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  1. Shock horror - Davey P wears an automatic!!!!! I've got this on - again Have a good weekend all
  2. Each to their own & all that but I think that's revolting Sorry
  3. Sorry about my earlier post - hopefully you can see the photos this time
  4. Just back off my hols (Corfu) & I wore my TC-9 1970's diver more or less all the time - kept good time & performed faultlessly whilst swimming in the hotel pool & whilst snorkelling in the Ionian sea. The second photo shows it with another Corfu resident - a preying mantis - a slightly annoyed one at that as it had landed on someone next to me & he flicked it off ...hence the arched back. Have to say that Corfu is beautiful & we had a great holiday
  5. Suppose this is modern as the watch itself is definitely post 1990 - even if the styling isn't - saying hello from beautiful Corfu
  6. 6105 wannabe - this is a TC-9 1970's diver - a homage to the late great Seiko 6105. It's a bit more modern in design than the 6105 - case isn't rounded at the edges, the crown is a proper screw down one & the lug width is 22mm, 300m water resistance - even though it's big it's very wearable (even on my bony wrists) & extremely comfortable. It's been my daily wearer for the last few weeks & I can't see that changing in the foreseeable future. Have a good week folks
  7. Had one just like yours & sold it Nice watch & a billy bargain at £70
  8. I used to own a somewhat lived in a quartz example with the bezel lock/window. It was a nice watch but nothing particularly outstanding & the bezel lock/window on mine didn't work properly. This left the non-ratcheting bezel loose even after the crown was screwed down. Screwing the crown down was supposed to push the lock against the bezel so locking it in place. This was at a stage in my watch collecting career where I was keen to try as many different watches as I could on whatever meagre/limited budget I had at the time, hence I didn't keep the watch for long & sold it to fund something else. I have to say that I don't particularly miss it (unlike some of the watches I've sold) & I've never had the urge to buy another (again unlike some of the watches I've sold). Having said all that I'm sure that the one in the link is streets ahead of the one I owned. If you like it, & can afford it, then go for it
  9. A very fine gesture indeed Mr JayDeep I think you'd like this one from my collection. I'd love to say that it's working well & keeping excellent time for a nigh on 100 year old watch but I'd be lying It works OK when stationary but stops constantly when worn on the wrist. I do like it though so I've made a stand for it & it now resides on the windowsill in my office where it loses approximately 10 minutes a day but also find the loud tick strangely comforting
  10. Like both of those - seen the Seiko before but the Citizen's a new one for me. Looks superb & I'm beginning to wish I had a white dialed watch in the collection. Is the sub-seconds dial sunken into the dial?
  11. I agree that the price is too high but I do like the look of them ..........anyone got one for sale?? Looks great on the Christopher Ward by the way
  12. The show I was working on finished on Saturday but it's never really over when the cast leave the stage for the last time. My friend & I spent last night in the workshop dismantling the set & tonight we're returning props/stage furniture etc to storage. After that it'll be truly over. Anyway I digress - I've been wearing this one today (& yesterday for that matter)
  13. You may be right Alex - I left it on the windowsill at work last night & it's still working so I think I'll wear it today & see how it goes
  14. Started the day with this: Moved on to this one when it arrived this morning: I'm working at the theatre tonight though so will return to the MWC as it's a bit more robust than the ancient one
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