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  1. No clue but good question! I'm only 57 so I'm hoping that this is something I'm not going to have give serious thought to for some time! My watch collection is usually in a state of change so nothing's been left to anyone specific in my will. My youngest step-daughter has an interest in watches & has a small collection (Baby-g - old but reliable back up digital, Suunto - daily/work watch, Tag Heuer - last I heard in a drawer with a duff battery & Breitling - still worn occasionally) so may want to choose one, not sure my nephew even wears a watch & I doubt my neice will want one, my Dad likes watches but he's 91 so I'm hoping that he won't be in a position to have to choose one from my collection!!
  2. Had one a while ago - can't remember which but it had the little propellor seconds hand - a very nice watch but I was going through an anti-quartz phase so didn't keep it very long. I think I sold it on the forum
  3. That's a bit Seiko 007ish (case wise at least) & a bargain at the price paid. I can't add any info about the watch but hope you enjoy it
  4. Not sure how to or if I can transfer them. Anyway the point is moot as I've spent some of them on a book on urban decay (knackered abandoned buildings etc) & a high level brake light for the SS1. I've been out for a quick run in the car today & felt quite vulnerable on the motorway - it's just about level with an hgv's wheel nuts - so anything that makes me more visible to road users is a good thing. Anyway not sure what I'll spend the rest on but I'm sure something will turn up. Sorry for pratting you all about & if you want to delete/lock this thread then please do so
  5. Hmmm - not exactly the responses I was hoping for but thanks anyway
  6. I seem to have accrued around 100 squid in Amazon vouchers which is now burning a hole in my pocket. I'm not sure what to spend it on however. I don't really need anything but does anyone have any suggestions or know of any bargains on there too good to resist. You'd think I'd be able to find something wouldn't you?? I can add some cash if something appeals enough! Watches obviously are of great interest to me, as are cars, bicycles, metalworking (I have a mini lathe), tools (though I already have many), books, music, films etc etc. I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions (at least I think I am)
  7. You could possibly use a small puller to pull/draw the hands off the central pivot? I'm not really sure how to describe a puller It usually consists of 2 or 3 hooked arms with a central screw, the hooks grip under the thing that needs removing (in this case the scale hands) as the central screw is tightened against the central shaft the hands are pulled/drawn off it. Pretty crap description! Probably best if you look up how to use one on YouTube. Not sure how small pullers go either - the one I used to own was quite big (used for removing car bearing races &, randomly, steering wheels). Another option may to use a watch hand puller - though a watch hand puller is probably too weedy to remove the scale hands. A beefier clock hand puller may be up to the job but I'm not even sure there is such a thing!? Good luck & I hope this helps (possibly not!)
  8. Amazing but he must be slightly mad Just watched Cascadia - that's brilliant too
  9. Too big for me but I do like the look of that - wear in good health Davey
  10. I seem to be flying in the face of all these electric cars/plug in hybrids ( though the writing's definitely on the wall for the internal combustion engine) & have bought my Dad's Suzuki Kizashi off him. This is mid-size saloon that was a toe in the water exercise by Suzuki. All Kizashi's, irrespective of the country they were sold in, came with a 2.4 4 cylinder engine giving out 180(ish) bhp. However the gearbox/drive train varied & some were 6 speed manuals with 2wd, whilst others have a CVT auto & switchable 4wd. Mine is one of these. It's a great drive with good handling & enough get up & go for little old me. Economy is not going to be great (mid-20's round town & maybe 30 on a steady run) & road tax quite expensive but I do like the thing & I'm looking forward to doing my first long journey in it. Apologies for the rubbish photo
  11. The full series of The Serpent is available on BBC iPlayer & is well worth watching, we've also recently enjoyed wstching the 1st series of The Bay (ITV hub), Netflix shows (not all are new ones & may not be available now) Stranger Things, Godless, Mindhunters, Queens Gambit, Unbelievable (may not be on now but it's brilliant). I've just started on Snowpiercer which doesn't seem bad & I've heard good things about Lucifer & Peaky Blinders but I've not watched either yet. Hope this helps
  12. My photo doesn't show it but it says Military Industries on the caseback (along with 200m water resistant & a serial number) so I'm inclined to think it's one of those. I bought it off Ebay so have no idea really where it came from, how many owners it's had etc. I have looked on the website, & I like some of the other watches, but I doubt if they're military issue, though that obviously doesn't stop service personnel buying/owning/wearing them. My step-daughter's in the Army & most of the service personnel I've seen wear a quartz/digital of some sort (G-Shock, Suunto etc), She does own a Breitling & Tag but just about every time I see her she's wearing her Suunto.
