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  1. Hi Roger - it's not the best but hopefully not the worst either. There's a bit of play but it has gib strips & adjusting screws/locknuts so most of the play can be adjusted out. Some of the castings are a bit rough but the clamping faces are flat. I paid £40ish for it (from Amazon) & think it's good(ish) value. You can obviously pay much more than this & for a greater outlay I hope you'd get something significantly better. For my needs though it's fine. I'm probably not going to be using it much & if it does go wrong/break then it's not too much money to lose. Having said all that I have got some pretty good results from it. I milled the cutouts on the last GotG knob with it. I marked the basic knob out as best as I could, locked the drill at the correct depth & lined the marks up by eye. Once the cutout was milled I rotated the knob in the cross slide & lined it up by eye again & made the next cut. There are 12 cutouts so I had to do this 12 times. Slow & steady is the phrase that comes to mind. I have to say though that the results are much better than I thought they would be & the job could all have gone horribly wrong at this stage. If you can afford more then I'd pay more & maybe get a better quality one from an engineering supplier. There are plenty to choose from, but RDG Tools & Arc Euro Trade are two I've bought from in the past. Hope this helps
  2. Here's the lathe in all its glory + assorted bits of metal (brass, aluminium, steel, stainless steel & copper) & tools .......lots & lots of tools
  3. It's a Warco mini-lathe with 80mm chuck. Not sure it's made anymore but it seems a decent little machine to me. My friend has a Myford ML7 lathe which I'd kill for
  4. That's going to be good - looking forward to seeing the finished article
  5. For the first time in ages I've gone digital with my Suunto Ambit 3 - very thick but it wears very well despite that - have a good day all
  6. Welcome to the forum - interested in this as I like watches (not really surprising considering where I'm posting this) & just about anything mechanical
  7. Thanks chaps There are much worse ways to spend a couple of hours - it's a great film, totally daft but great film
  8. Before Christmas my friend asked me to make some aluminium knobs in the style of the stereo (as seen on the spaceship) from the Guardians Of The Galaxy. There are six in total & he provided plans with dimensions to work from. So amongst other projects I've been working on these. It's been quite a steep learning curve & has involved some milling as well as turning on the lathe. There haven't been (that m)any disasters & I've enjoyed making them & seeing the improvement as I've gone on. I finished the last one today & here they are in all their glory
  9. Don't have Instagram.either - not too bothered about that really as I'm only just getting to grips with Facebook
  10. If you don't mind wearing a modern watch then the Citizen Nghthawk would be my choice for a pilots watch. European versions don't have the silly Nighthawk on the dial (US versions do). I've owned a couple in the past & they're excellent watches - very well made, 200m water resistant & have an independent GMT hand. They have a slide rule for calculating fuel load/range & so on but if you can use/read that then you're a better man than I. Lovely watch despite that & I think I'd like another - does anyone have one for sale??
  11. Same as yesterday - Steeldive Sumo probably - I'm having a lazy morning though so not wearing a watch at all yet!!
  12. Like that What are the dimensions - diameter/thickness & is it possible to fit a different strap or do you have to stick with the bracelet? Must admit that my Steeldive Sumo is excellent - well built, looks good & accurate
  13. Sounds like a good excuse to withdraw it from sale & buy something that pairs with it. Go on, do it, you know it makes sense
  14. Over the years I've probably owned 100's of watches. I've taken photos of most, though probably not all, of them so I'm going to try & tot up roughly how many I have owned. I do know that the watch that started me off on this particular hobby/obsession was a Seiko 6105 150m diver. I bought this off Ebay from Watchco Australia, it was a bit lived in but all original so I wish I still had this. I did keep it for a good few years but eventually sold it. A regret due to its originality & the fact that all original examples are quite hard to find now & expensive. According to the photos I have, this had a back engraved with B. Davenport 1977 - does anyone on here have it? I don't want to buy it back just know that it's still going OK Other regrettable sales include a lovely Ocean 7 (one of the first micro-brands I think), a Japy Aquatique (gorgeous thing & very quirky, especially the crown & the fact that you could remove the movement from the case, the idea being you'd put it into another case & change the look/function of the watch completely i.e. from a divers watch to a dress watch), a Citizen Mission Antarctica (one of two quartz watches I regret selling - the other being a yellow dial Japy Terrestre. The Citizen had been in storage for ages & didn't actually work that well. take note eco-drive owners & don't store these watch for long periods in the dark!) & a Glycine Lagunare (big, beautiful & fantastic watch & one I still look for, occasionally, on Ebay in the hope that I'll find a bargain). There are, without a shadow of a doubt, many many more but that'll do for now
