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  1. Used to own a Lagunare some years ago which, I seem to remember, was a lovely big, impressive & beautifully made watch. I also owned a 24 hour Airman which was just as beautifully made but considerably smaller. Both had the traditional non-ratcheting screw lock bezel. Like a fool I sold both If Invicta are still producing decently made watches, as well as keeping the brand alive, then good luck to them I say Loving the rather wonderful chronograph shown above
  2. Thanks Sulie - I used to have one years ago. I didn't keep it long but regretted selling it so was glad to snag this one. It's a good quality watch & the brass will, of course, re-tarnish after my light polishing so will end up looking unique. We went to Portugal in July 2014 & I sold the watch soon after so it's been a while since I've owned one. My friend has an Armida A1 I think (big, stainless steel diver with heavily domed sapphire) which he swears by despite having much more expensive watches. He's also got a Benarus Moray which I've asked for first refusal on. Trouble is he's working in Malaysia & the watch is in storage in London & I've no clue when he'll next be in the country Anyway here's a photo of my first A7, on the hotel balcony in Portugal (Praia De Rocha), that I took back in 2014
  3. That's an amazing watch
  4. This arrived yesterday & after a light polish & a bit of work to free up the stuck bezel (due to a bit of brass on brass corrosion/ageing) it's now on my wrist - very nice it is too & it'll keep my Borealis company as that's the only other brass/bronze watch in my collection. Have a good weekend
  5. The one on the left of this group of 3 hand wind watches - very nice it is too (seagull 3600(?) movement I think)
  6. Have to say that I love the look of this one - very chunky & something different. Have watched the videos & they go some way to showing what a micro brand has to go through, & the kind of outlay they need to spend, in order to just get a prototype. Love the look of the thing but think it'll be too long lug to lug for my puny wrists. Would love to give it a go though & I'd put money down if I could but I missed the funding campaign so i think my ship has sailed (pun intended) ..........unless I'm being stupid & someone knows different Jonesinamillion - would love to hear what you think of it when yours lands
  7. The old chap I bought my Reliant from - 12 years ago now - had a thing for clocks. One of the rooms in his house - the one I went in to sign the papers - was given over to them entirely, they were everywhere (walls, floor, tables, every available surface - quite impressive really) & all were running. It wasn't the quietest place I've been in. He also had an alloy bodied Austin 7 racer - not road legal - which was basically a tin bath on pram wheels. He said it'd do 90mph ...........................which must have been quite scary! I like a good clock but sort of hope I don't get into them as much as I have watches! I don't think the postal system & vintage/delicate machinery are a good mix - hope you can get it going again
  8. I seem to be on something of a hand wind kick at the moment as the last 3 watches I've bought have all been manually wound. They are a pair of Ingersoll & Timex pocket watches (which I'm becoming more & more interested in) & a Panerai Radiomir clone with an Asian 6498, or 6497, movement (not sure which). I'm wearing the MM now (just because it's a wrist watch) but the other 2 are on my desk merrily ticking away. Both are keeping good time in the company of my 100(ish) year old J.W. Benson full hunter. I don't think either the Ingersoll or Timex are particularly "good" in pocket watch terms but I like them & all 3 watches together have a nice reassuring tick. The Timex is a fair bit smaller & thinner than the other 2 & appears to be sealed with no way of accessing the movement. I wonder if it's a disposable watch & if, probably more like when, it goes wrong you're supposed to bin it & buy another? On the Ingersoll you can use a fingernail to pry the case back off in order to reveal the utterly unexciting movement. Some watches have fantastic looking movements, this isn't one of them unfortunately I'm not trying to put either of the pocket watches down - they were probably cheap to produce & cheap to buy & it shows. There's nothing wrong with that as far as I'm concerned. They don't pretend to be anything more than that. The MM is a different kettle of fish however. It's a wrist watch for a start & is, I suppose, pretending to be something it isn't. I hesitate to suggest that it's a fake but put Panerai Radiomir on the dial & that's pretty much what it'd be. Just to say that there's no mention of Panerai anywhere on the watch. It's a shame really as it seems to be nicely made & is keeping good time (so