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  1. As some forum members may know I've owned this car for a number of years - I'll have owned it 13 years this year which is by far the longest I've owned any car. It's been off the road for 3 or 4 of those years whilst I fitted a new engine (1800 zetec to replace the original 1600 cvh) & uprated the suspension & brakes. I've never really considered the car finished though & this year I've fitted new alloys (it's one of the few cars that 3 spoke alloys look good on I think), new tyres & a new custom made stainless steel exhaust manifold (sounds good & looks so much better than the cast iron one I'd fitted before). For fairly obvious reasons the car didn't get used much last year & I only did 200 miles in it (I'm surprised I did that many). Anyway today was MOT day & I'm happy to say the car passed. Happy days & I'll probably be adding to the mileage tomorrow
  2. Even for a non-chrongraph kind of chap like me that's just a little bit epic Owning an IWC of some sort remains as one of my watch related grails - it's an unattainable dream at the moment but hopefully one day Enjoy the watch it's a beauty
  3. Good call If I hadn't have had the Loctite then something similar to JB would also have been my choice. I'm wearing the watch today & no problems with the new crown so far (though it's still a bit shiny)
  4. Too late done it ....for better or for worse I've made a new crown cover today & added a bit of shape/texture to it. I tried knurling it but it hasn't worked very well (it's better than it being plain though I think). I've glued it on to the existing crown using a drop of loctite 638 (very strong threadlock) which I've used on a some of my other lathe related projects without any problems. The crown still works fine - screws & unscrews, the date quickset works etc. I like it but think it'll look better when the crown tarnishes a bit
  5. Could be, but I have quite a few watches with big crowns that don't have crown guards. I've never - yet - managed to damage any of them. Still undecided about the crown cover
  6. Thanks chaps They're all pretty bloody nice. The Armida & Ventus are brass, whilst the Borealis is bronze (which is supposed to be slower to age/patinate) than brass. I'm going to let all three age naturally
  7. Welcome to the forum but no photos showing. I think you probably have to post them on another site (Imgur etc) & then post links to them or some such web based technological magic.
  8. My 3 brass/bronze microbrand divers watches - all Seiko NH35 powered & all pretty ruddy great. If I had to pick it'd probably be the Borealis Oceanaut though I'm wearing the middle one today
  9. My friend had one of those many years ago. I tried it on & I was surprised at how comfy it was to wear. Don't think I could stand it on the bracelet though & I'd have to have the strap version. Lovely - if that's the right word? - watch
  10. I only received this Ventus Mori divers watch on Thursday (that's yesterday isn't it?) from Bricey. I'm very happy with it but I do think the crown is a little on the small side. As some of you may know I have a lathe & have been making various bits & bobs for the past few months, although up till now nothing has been watch related. I've made a small brass cover for the crown. The idea being that I glue it to the existing crown in order to beef it up a bit. I hasten to add that I haven't glued anything to anything yet & I need to add some texture to the crown cover (knurling maybe or some machined grooves) - it may be that I have to make the cover again as it's too small to hold in the lathe in order to add the grooves or knurling (which I've only tried once & wasn't what you'd call a success ). Hopefully the photos will show you what I mean. Let me know what you think please
  11. I like everything about it except the bracelet (not keen on either the mesh or the taper) - what is it by the way?
  12. Madness! Sell it & buy the black dial. I'm all for a bit of modification, especially if it improves the original or makes it easier to use. You could do a tutorial on how you do it with before & after shots. Or failing that open it up & use a black sharpie to colour the hands. If it all goes wrong you could fit set of ploprof hands.....
