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  1. 'Tis a titanium treat for me today - soon to be gracing my wrist in sunnier climes along with a couple of other watches (although not all will be worn at the same time!). If I can post next Friday I'll let you know where I am in the world Have a good weekend all
  2. I think we have a sufferer of watch madness in our midst
  3. Dunno - sort of necessary. Not strictly necessary for travel but I do own/wear watch(es) as beater(s) when I know that I'm working on the car, doing some DIY or will be down at the theatre. I quite like wearing a decent watch when I'm travelling - never had a problem so far but I don't have any particularly expensive ones & don't go to dodgy places (much)
  4. That looks great - I'll not be holding my breath but I look forward to seeing the finished article Thanks Norman - I like it & have had it a good few years now. It must be close to being one of the watches I've owned the longest (I've no intention of selling it) but I only rarely wear it. It works fine, & keeps good time, apart from the bi-directional bezel which is extremely hard to turn in either direction. Thanks again for the comment
  5. I had no opportunity to post in the Friday thread but I wore this yesterday & will be doing so again today Hope you all have a good weekend
  6. That looks absolutely brilliant
  7. These are my customs all put together by yours truly & most based on some sort of Seiko diver. The black one is made from a Pulsar which has been through many different dial/hand combiations over the years. I've had it a good few years now & this is the latest, & probably final, combination - I have to say that I still don't like it much & rarely wear it. The latest one I've made is the 6309 alike with the white chapter ring. I don't think this is a genuine 6309 case (or one from whatever the modern Seiko version is called), it uses a Yobokies dial Seikomods hands, the case dial, chapter ring, crystal etc all came as a package off eBay as did the 7s26 movement. The beige Seiko is a genuine 6309 case into which I've fitted a 6306 (hacking movement with Kanji day display) movement, a Seiko 5 dial & Seiko superior hands, I've also semi-sterilised the case back by machining off the moment/serial info but leaving the Tsunami wave. The brass one (Ventus Mori) is only slightly modified with a cover for the crown (also made from brass) to make it slightly bigger - it's more in proportion now I think than the slightly too small original one.
  8. The Helson Sharkdiver (40mm) was absolutely superb - great build & great lume. I also owned, back in the day, an Ocean 7 LM1 which was also excellent quality but quite long lug to lug - too big me unfortunately which is why I sold it. Another to consider - if you can find one - is Japy. I've had a couple (not at the same time) & the quality on both was outstanding with some unusual/novel design features. One was an auto (Aqutique) & the other quartz (Terrestre). I bought the quartz one after I'd sold the auto (but I also eventually sold it) & wish I'd kept it. They're very collectible now & go for a fair old chunk of dosh
  9. I've had Armida, Maranez, Helson, Borealis, Dagaz, Ventus, Artego, Prometheus & many many other microbrand watches in the past, all have been excellent watches. Of those I still have the Armida (A7), Borealis (Oceanaut), Ventus (Mori) & Dagaz (Aurora) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any/all of them. My most recent arrival is a Zelos Swordfish which is quite superb. Microbrands, vintage or the smaller/more obscure mainstream watch brands (Aristo, Edox & the like) are my main area of interest. My Edox Worldtimer GMT is superb. I'm not sure what watches these manufacturers currently produce, or if most/all are still in business even, so I have to say that I look forward to Bricey's posts as he often tells me/us about microbrands I've never even heard of & which are, usually, pretty Interesting
  10. This morning whilst pratting around with a shed in the pouring rain (at least the shed doesn't leak) I was testing out the water resistance of this. It stayed on my wrist while I, rather more enjoyably, finished off my latest pen on the lathe this afternoon. It's a fine watch indeed
  11. It's not the original bracelet but one made by Geckota (watchgecko), it seems to be pretty good quality with a hidden butterfly clasp & no rattles, very flexible & comfortable too
  12. I know! Rash words especially with a holiday looming! In the last week I've made one custom watch, repaired another & bought these two - it's got a bit out of hand so time to rein the watch habit in a bit I think! Yep it's a belter & no mistake
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