the same watch with only the logo being different. I think Scott is right, although if you could get the back off you might have a cool surprise and find the movt was swapped at sometime and they used an omega one that fitted. cheers Andy
  6. thanks Paul, to be honest I am tempted, but then I get visions of me pottering around the lovely roads round here and come to my senses. It needs a stator (or rewind) and new clutch-plates so that will be my next challenge. Andy
  7. Hiya folks, apologies for being awol again. Been busy stay at home dad-ing and continuing the house renovations in any spare time I've had. Another thing that has occupied my time over the last few years has been a ridiculous ongoing family feud which has just reached a head and resulted in my dad being given 3 months to vacate his house. Apart from the injustice of it all and the need to find him somewhere else to live, it also means that I need to move my junk that he has been storing in one of his sheds. On the surface this might sound reasonably simple, however, the junk includes 2 scooters, we live in different countries and 900 miles apart. I'm brassic at the mo' and after pricing all the options I could think of, I have calculated that driving to the UK and buying a second-hand bike trailer on arrival (that I can flog once back home) is the cheapest way. I would only have to pay for fuel and the Channel crossings. So a few, hopefully quick, sales are in order to fund the trip. Back to the scooters. The first is a P150X that is in a dire state, it sat in an open shed for the last 20 years and was crash damaged to start with. I had the crash in '86 and with the insurance, bought a brand new frame and had it painted. Before I could complete the project I landed a job in London and headed off down there on my P200E. I'd already half stripped the P150 before I got around to taking pics, you know how it is, get into something and get halfway through before thinking "bugger I should document this". The red frame was crash-damaged, the spotty mudguard and forks are pinched off another scrapped scoot. Digging out all the bits I was pleased to find that although the original was rotten, the new parts have faired really well. I de-seized the engine and got it started, then swapped all cables and the wiring loom over to the new frame and bolted it all together (in just under a week). As the only tools I had were the contents of my dad's kitchen drawers and a hastily bought socket set, plus he lives in the middle of nowhere and I had no transport, I had to leave some old parts on. Notably the front mudguard, sprayed lawnmower green as it was the only paint I could find in the garage! It needs restripping once I get it home, to replace the engine mounts and polish up the alloy bits, but mechanically it is fine and runs well. Moving on to the second scoot. I bought this in the mid '80s. It had sat in the little showroom of an old garage for most of my schooldays and I used to look at it through the window on my way home. now and again it would have a handwritten for sale sign on it, but it never sold. I loved the form and it became a bit of a dream to own one. I got into scooters, started my apprenticeship and continued to see the scoot as I rode past on my Vespa on the way to pubs and mates houses nearby. One day on receiving a bonus, i decided to buy it. The reason it never sold was that the fella in the garage never really wanted to sell it, after going in every week for a few weeks he finally gave in and for the enormous sum (in '85 i could have bought a mini) of £350, it was mine. So here it is, a 1959 NSU Prima MkIII KL, unrestored but still in top nick. So the race is on, raise enough funds, get trailer, hack over to the UK before it's too late. All the best Andy
  8. Hiya Hippo, great pics as ever. Stewart, pure genius man, absolutely on of those "so darn obvious why the hell did i never think of it moments". I shall be trying your technique out asap. all the best Andy
  9. I'd like to trump distance with this, which travelled 10,397 miles to me from Collingwood in Melbourne. I am well and truly beaten on age though, nothing positively dated older than around 1960. I've a couple of pocket watches, but no idea of their age. Andy
  10. Happy new year everyone, all the best and may your all have health, wealth and happiness, Andy
  11. I run several PCs in our house on Linux distros. It was Stan on this forum that persuaded me to try Linux out (about 5 years ago) I've been running it since and only use Windows for work apps that I cannot get to run under Wine (an app that lets you run widows apps on a unix system). Stan always swore by PCLos, I tried it as well as knoppix, but eventually settled on Ubuntu as being the most hassle free. Ubuntu however, changed from Gnome to their Unity user environment which is very graphics intensive and did not run well on my old slow linux pcs. So I switched to Xubuntu and am very happy with it. It is still necessary every now and then to use a terminal, but with web access finding the right command is easy using google, you can even copy and paste from the browser to the terminal. For all of the usual PC stuff, Linux is a really good and free alternative. If I did not have to run several industry specific windows based applications, I would use it exclusively. Andy
  12. Here are mine, a little Russian and a big Sorna and of course my faithful Memomatic, not a very good pic but the only one i have to hand. Andy
  13. I know they are fakes but everytime I receive one I cannot help but remember this top xkcd cartoon :D Andy
  14. To echo the other answers. The datewheel is unfortunately the Achilles heel of these movements. Changing it within 2 hrs either side of midnight will damage the plastic teeth. I've a ton of f300s and make a point of rotating the hands until the date changes, then advancing to midday before i move to the quickset date crown position to set the date. Give Hawky a shout. Andy
  15. foztex


    I admit I too was a little skeptical about the benefit and indeed point of the London games. However, I have just finished listening to this programme by the excellent Paul Sinha and I must say it has completely changed my mind. Andy
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