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  1. I'd try contacting Bry1975. He's a member on here (look for an old post of his & send him a pm). He's beadblasted many of my watches over the years. I'm not sure if he can get watch cases PVD coated but I do know that he can offer DLC coatings. DLC stands for Diamond Like Carbon whilst PVD stands for Physican Vapour Deposition. His work in excellent & reasonably priced - best of luck & please let us know what the finished watch looks like
  2. This one but now on a very nice Martu leather strap
  3. Hi all, Despite being very pleased to wear my Seiko Samurai on its original bracelet I've been wondering about trying it in something different. I did consider going down my usual Nato route but couldn't decide on a colour combo though the Bond (with black/grey stripe) does look good - I have one on another Seiko diver which I tried on the Samurai. However, because I already have one on that other Seiko diver, I decided to go for something different & ended up looking at leather straps instead. I used to own a Martu strap ages ago & I remember it being very nicely made from good quality leather & reasonably priced for what is a handmade strap. A quick "Google" led me to Martu's website & I decided on one of her vintage leather straps (ref: m411-vp4). After quite a long wait (3 or 4 weeks) the strap arrived yesterday. I've no idea if this is the normal sort of time you have to wait, or if it's been delayed & taken longer than normal, but there were no customs charges to pay & the strap's come a long way (from Argentina) so I'm not going to complain too loudly. The strap's extremely supple, is just as nicely made as I remember the last one being & is supremely comfortable. I initially thought it a bit pale but the colour's grown on me & I think it works well with the brown section on the bezel & with the watch as a whole. The buckle is stainless steel & nicely made with an all over brushed finish - it's a simple thing & all the better for it. Another point in the straps favour is that the fat Seiko spring bars fitted with no problems at all. I know leather on a divers watch is frowned upon by some but I'm not planning on submerging either myself or the watch in the near/foreseeable future &, if I do decide to go for a swim, then it's easy enough to change it & fit a more suitable rubber or Nato strap. I like it .
  4. I like the watch very much but not the price! I wonder if Mr Depp got his for free or if he actually stumped up some of his hard earned for it? Nice watch
  5. This one for me - have a good weekend all
  6. This one - arrived yesterday & it's a absolute belter - have a good weekend all
  7. Talking of fakes I was hard pushed to tell the difference between this & the real Danny Dyer (which I would never buy to wear on my wrist .......or anywhere else for that matter!)
  8. This for me - have a good day everyone
  9. Giving this one a run out today (& yesterday as it happens) - I've had it ages & despite looking fairly regularly on eBay I've never seen another Bluestone watch like this one. It's quite a well made watch with ETA movement, bi-directional non-ratcheting bezel, integrated (folded link) bracelet, screw down crown & 10atm/100m water resistance. It really needs a service/repair as while it still works & keeps good time the day & date are jammed & don't change over. I'm not too bothered though & enjoy wearing the watch occasionally
  10. Had a couple of those in the past - both orange & brown dial - & that looks to be a cracking example. I'd say keep it & enjoy it, if they aren't already these are bound to become collectible. Excellent watch
  11. This came as something of a shock to me when I read it last night but Neil Peart - the truly phenomenal drummer & lyricist with Canadian trio Rush - died on the 7 January from brain cancer aged 67. This is very sad news & the end of an era for me. I was, & still am, a huge Rush fan, some 45 years later I still enjoy their music & believe that it's stood the test of time (most of it anyway!). I believe that he was a true master of his field - RIP Neil (& Rush)
  12. Just trying out my new (to me) camera ... a Panasonic DMC-TZ7. Today I'm wearing my TC-9 Watches 1970's Diver in stainless steel (300m & Seiko NH35 movt) very nicely made & it definitely qualifies as a solid lump
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