  13. Have to say that I quite like the watch even though it's nothing really new. What bugs me though is the blurb on the website saying that it's inspired by the architecture of London with hands that were inspired b the shard. How can a watch - & a divers watch at that - be inspired by land locked/based architecture? If you'd said inspired by the exploits of English channel swimmers then I might have found it a bit easier to swallow - at least that way it's water/sea based! Sorry but why can't you say we're British watch enthusiasts & wanted to make a divers watch that was designed in Britain & cut out all the BS!? I like it but not sure I'm in the market for yet another divers watch right now - I wish you all the very best in what is now a pretty crowded marketplace
  14. It's a decidedly damp Friday here so I thought I'd better wear something with a bit of water resistance. I'm bit sick of divers at the moment (I'm sure it's a passing phase) so this one got the gig instead. Have a good weekend all Not seen one of those before - may have to have a look & see what's what - very nice (even the blue which I'm not usually a fan of)
  15. I seem to remember Zeon's as being available from Argos & I always thought they were part of the Seiko empire (much like Lorus are). I owned a quartz Zeon diver in the 80's/90's that was my daily wearer before I became addicted to watches. I'm not sure if it was a true diver considering the depth rating on the dial but I do remember it having a screw down crown & a ratcheting bezel. The bezel was protected by a shroud that went over the top of the bezel & was screwed in place just above the lugs. If I could find a photo I'd attach it! As I recall it wasn't a bad watch at all & lasted me a good few years before eventually giving up the ghost - as is my way I took it apart after it had conked out & I still have the dial from it
  16. This for me today - have a good weekend all
  17. Probably Tazmo but that would mean the movement has been sitting around since 2007 when Molnija closed .....maybe that's not unusual? Anyway it's irrelevant really as Aristo obviously had some available to them around 2012. I woke up a 2.30 this morning so had chance to check the lume which I'm happy to say seems pretty bright & clear. This watch ticks many boxes for me
  18. Detroit for me - I like that it's a divers watch with an extra GMT function instead of being a dedicated GMT watch. As such the bezel can be used for timing things - should the need arise - unlike the other two that have GMT bezels. I've never heard of the make either which adds a certain bit of exclusivity (to my mind at least) & I like he styling. I'm not keen on compressor cases/internal bezels so that rules the Tsao out (I do like the sandwich dial though). The Yema's looks nice but also a bit generic/bland (nothing new) they're supposed to be great quality though so that would probably be my second choice
  19. That's good to know Tazmo, thanks for the info The instruction booklet/warranty card is dated 2012 so a bit later than the 90's you suggest. My wife likes it - not that it'd matter particularly if she didn't - so that's good
  20. Thank you One of the reasons I went for the watch is the plain uncluttered dial, my last purchase (before this one) was a Citizen Nighthawk which has one of the most cluttered dial's going (I still like that watch but didn't want another cluttered dial). Interestingly the watch says Swiss made on the back, made in Germany on the dial & has a Russian movement - who knows what's going on?! The instructions are in German (& English) so I'm going with the dial. No clue how good the lume is yet but I'll let you know once it gets dark. If you want a manual wind watch you could do a lot worse than one of these
  21. Glad you like the watch I think the Molnija movement originally started out as pocket watch movement, much like the Unitas 6497/6498 movements I mentioned above. I've had a couple of Molnija powered pocket watches in the past but never, I think, a wristwatch. This is, I think, the main reason that wristwatches (which use a pocket watch derived movement) are often - not always - large watches. The movement itself is big so you have to have a large case to accommodate it.
  22. This is the latest addition to my collection - as recently advertised on this very site by pc_magician. Price was excellent & the postage (RMSD) was swift - many, many thanks to Jon for the excellent deal. It's on my wrist as I type this & it's quite a bit smaller than I was expecting. I've had a few Panny clones in the past, with Chinese Unitas (6497 & 6498) movements, these have been big watches & too big for my skin & bone 6.75" wrist really I like the style though so I've put up with the size & worn them before eventually selling or trading them. The Aristo uses a Monija (3602?) movement & doesn't seem anything like as big. It's still not a small watch but I don't have to put up with the lugs hanging over the top & bottom of my wrist (a definite no no & the watch equivalent to a balding man with a combover) or a slightly dodgy crown protector that doesn't seem to do much other than add another 1/2" to the diameter of an already large watch This is a (relatively) svelte 47mm including the gorgeous crown (non screw down) x 50mm lug to lug, the crystal is 35mm across, lug width is 22mm & it's 13mm thick including the domed crystal & nylon strap which runs under the watch. It sits snug to the wrist & hasn't, so far, caught on any shirts, jackets, door frames or knocked anyone over as I've walked past them in the street. The case is bead blasted which gives the watch a subtle satin sheen & the only polishing is around the edge of the display back (which is a press fit, not screw down). It's a great look - tactical but dressy all at the same time. Talking of the display back, it reveals a movement that's actually worth displaying - unlike many Seiko's that have display backs this one is decorated & beautiful to look at As I've mentioned already the crown's a thing of beauty, it's a "mere" 9mm in diameter & easy to hold when winding the watch. The watch came on a black leather strap but I've swapped this for a chunky one piece nylon strap in Bond stripes, this matches the watch spot on & is very comfortable. In summary, & in case you can't tell, I like the thing ........................................a lot
  23. I really like winding a watch & I have a 3 manual winders in my collection (as of tomorrow that will/should increase to 4). In that figure I'm including a JW Benson pocket watch which is a glorious if not slightly battered thing which keeps fantastic time for something that's well over 100 years old. If I ever get sick of automatic divers (can't see that happening) then manual wind watches would probably be the next branch on my collecting tree
  24. You could try Martu Straps. I've bought from her a few time before & her straps are pretty good. She's based in Argentina (I think) but ships all over the world & makes custom straps so you could maybe talk to her with your specific requirements. I also have a Toshi strap which is a phenomenal bit of kit - so I'd definitely recommend them as well
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