far), now that I've changed the strap for one that's comfier to wear/use I'm pretty happy with it. When looked face on from above the case resembles a rounded off square & measures 44mm from 9 - 3 (48mm including the crown) & 44mm from 12 - 6. The wire lugs obviously add a bit to this but aren't that noticeable (more conventional lugs would be much bigger/more obvious) & they go some way to making a large watch wearable for those of us with spindly wrists, I wouldn't want to go any bigger than this though. I'm sure it's been said by others before me but I wish they'd make a 42mm version - the same case style & with the same movement - but I don't think this is available & I'm not sure it's even possible considering the movement is quite large (ex-pocket watch I believe). I don't think an auto version or, God forbid, a quartz version would cut the mustard at all I'm afraid. There's something about winding a watch by hand which I like. Despite it being a manual wind it has a screw down crown which is a feature I like on all my watches (not just the divers), I doubt if it makes one iota of difference to the water resistance of this particular watch (I think the stated 30m is probably pushing it) but I like it all the same & I find no hardship in unscrewing the crown to wind the watch. So there you go - 3 more watches for the collection & I'll probably only ever use 1 of them
  9. Yeah the square section bit at the end - I thought it had been twisted whilst winding an old, in need of a service (as this one probably is) movement. Ta for the info & I'll have a go at refitting it/putting the watch back together tomorrow Thanks again
  10. Hi all - I'm trying to repair botch together an old Adina divers watch that's been sitting in my parts/spares drawer for the last few years. I've had the watch for years & finally decided to try & do something with it. Last time I wore it I seem to remember that it worked & kept reasonable time, unfortunately the already marginal threads on the case tube/crown finally decided to give up the ghost so I had to wear the watch with the crown unscrewed I'm pretty sure that the date is stuck as well (i can live with that though). I've stripped the watch down (not the movement!) & have managed to change the case tube & screw down crown for a generic R*l*x one that I had left over from another project (for some reason I bought 2 & only used 1). Anyway upon removing the stem I've found that the end of it is twisted therefore I was wondering if anyone had a spare?? The movement is definitely the ETA2782 (stamped under the balance wheel) I've looked on Cousins (I'm not registered on there but nothing comes up in a search). I've also looked on Ebay & the only stem I can find on there seems to be for a 2770 movement. It comes up when I search for "ETA2782 stem" so I wonder if it will fit both movements (the 2770 & 2782) .....does anyone Know? If it does fit I'll buy that & stop wasting everyone's time Photos will be posted if/when I get the watch up & running. It really is quite a battered thing (faded bezel & heavily scratched caseback) but it's got hooded lugs, a domed acrylic crystal & a cool 2 tone dial. Worth using/wearing I think. Please send me a pm through the forum if you can help - I'm obviously happy to pay for the correct part
  11. There is/was an automatic/special edition version available (no idea what movement's in it) but it's quite rare - apparently - & quite expensive at approx £300- £400. I can't remember what colour mine was & I don't think I kept it long enough to take a photo of it (if I did I can't find it now anyway)! It was the quartz version.
  12. Nice that Davey - it's a Fossil Breaker isn't it? I used to own one a while ago. I didn't keep it long, which seems to happen with a lot/most of my quartz watches, but it was the best Fossil watch I've owned (not that I've owned many) or seen. My step-daughter used to own a couple of Fossil big tic's (I think) & it was streets ahead of those. She's since moved up to a Tag Heuer & Breitling! Nice watch
  13. Too hot for a wrist watch today so I'm using this instead
  14. Have to say that the bezel you've fitted looks excellent however it'd look more priod with a Pepsi insert & even better with an original one - hopefully Squale will have something suitable - let us know how you get on
  15. Not sure but there might be snap together kits available now which don't need glue. Might be something worth investgating? I used to enjoy making models in my youth but the closest I get to it now is to do the occasional Star Wars metal miniature model. Done the millenium falcon, tie fighter & snowspeeder up to now but have an x-wing fighter on the go (photo when it's finished). I like the finished results but find them very fiddly to make - they do look good though
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