  13. Hi everyone, I've had this watch for 3 or 4 years now but haven't worn it that often recently. I have worn it many times in the past but it hasn't been getting as much use/wrist time as it should. I was, therefore, considering selling it but before listing it on the forum I thought I should wear it just to make sure it was working fine. I've done this before & ended up keeping the watch I was intending to sell & that's what happened today! I don't think it could ever be described as a thing of beauty but it does seem to be an excellent watch & the things which attracted me to it in the first place are the things making me hold onto it now!. These are: Size - at 39mm (42mm including the crown) it's a good size without being huge. It's quite a long & thick watch though, lug to lug is 50mm & it's the best part of 15mm due to the highly dome crystal, but it's still very comfortable & wearable. Legibility - the dial & hands are clear & it's easy to tell the time, the domed crystal helps with this I think, also the lume is excellent & long lasting. I'm not keen on the logo but that's about it. Styling - it definitely has a vintage feel (hence it being called the 1970's diver I suppose) which is a feature I like - definitely has a Seiko 62MAS look to it even if it's a fair bit bigger than that watch. Fit & finish - the watch is solidly built with no play in the bezel (unidirectional) which lines up exactly at 12, the crown screws down positively & securely with plenty of turns. The watch is brushed all over with no polished surfaces anywhere. I suspect that this isn't the factory finish though as some of the brushing is a bit rough & ready. I don't really mind though as it adds to the vintage/tool feel of the watch. Not sure what's happened with the bezel insert, again I'm pretty sure the faded look isn't factory & I suspect it's been given the "treatment" (whatever that is) by a previous owner. I don't mind the look though & it's not got any worse in the time I've owned the watch. It may not look it but all the numbers/markings on the bezel are still visible. So there you go - what was going to be a sales post has turned into a mini review! Having strapped it on & worn it anger for the first time in ages I have to say that I like the watch & will probably end up wearing it more often. It's a keeper .............................................................probably
  14. Abso-bleeding-lutely!! It shouldn't be too long a wait now (for me at least - STP/leather strap combo) & I can't wait for it to start shipping. I'm not sure if I'm building this up way too much in my own little mind but I'm already wondering if this is going to be "the one"
  15. I think BJ91046-56 but think it's also known as the PMX56-2741. I originally bought it years ago (probably 15+), stupidly decided that I didn't like it & pretty quickly sold it to a friend who kept it until about 2 years ago when he gave it to me. He moves around a lot, had bought an Armida auto for daily duties, & had put the Citizen into storage (not great for a solar watch). I had to replace the cell to get it working, but it seems to be doing so reliably now, even so when not being worn it lives on a bright window sill. It's a terrific watch really with excellent fit & finish. Citizen also made a purple dial version of it which doesn't appeal to me at all. Both versions were JDM/Asian watches & are quite rare (not that I go out of my way to look for them) - as I say it's a quality watch. There's are more pictures/details on a site called Watcharama.com
  16. HmmGoodness knows! I'm not even up yet & too early for me to be wearing a watch! It'll be one of three - Borealis Oceanaut (as I wore yesterday), Edox Worldtimer gmt or Citizen titanium eco-drive 200m gmt. These are the three that are on the bedside table at the MO so it's likely to be one of these...... obviously other options are available though! Have a good weekend all
  17. Looks great though access to the pillar drill looks tight. Liking the coil overs on the work bench
  18. It's a cvt (continuously variable transmission) so not really an auto but it works just like an auto - stick it in D, press the loud pedal & away you go. It also has flappy paddles (not tried them yet) & gears can also be changed manually using the gear lever, push it to the left & it's forward for up changes & backwards for down changes..... or is it the other way round? I haven't tried that yet either. It's quite a heavy car so initial progress isn't mind blowing but it'll be effortless (that word again) & go like a train on the motorway. Apparently the 6 speed manual, 2wd version is quite a bit quicker but we didn't get that in the UK so you're stuck with the cvt which blunts the get up go. The steering's a bit light/remote (certainly compared to the go kart like Swift) but the handling's actually pretty good without too much roll & the suspension feels quite stiff (possibly helped by lack of use/low mileage) but still comfortable. Having only owned the car for 2 days I haven't been hooning around in it but I don't think it's that sort of car anyway. Quite like it so far but I'll probably hate it when a headlight bulb goes & I have to take the bumper off to change it
  19. That's the argument my sister & I have been having with Dad, his reaction times will be slower than they were (even if he doesn't think they are) & that his eyesight & hearing (which are both good for his age) won't be as good as they used to be either. Last time I was out in the car with him driving his lane discipline, especially on roundabouts, was bad & when turning left, into a side street from a main road for example, he'd just about stop the car before making the turn, I was expecting to be rear ended by the car behind every time he did this. Anyway he finally seems to have seen reason - but he's that stubborn I wouldn't put it past him to buy another car (if he does hopefully it'll be a smaller one). The car was fine this morning on the trundle into work - effortless really
