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  1. They're just fancy screws with heads made to look like the Edox logo I think. I presume Edox dealers/service centres have the correct tool to undo them (if they're functional & do actually undo). The watch has a number of these on it - each lug has one (though it looks to me as if it has conventional springbars) & there's a plate on the 9 o'clock side of the watch (it says 'class 1') which is held on by a couple of them as well. I'll try to take some more (better) photos of the watch tomorrow - even my wife likes it
  2. The only reason I can think of is because it is (or was?) the official watch for the class 1 powerboat championship - if that means anything? I presume that's the reason it's a GMT (powerboating all over the world) & has 300m water resistance - it probably gets a bit damp in a powerboat at full chat (like I'd know! )!! I wondered about it when I bought the watch but it doesn't stand out that much when the watch is worn, also the blue looks better (to me) than the red which is the only other version of this watch I've seen (I've no idea if there are other colours as well as these two).
  3. So today I got a box within a box within a box Within the inner box was a watch (as you may have guessed), but not just any watch but a 300m automatic GMT divers watch with a carbon dial. Having owned an Edox Hydro Sub in the past I was expecting this to be a beautifully put together & well made watch but this is just absolutely superb. Edox seem to fly well under the radar but in my experience they're fantastic watches. Not sure if this one is still being made but I've seen examples like this for sale at over £2000, I paid about a sicxth of that so there are barg
  4. Yes I have to say that I like the watch now after my initial misgivings - probably not helped by the £75 customs bill Had I realised that Karlskrona were an American company - whenever I've bought from America I've always ended up with a customs bill - I may not have bought it in the first place. Anyway it's done now so no use crying over spilt milk & it is a cool watch. I'll see what I can do about a lume shot
  5. New arrival for me - Karlskrona Hemlig (Hemlig means secret in Swedish apparently). It's obviously military inspired & the blacked out Karlskrona logo on the dial is a nice touch (it's much less obvious in real life than it appears in the photo). It's a well made & good looking, if slightly dull, watch (not much wow factor). It uses a regulated high beat (28,800bph) Sellita movement, which makes a change from the NH35's that seem to power most of the watches I own. I ordered it back in April/May & it has presumably been delayed by the virus (there haven't been many/any updates on t
  6. Good grief Roger that's epic/awesome & puts my disorganised mess to shame
  7. I do like this one Davey - great photo & it looks fantastic I've got my Oceanaut on yet again - nothing else is getting a look in at the moment
  8. Sorry but no I've never heard of him - may well look him up though I'd never heard of the astronaut either - Canadian doctors/astronauts not being my area of expertise - but yes he seemed to be a very humble, friendly & genuinely nice man. Some great watches too. Being a Seiko fan it was great to see a 6105
  9. Thanks - I've already watched another one. Not sure who the chap was - can't even remember his name now - but he had a lot of Daytona's!
  10. That's a brilliant film/interview - thanks for posting as I'd never have seen it otherwise
  11. I like the Laco & have had a couple in the past - lovely case design but too big for my 6 3/4" spindle hence me selling them. Good to see one again though I'm wearing Borealis Oceanaut again - my brass/bronze watches (I own an Armida A7 as well) are getting all my wrist attention at the moment. So much so that I'm thinking of having a cull of my other watches. I also have a couple of incomings - both covid delayed unfortunately - so could do with clearing the decks a bit. Hope you all have a good week
  12. Today it's this one - has been for most of the week in fact - but I may change tomorrow Have a good weekend all
  13. Quite possibly as I'm pretty sure I'd have sold it on the forum - tbh it's just about the only place I sell watches (too many numpties on eBay). Do you still have the watch?
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