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  1. I've got to hand it to you that's a classy watch
  2. STP movement & light brown leather strap. The Sellita movement & metal bracelet options won't be ready until April(ish)
  3. I've bought one of these - happen to think it's a great design & I can't wait for it to arrive. However it's been much delayed by Covid & is now due in February/March so not too long to wait now!! I've nothing but respect for the company who have struggled on regardless of what problems the virus pandemic has put in their way
  4. This arrived yesterday a cross slide attachment for my pillar drill. The idea being that I can do some basic milling - the cross slide moves the work forwards & backwards/left & right against the end mill so can be used for cutting grooves, designs etc into stock material (in the photo the stock material is steel). I've bought some end mills to go in the drill & the drill can be set & locked off at a specific depth. I'm pretty sure that everything's Chinese, except for the drill which is made in Leeds, YORKSHIRE (as Sean Bean shouts in a certain tea advert ), it's not the best quality but wasn't particularly expensive so I got what I paid for really. I've bolted it to a base (mdf) which in turn bolts to the drill table.
  5. I approve & I'm not a Rolex fan all - enjoy your watch in good health
  6. Unsurprisingly it's this Edox Worldtimer for me - I'm getting a bit boring in my old age
  7. Unfortunately I have quite a few that I rarely, or never, wear & the reason for that is my Edox Worldtimer GMT - quite simply it's superb so that previous favourites (Armida, custom 6309, Borealis Oceanaut to name just 3) have fallen out of favour. 2020 was a strange year for me from a watch buying point of view. I'm very lucky to have been paid normally for doing about a 10th of my normal workload. As such I've had the income to buy some watches I'd never have considered. A NOS Orient Red Beast diver seemed like a good idea at the time (I like the watch but the red dial? Why did I buy it?), a much anticipated Karlskrona Hemlig proved to utterly underwhelming, it's a decent enough watch but production was delayed by Covid & I got clobbered by customs duties so I didn't get off to the best start with it - it's in its box under the bed so will be for sale this year. Not sure about the Orient, it's a rare watch in superb condition so I may keep onto it far a while longer - I can't see it ever being worth millions though. I think I'll be trying to cut down on the watches I rarely wear/use - famous last words. I also have a much delayed (& much anticipated) micro brand divers watch due soon(ish..... hopefully!) which may knock everything I to touch & I become a one watch man!!!!! We shall see. Happy 2021 all
  8. That's superb.......... & the car's not bad either
  9. That's a good point well made - good riddance to 2020 & looking forward to 2021 As seems to have been the norm for the last couple of months I'll be wearing this one (apologies for the lousy photo) - Happy New Year all
  10. Well I finally got round to watching this yesterday & it is brilliant - George Daniels was definitely a character & something of a genius, whilst Roger Smith would seem to be cut from a similar cloth. Both come across as genuine men passionate about their craft & their various other interests. How anyone can build a tourbillon & 4 year perpetual calendar movement in a corner of their Dad's garage whilst in their early 20's is utterly beyond me. I'd recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in mechanical watches or timepieces & maybe even to those who aren't particularly interested in them. My wife enjoyed it & she's not into watches but can appreciate the efforts & talent of these two men. It's an excellent, & quite moving, documentary about two master watchmakers, it's absolutely worth spending an hour of your life watching it 
  11. Not heard of those - looks an excellent watch with a great movement. I'm going to go & look them up now
  12. Merry Christmas to all - it's been a pretty lousy year (understatement!) so huge thanks to Roy for the forum. As others have said it's a fantastically friendly & knowledgeable forum. If I didn't visit daily my days just would not be the same & whilst working from home (& whilst at work it must be said) it's been the place I go to relax & to escape work, risk assessments, Covid & Covid related matters. I wish Roy & all the forum members a Merry Christmas & an infinitely better, & healthy, new year Thanks all
