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  1. That's a classy number & no mistake
  2. Probably this one again - minus the all seeing eye & smudged fingerprint - not sure I can be bothered to wind/set anything else really (I feel a lazy day coming on!)
  3. Today's Armida as modeled by the all seeing eye - have a good weekend all
  4. Yep all raw materials - in fact everything really - have gone up in price & are becoming increasingly hard to find. The IT department at work are struggling to find new computer stock, petrol's gone through the roof, we've fairly recently had our boiler replaced & the plumber struggled to find the boiler we wanted & copper pipe has doubled in price. Don't know if it's because of covid, brexit & the Suez being blocked, all three, a combination of them, something else entirely or just everyone hiking their prices up to rip us off. Making sure I don't make mistakes or waste anything is even more important now! I bought some brass bar recently - the stuff I use to make the pens - & that's gone up in price by a third, & that's using the same ebay supplier I'd used before Even aluminium which used to be cheap/reasonably priced has gone up considerably in price
  5. Lovely watch but horrid first strap (the leather Nato) - I have a couple of those straps & have yet to find a watch they suit/look good on. I quite like the strap you've chosen but I think it'd look good on a bracelet if you can find one. Lovely watch - looks a belter
  6. Today's watch is this - an Armida A7 - another watch I've not worn for ages
  7. Thank you. The way I try & do things is to make a prototype I'm happy with (or at least reasonably happy with) & then try to make the next one match it as closely as I can. Having said that none of the pens I've made so far are the same as each other, they look similar to each other but there are always some variations/differences. Also I don't have a milling machine as such so the slot (used to extract/retract the pen nib) are hard to make accurately, though I haven't had to scrap anything & start from scratch yet. I enjoy making them, overcoming all the various problems that crop up & improving my technique. It's safe to say that I don't think I'm ever going to go into mass production! Thanks again
  8. Thanks for the likes chaps - much appreciated Anyway I've updated the pen & it now looks like this - I've narrowed the nib end & have managed to find a pocket clip (off a small torch) with fits. I've machined a groove into the end of the pen which holds it in place. One of the photos shows it next to the screw cap pen I mentioned above
  9. I had a Steeldive Sumo clone & while I appreciate that they're excellent watches for the money they aren't, for the most part, very original designs. Most are homages to other watches - Seiko Sumo & Tuna & the obvious Rolex Submariner etc etc etc. Thank you all for the suggestions & I'll try & spend an hour or 2 tomorrow checking out Bricey's links & the various offerings from Orient & Vostok. I haven't had an Orient or Vostok in ages so it'll be interesting to see what they have to offer. As a way of (probably only temporarily) scratching the itch I've decided to try & wear some of the watches I've not worn for ages & tonight it's the turn of the Dagaz Aurora. I have no idea when I last wore this, certainly before lockdown came into force last March, but it's a quality thing. Regarding the Tuna - for a big watch they wear very well even on quitesmall wrists. I think this is down to the lug to lug dimension being quite short.
  10. That is very different, but alas too different, plus I can imagine all sorts of dirt/dust etc getting in the bezel mechanism & jamming it up (should be easy to clean out though). I'm sorry but it's a no from me. Thanks for the suggestion though
  11. If you're going to pull a gun on me then no I wasn't talking to you but thanks for all your suggestions ..... & thanks to everyone else too
  12. To be honest I've got more watches than I know what to do with & I should probably be happy with the watches I've got, but I'm getting the urge again so does anyone know of an original design divers watch that's under £200? I can probably stretch to a bit more but I'd prefer not to. I'm not looking for clone/homages of Rolex, Omega, Seiko etc. as I've had plenty of those in the past & would prefer something different - micro-brand maybe? I'll look myself later on/over the weekend but I just wondered what other forum users had bought/found/heard of & could recommend. I'd prefer automatic but would consider quartz/solar as well. Many thanks
  13. Probably my new Pierpont manual wind but might be the Ventus Mori instead, I've not decided yet. My first proper week back at work (with students & everything) in the best part of 18 months & I'm definitely ready for the weekend. Have a good weekend all
  14. A bit red for me but I like the case shape - definitely worth the wait
  15. Having said that I'd love to know a few more details about this one - age, movement etc?
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