  20. My dad, at 91, has finally & reluctantly decided to give up driving. He only did 300 miles last year (for obvious reasons) & when he did go out in it his confidence wasn't great & he ended up having near misses which, when he tells the story, were never his fault but you can't help thinking that actually they were! Anyway the upshot of this is that I've bought his car....... a Suzuki Kizashi. A what you cry?! Even the bloke from the insurance company had to look it up as he'd never heard of it either! It's a medium sized saloon, sort of BMW 3 series size, & was very much a toe in the water exercise for Suzuki who are a manufacturer not normally associated with this section of the market. They were hoping to sell 500 cars/year in the UK but I'm not even sure they managed that & stopped making the car in 2013/14. Dad's - mine! - has a low mileage (32,000) & is the newest & most luxurious car I've ever owned. At age 57 & driving mostly in traffic I fancied something a little less frantic than the Swift, despite that car being fantastic fun to drive. Fuel economy is not going to be great but it's an effortless drive compared to the Swift: 70mph in the Kizashi = 2000rpm & silence, 70mph in the Swift = 4,000rpm & lots of noise! Despite being from the same manufacturer they're like chalk & cheese! In other counties Kizashi's could be had with a 6 speed manual gearbox (2 wheel drive only) & assorted trim options but in the UK we only got one flavour - 2.4 litre petrol engine with 180(ish)bhp, a CVT gearbox, intelligent 4wd, leather interior, a/c, sunroof, parking sensors, electric & heated seats, bluetooth connectivity etc etc etc. All Kizashi's came with the same engine & there was no diesel option, though I dare this would have been offered had the car been more successful. Apart from service items (filters, brake pads, shock absorbers etc.) buying spares is going to be interesting &, as I've discovered, the internet is your friend. I've heard horror stories about the CVT gearbox giving up the ghost so that's going to be treated to an oil & filter change as soon as possible. The gearbox has a drain plug & removable sump so shouldn't be too difficult as long as I can jack it high enough to get under it - the sump will have to be removed anyway to get to one of the filters. I've ordered the parts from Singapore, the prices were reasonable & on a par with what I'd expect to pay in the UK (God knows how much they'd have cost from Suzuki!) but I don't know how long they'll take to arrive. There's a YouTube video showing how to strip the gearbox down completely (it lasts for over an hour) & I can safely say that it's not something I'm going to attempt! Other than that maintenance seems reasonably straightforward except for changing the headlamp bulbs which require the bumper to be removed! This in itself seems pretty simple/straight forward but what were Suzuki thinking of when they "designed" this particular feature?! Anyway here are some photos of the thing I'm either going to love it or hate it!
  21. So been playing about with the pool balls again on the lathe. I gave some away for Christmas with differing reactions - some enthusiastic (step-daughter likes hers, as does my Dad) & some less so (I've not heard a thing from my good friend about his - not even a "thank you for the present but what's it for?" type reaction). My wife likes hers & I think it's always a good thing when your wife/significant other likes the results of a hobby you spend hours on - so on the whole reactions have been positive. As a result I've been making some more & the more I make the quicker/more confident I become at making them (if that makes sense?). These are the latest - I've done another black number 8 (number the right way up this time ), another stubby screwdriver with replaceable driver bits, & another red pot. I bought some Celtic design buttons & have started decorating the lids with these, though one of the lids has a New Zealand 10 cent coin on it which shows a Maori warrior gurning. I've also made a gearknob for the silly car (Reliant) that's based on the stubby screwdriver design - fits in the hand very comfortably & isn't freezing cold unlike the alloy one I'd had on originally! I'm keeping the black one but since the photo was taken I've fitted the lid from the red one onto it. I like the Maori design & New Zealand holds many special memories as being just about the best holiday ever. If anyone would like a pot, or screwdriver, then I'd be happy to make them one for a small donation. I like making them so any excuse to use the lathe is fine with me. Not sure what uses they have - pill pot, container for small components (screws, fuses, nuts. bolts etc, my wife keeps her earrings in one of the ones I've given her). I've tested the screwdriver & it works fine. Anyway opinions welcome as always
  22. Can you tell if it's the lacquer or paint (or both) that's bubbling up? I suspect because you have lacquer peel elsewhere on the car that it'll be the lacquer only that's lifting, leaving the paint underneath intact but unprotected. I would hope, on a car that's only 7 or 8 years old, that it's not rust. I hasten to add that I'm not a bodywork expert at all but I'd have thought that it'd be easier to remove/respray lacquer than it would be paint. To my basic way of thinking lacquer acts like varnish i.e. it provides a shiny protective coat that can be touched up/repaired without mucking about with what's underneath it. Hope you get it sorted & I'd be interested to hear what happens
  23. Have nearly succumbed to the auto Seastrong diver on a number of occasions but always stopped myself at the last minute. No idea why as the reviews say they're excellently made. There's also a Seastrong smart watch if that sort of thing floats your boat - it makes mine sink I'm afraid! Anyway I've got an Edox Worldtimer now which fills my need for an under the radar but great quality Swiss divers watch I doubt you'll be disappointed if you decide to buy. The Alpiner shown above looks great - just a bit too classy/dressy for me - go on get it bought
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