  15. I like that Does it have a name (apart from Bulova Accutron) or model number?
  16. Why would you call it a sweet chariot?
  17. A chunky bit of brass for me today (as it was yesterday & Sunday) - the light is at the end of the tunnel, or as Boris put it yesterday: the crocus is poking through the frost (or something like that!)! Stay safe & have a good week
  18. Armida for me - bezel being used to time the flapjack I've just put in the oven - have a good weekend all
  19. Yep that's looks fantastic. Though I think that I too would struggle to tell the time with those hands - solid hands in a contrasting colour would be my preference - but it's probably clearer in reality than it is in photos. I'm not a fan of fully lumed dial's but that looks quite subtle & quite brilliant. I love the caseback too. Fantastic mod & I hope you get many years of enjoyment from it
  20. Min Not sure to be honest & I'm not sure I've got any fat springbars in my spares emporium to try. It does have drilled lugs though so strap changes are a doddle. I got my Steeldive Sumo for under £100 (rubber strap model). I am the 2nd owner (at least) but it's in excellent, as new, condition & came with box & unsigned guarantee card. They're not an expensive watch, even when new, but it pays to look on the forums. Whatever you end up paying they offer outstanding value for money
  21. After my recent purchase I'd recommend Steeldive but not sure they do one in your preferred size. They're Chinese, use Seiko movements & have a UK website now. Vostok are a good shout as are most of the other Russian watch manufacturers (Raketa, Poljot etc). Or how about a vintage Seiko 5 - Roy has/had a very nice one available in the sales section. These look great, have good build quality & fairly basic auto only movements (not that I know anything about watch movements!) .
  22. I'm with you as regards Rolex. I've seen & worn a few (I've never owned one though) & wasn't that impressed. I'm getting less excited by Seiko's offerings these days despite it being the brand that started me off down the watch collecting path. I'm not familiar enough with Longines to form an opinion but of the luxury brands I do, generally, seem to like Omega's. If I was in the market for a luxury watch then that's probably be where I'd look. However the absolute best quality watch I've ever seen, & briefly worn, was owned by a now sadly deceased watch mad friend of mine. This was a Jaeger Le Coultre of some sort. I think it was a Master Geographic but it was, without a shadow of a doubt, an utterly gorgeous thing & quite beautiful. I doubt I'll ever be in the market for one. Unless they're a complete bargain, something I've not owned before - see recent Steeldive Sumo - & different/unusual enough to appeal to me then I probably won't be interested
  23. They're all rip off's of one watch or another - they're such a well made watch it seems a shame, to me, that they don't offer their own original designs. Presume they only produce what they think will sell well. Anyway whatever the production/selling strategy of the company it's a great watch, obviously very popular & I dare say they can sell as many as they make. The jury's out on the bezel but I'll leave it as it is for the moment. Unlike some (who are obviously all mad) I happen to like Nato straps. I've never tried a Marine Nationale strap so I've ordered one of those for it. The only strap I have in stock that suits the watch is a 22mm Bond & that doesn't fit the lugs - obviously unacceptable to a WIS (like what I am). Pictures will be posted when it lands & I've fitted it
  24. This arrived the other day. Bought from TZUK for a very reasonable price. In 2 words: it's superb! The fit & finish is amazing really & definitely on a par with much more expensive makes. The only thing I don't like is the lumed bezel insert. Does anyone know if an aftermarket bezel for a genuine Seiko Sumo will fit the Steeldive?? I know others love lumed bezels but I don't & can't really see the point of them. Anyway, the lume itself (on dial, hands & bezel) is very bright & long lasting. Timekeeping - via the usual Seiko NH35 movt - seems excellent. I'll repeat what's been said before in reviews of Steeldive watches but "how do they do it for the price?" They do seem to offer amazing value for money as well as being a good looking & well made watch.
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