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  1. I like the yellow one - hmm very tempted - it'd make a good holiday watch I think & having a bit of colour in the collection wouldn't do it any harm
  2. Thanks for the likes/comments & my friend seemed chuffed with the pen Just to add that there's a similar pen (& one of my pool ball pots) available as a raffle prize. Tickets cost £2.50 & all proceeds will go towards the forum running costs. Apologies if you've already seen it but I thought I'd give it a plug anyway
  3. To YNWaN - that looks great Did you do all the mods yourself or buy aftermarket, and is the case from Steeldive/San Martin? I do like to look of that - the outlined hands especially - brilliant
  4. No it doesn't .....it really doesn't
  5. What diameter is the hole now & how big do you need it to be? Also what size is the case of the gauge (the bit with the 4 screw holes)? Best way, I think, to enlarge the existing hole would be to use a hole saw - I think ones for cutting/drilling metal are available. You'd need to use a pillar drill (NOT a hand drill) to keep things as square/vertical as possible. Depending on how big the hole needs to be you'd struggle to hold a hand drill steady enough I think. Also the torque generated by a large diameter drill bit/hole saw being asked to cut through comparatively tough material would likely cause unwanted damage to both you & the thing you're working on! Not good! Another option would be to use a milling machine & a range of end mills until the correct size hole is reached. This is getting quite specialist now though. Maybe a local machine shop could enlarge the hole for you?? Might be worth asking as I can't see it being a particularly big or complicated job with the right bit of kit. I'm wondering if it'll fit on my lathe but I'm not sure if it's possible to machine cast aluminium. I wish I could clear my loft out & find a box of submarine gauges! Closest I've come is finding a pair of Army boots & a small tub of screw in football boot studs
  6. Thanks Honour You might want to have a look at the raffle Roy has just started on my behalf (with all proceeds going towards the forum running costs) To Smiths Mad - I made them for a friend who intends to put them on a gaming PC which is in the style of a cassette player on a spaceship that's featured in The Guardians Of The Galaxy films (so they're sort of going on an amplifier). Having said all that they've been made for a while & I've nothing from my friend for a while either.........
  7. Timefactors have a very good reputation, with some great watches, but I can't do with the weird opening hours at all I'm afraid
  8. Have to say that I like Panerai's too, unfortunately I've no spare funds for one & have no wish to get into debt. As most have said I'd definitely try one on before buying & getting a cheap homage isn't a bad idea at all. My friend looked at them, he has similar sized wrists to me (6.75") & said the 42mm ones were fine but the 44 (& above) were just too big for him. I think he decided the outlay was just too much for one watch though & has bought himself a couple of Oris models instead ( basically two Oriseses for the price of one Panerai). Hope you find something soon & would be interested to hear what you think of it
  9. It's my friend's 70th later this week - well he's 71 actually but he couldn't celebrate his 70th last year (with chums anyway) for obvious reasons - so he's missing out a year. Anyway I'm giving him this combination - a brass pen in a cigar case I've no idea what he'll make of it but he liked one of my pool ball screwdrivers, so hopefully he'll like it
  10. Borealis Oceanaut for me today - definitely a favourite & beautiful lump of bronze/brass/steel. I've put it on a Nato as the leather strap it was on was too hot! The weather's looking good - understatement - so hope you all have a great weekend
  11. My friend has one like that (has yours the heavily domed crystal?) & he loves it. It was his daily wearer but he's fairly recently treated himself to an Oris & put the Oris into semi-retirement. I also have an Armida but it's quite a bit different to yours - great watch & a favourite. They're excellent watches & I hope you get much enjoyment from yours
  12. What sort of movement? Bowel or watch? From that description I'm pretty sure I know which. Who write this ? I don't like the watch either
  13. Fantastic that I'm not into chronographs at all (I only have one in my collection & I'm.considering selling that) - but that's fantastic. Enjoy your watch
  14. Love the military one but not too sure about the more lairy ones. Excellent watches though by all accounts & the price paid seems like a bargain to me. Hope you get much enjoyment from wearing it
  15. I got one of these to try out with the iPads at work. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with them (yet) as I've not had chance to try it with the software yet. The iPads are locked down by the IT dept so I'm hoping they can install the software & get it to work. If they can't (or won't) get it to work then I guess I've got a USB microscope Quality looks good from the little video Roy posted - the subject matter isn't too shabby either
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