  13. Looks legit to. Most of the photos in the Ebay ad look like stock publicity photos to me. No clue about the provenance though, if in doubt ask the seller why he's listing another "unwanted" Citizen chronograph that's identical to the one you've just bought? Maybe he bought a job lot from a jeweller that was closing down & is using the same description in each listing to save time? As has been said check the serial number on your watch - it should be different to that shown in the photos. As I say though the watch looks like a genuine Citizen to me
  14. Royal Mail are inundated & struggling to cope so delays are to be expected. I sent my Secret Santa present last Friday (1st class) & it didn't arrive until Wednesday or Thursday. I think they'll turn up just give Royal Mail/the postie a bit of time
  15. Either a photo or a copy of the numbers/information on the case back would help. Eco-drives, as I expect you know, are solar powered watches & don't like being left in dark for long periods of time. I only have one eco-drive watch which gets worn occasionally but lives on a windowsill most of the time. The fact that the hands whizz round to tell the correct time suggests to me that it's a genuine Citizen & the hands stopping at 12 is probably a power saving feature. Boxes get lost/thrown out so if it's a used/secondhand watch the box not being original wouldn't really bother me - the eco-drive I mentioned above doesn't have a box at all. Hope this helps but I'm sure other members will contribute too
  16. This one - it's rapidly becoming a favourite - wish I could get a better photo of it
  17. Do it I paid about £12 (Ebay) for a full set of 40mm snooker balls (pretty sure that there are smaller ones than that available). The hooks were normal double hooks, I drilled the balls with 12.5mm drill to a depth of approx 15/18mm, they're stuck onto the hooks with milliput (2 part epoxy modelling putty that sets like rock & also glues things together) - once you've pushed the balls onto the hooks wipe off any milliput that gets pushed out. They're as solid as as a solid thing
  18. So I've bought some more used pool balls to recycle/repurpose into other things (see my other lathe related posts). Unfortunately I didn't read the description carefully enough & this set are much smaller than I was expecting. They're about 40mm in diameter so they're too small to make into the trinket boxes that I've been making from the 50mm (2") ones (though I seem to have bought some more of those as well ) Anyway my wife had the idea of using some to liven up the coat hooks in our downstairs loo. So here you go. We like them but opinions welcome as always
  19. The new shed looks impressive & I look forward to seeing the inside once it's fitted out. If/when we move I'd be happy with something like that. I've said to the missus that I'd be happy living just about anywhere (think we'd stay in/around Leeds though) as long as it's got a garage big enough for my car (hopefully I'll still have a silly car even if it isn't the current SS1) & lathe/drill/tools etc. I'm 56 & would like to retire at 60, we currently live (just the 2 of us) in a 6 bedroomed house so moving to somewhere smaller would seem sensible!!
  20. Something lacking from my collection at the moment. I've had a couple of examples of the leftie Citizen auto diver. Nice watch but I found the crown awkward to use, & I've never had a conventionally placed crown dig into my wrist/hand anyway, so there didn't seem much point in keeping them. I like the look of the leftie watch though so maybe I'll hunt one down? Can't see it being a Tudor though
  21. I think he comes as just another watch enthusiast talking/enthusing about some of the watches he's reluctantly letting go. We've all been there - well I have anyway - but probably to a much lesser financial degree. If they were mine I'd be keeping the Panerai. Daylight's a decent film (long time since I've seen it though) & the watch does indeed go through hell & high water. If he's letting these go what else does he own?? Good video
  22. Thanks for the positive comments & advice I have to say that I'm not sure about the coolant tank - sounds very messy & I'm not sure I need one (yet). Anyway a couple more projects in the pipeline - a stubby screw driver with space inside to hold a few different bits. The yellow body is temporary & the bit holder/nut will probably find its way onto the black number 8 ball & will be given, along with a scriber, to my youngest step daughter as a Christmas present. She likes woodwork so may well find a use for them. The red ball is yet another trinket box. I've made this one with a 28mm fitting though so it's got a bit more capacity than the other ones I've made up to now. It's not finished yet & still needs a bit more fettling/polishing. The photo is deceiving & it's nothing like as top heavy as it appears to be.
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