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  1. Giving this one a run out today (& yesterday as it happens) - I've had it ages & despite looking fairly regularly on eBay I've never seen another Bluestone watch like this one. It's quite a well made watch with ETA movement, bi-directional non-ratcheting bezel, integrated (folded link) bracelet, screw down crown & 10atm/100m water resistance. It really needs a service/repair as while it still works & keeps good time the day & date are jammed & don't change over. I'm not too bothered though & enjoy wearing the watch occasionally
  2. Had a couple of those in the past - both orange & brown dial - & that looks to be a cracking example. I'd say keep it & enjoy it, if they aren't already these are bound to become collectible. Excellent watch
  3. This came as something of a shock to me when I read it last night but Neil Peart - the truly phenomenal drummer & lyricist with Canadian trio Rush - died on the 7 January from brain cancer aged 67. This is very sad news & the end of an era for me. I was, & still am, a huge Rush fan, some 45 years later I still enjoy their music & believe that it's stood the test of time (most of it anyway!). I believe that he was a true master of his field - RIP Neil (& Rush)
  4. Just trying out my new (to me) camera ... a Panasonic DMC-TZ7. Today I'm wearing my TC-9 Watches 1970's Diver in stainless steel (300m & Seiko NH35 movt) very nicely made & it definitely qualifies as a solid lump
  5. Nice watch - especially for a freebie - that DaveyP fellow really is a rather cracking chap
  6. I have a tea box which a work colleague gave me, this holds 15 watches & is full. This was my limit but I was given another watch box at Christmas which holds another 4 (or 5/6 if I buy smaller watches) so my limit has been extended. Time to start hunting watches
  7. Artego have gone I think which is a shame. I've had a couple of examples of their chunky 300m divers & they were excellent watches. Raven still exist - they have a website anyway. I used to own a brown dialled Moray 2 which was a beautiful thing indeed & I couldn't fault it really
  8. Sorry no yellow at the mo but I used to have a yellow dial Japy Terrestre which I wish I hadn't sold - especially as it was a complete bargain off eBay & I'll never find another at that price again The closest I have at the moment is the orange Helgray diver I've had on the sales forum for the last few months. I'll leave it on there but am going to wear it when we go out tonight, just to add a bit of colour. I like the Orient but I like the Seiko diver on mesh better. I'm beginning to get the urge for another yellow watch
  9. Merry Christmas all - today I'm wearing my Dagaz Aurora (sorry no photo) but this is likely to change due to a new - still wrapped - arrival
  10. Mine arrived the other day & is now safely under the tree & will be the first pressie opened on Christmas day
  11. This one as I've not worn it in aeons. It's a 7002-7020 according to the back but it's been mildly modified (not by me) & may be fitted with a 7S26 movement, I've not opened it so I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure though that the 7020 never came with a white on black date Note the full diary
  12. +1 to this. I've been content with my watch collection for the last few months so haven't had anything new to show or crow about as such I've not been posting as much as I used to. The forum is a fair bit quieter that it used to be but I think these things happen from time to time & what goes around comes around & it'll pick up again (hopefully). I have to say that I much prefer it here to the other UK (Yorkshire) based watch forum I'm a member of, 99% of the watches shown on there are about million times above my meagre budget & whilst they're very nice eye candy they're not achievable financially speaking for me & therefore not really of that much interest. Another point against it is that many of the threads I start reading end up as slanging matches between arsey members which is not really what I want to read or be a part of. I've been a member on here since it first began (I think) & it's always been a friendly place with little (I won't say none) of the flaming/mass arguments that seem to erupt on many of the other forums I frequent. In short I like coming here & will continue to do so for as long as it, or me, are around. Long live The Watch Forum
  13. Not worn this in a while so wearing this one today
  14. Hi all - many thanks to all those who have taken part but it's now time to stop this & start contacting the people you're sending to. The full list is displayed above & I've already contacted Iceblue, he now needs to contact Davey P, who needs to contact Marcin, who needs to contact Bridgeman & so on & so forth. Please don't anyone break the chain as it'll all fall flat on its face if you do. If you can't proceed please let us know on here & we'll adjust the list accordingly. Thanks again for taking part & Merry Christmas
  15. Cut off date is Friday 13th - so APM101 & Jonesinamillion you're both in & there's still time for anyone else who wants to sign up
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