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  1. there's progress of a sort with Daniels's co-axial movement, perhaps? At least, in the area of wear and tear, if not strictly in accuracy?
  2. just got my new A-120 from RLT; very pleased. Just to show my ignorance: on this style of watch, what is denoted by the big upwards arrow on the dial? anything else I should know about the history of my new A-120? thanks much indeed...
  3. heh, simple indeed, but hardly physics :) one point: the more helium you pump in, the more dense the gas within the case, and thus the less likely it is to float. it's clear: the HRV is really there to suck *out* all the gas from within the case, leaving a vacuum. This is why it would float. oh, and since my SMP doesn't have any orange on it, should I not wear it in the bath? :)
  4. would someone please post the full details for this mysterious Roy? PM if needs be. thanks much...
  5. congrats! :) were you able to still negotiate a discount when using the vouchers, or did they insist on list? thanks much...
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