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  1. I really like that & think the case back's a great idea. Unfortunately a bit too pricey for me at the mo & at 54mm lug to lug it's possibly a bit too long as well. Having said that the brown or black dials would be my choice Great looking watch & I hope you get many years of enjoyment out of it
  2. New arrival for me & I think I may have finally found a digital watch I like - Suunto Ambit Peak It's big - 17mm thick x 49mm diameter - but very comfortable to wear. Would be lovely if I could get a photo up but my usual method of uploading a photo to Imgur & then copy & pasting the BBCode (message boards & furums) doesn't appear to be working Got it sorted Have a good weekend all
  3. Saw that - nice to see a shot of the movement whilst it was chiming - beautiful watch
  4. Many thanks indeed & I'm sure I'll have about a million questions before long!! I'm still good friends with the chap who used to run the D&T course at work (long since closed) & he's going to help.me set it up correctly & maybe give me a project to do (once a lecturer always a lecturer). Thanks again for the offer - very much appreciated
  5. Today I bought some brass bar to turn on the small Warco lathe I bought (well ordered) a few days ago. We used to have a Myford lathe at work some years ago (now sadly long gone) which I used upon occasion so I'm not completely clueless. It's been years since I've used one, though, I'm very much looking forward to having a go. It's arriving on Monday
  6. Like that & I'm bald - not enough hair for a comb over (not that I'd want one even if I did have enough) 
  7. Thanks Davey & everyone else for all the positives - just because I'm used to darker more sombre dials. This is pretty bright & in your face. I like the watch though & it will definitely get worn
  8. Not sure if this should be in the Japanese watch section or here but it's a new arrival, & this seems to be the section that new arrivals get shown, so here goes....... This arrived about 3 hours ago. It's immaculate - close to NOS I would say - with sticker on the case back, hang tags, instructions, box/slip case etc. It's also something of an eye opener & by far the brightest dial I've seen for ...... well forever really! It has a display back which seems a bit pointless really as the movement's plain & undecorated. It's nice to see the balance wheel moving though & the
  9. A few of my pet hates on watches - in no particular order: Roman numerals (unless on a pocket watch). Lumed bezels - why do you need a bezel with luminous numbers/markers? In some cases they seem brighter than the lume on the dial/hands & what do you need to time in the dark (for up to an hour) anyway? Blue dials - I've owned a few but I've not yet found a watch with a blue dial that I like enough to keep long term. No idea why as I like blue seas, blue skies, blue movies (occasionally), blue t-shirts, blue pants, blue jeans, the blues (as in music) etc etc. Monstrou
  10. I'd happily take you up on your offer but I was sent a copy as my Secret Santa present last year. I have yet to watch it despite having ample opportunity over the last few months & despite it looking very interesting to me at least (I doubt if it'll appeal to my wife much) However now that you've said how good it is I'll try & watch it this week some time. Thanks for heads up
  11. I have 20 odd watches & during covid I have only worn 4 or 5 of them (not all at the same time). This is liable to change though & ones that haven't been worn for a while may well get a look in at some point in the future. I like having the choice
  12. I think the most expensive watches I currently own are in the £250/300 bracket. I have had expensive - by my standards - watches in the past (Japy Aquatique, Omega Speedmaster Broadarrow amongst others). I couldn't fault them from a quality point of view but I hardly ever wore them in case of trashing them whilst working at the theatre or on the car, so I ended up selling them. Over the year's I've bought loads of lesser(?) watches & enjoyed most/all of them to a greater or lesser degree. I don't think I could live with only 1, 2, 3 or 4 watches, grails or not ..... not yet anyway.
  13. Nowt wrong with a brown dial - looks a belter to me
  14. The watch came as the full set so the extra brass bezel, straps etc were all included. However the ceramic bezel was already fitted & I liked it so didn't feel like fitting the other. Having said that I don't want to use chemicals to speed up the ageing process, I may have a go with the spare bezel just to see what sort of results I get. I have access to various chemicals at work (acids, alkalis etc) so I may try experimenting with some solutions of those (when I actually get back to work that is). Maybe a bit of internet research is required. Thanks for your feedback
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