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  1. I managed to get some time in on the lathe this weekend. I fitted my new milling attachment - so I could cut/machine a groove/slot in the body of the latest pen I'm making. Obviously not the biggest job in world (4mm end mill cutting into brass) but the attachment seemed quite solid in use & the results are good I just need to make the rest of the parts & put the pen together
  2. I'm wearing my latest project today - pictured along with another of my creations (which I'll also be using today) Have a good weekend all
  3. Just like me on the lathe - except for the alcohol - I can easily lose a day in the garage whilst working on it (much to my wife's annoyance)
  4. Like that very much - let us know what you think of it when you do eventually get your hands on it
  5. Thanks for all the replies chaps - very much appreciated I think I've sorted the main issue with the watch caused by the movement spacer being too thin. This meant the movement moved & there was a visible gap between the dial & chapter ring. I've made a thin spacer (approx 1mm thick) out of a bit of black plastic sheet - a leftover from the now closed D&T dept at work. It was 2mm thick & quite difficult to cut accurately with a stanley knife but I got the basic ring cut out & tidied it up (very gently & carefully) on the lathe. I reduced the thickness to 1mm by rubbing it on a sheet of fine(ish) sandpaper taped to a flat wooden board It looks OK I think, fiits well in the case & fills the gap between the dial & chapter ring. It could do with being a hair's width thinner so the chrome surrounds on the triangular indices are visible. The only other thing to do really is to try & tighten up the bezel but, really, there's no good reason why I can't start wearing it. Guess what I'll be showing in tomorrow's parade?
  6. Welcome to the forum Neil - great collection - divers are my preferred style but I'm not too keen on bright dials (unlike your good self). I like tinkering with/breaking watches too
  7. It seems to be a way of getting started/financial backing (everything costs money!). People who like your idea/potential product fund you enough for you to be able to put it into production - that, I think, is the idea. It's a good idea (I suppose) but obviously not without risks as there's no guarantee that whatever you're backing will get made. I'm sure many many people who start a campaign get their sums wrong or don't take into account any extra expenses/problems that may crop up. The pandemic certainly hasn't helped in my particular case but I'm not sure anyone could have predicted that! Anyway I'm drawing a line under this now & I'm saying nothing else about it. Good luck to Strond with their watch
  8. Yep pretty much. The watch, or whatever, isn't in production, so you're just buying into the dream/idea of the person who wants to make the item. Some ideas/dreams have a better chance of reaching production than others. For example I've just bought the latest graphic novel in the Metal Made Flesh series - this is quite a well established series already so they've a much better chance of fulfilling/reaching their funding goal. They've done so by some margin so I'm expecting it to land on the doorstep soon Having said that, even if a target/goal is reached there's no guarantee you'll get what you've backed/paid money for! You pays your money & take a chance - this chance doesn't appear (yet) to have worked out I didn't pay through a credit card either so no come back there either
  9. I'm with Wrench - very hard to tell them apart I reckon the main hands were inspired by the undercarriage whilst the end of the GMT hand echoes the shape of Concorde's tailplane - 'tis bollox! I'm getting a bit sick of this "inspired by" mallarkey How is that watch (which I like by the way) inspired by a sleek, beautiful & ground breaking plane (which I like a lot more than the watch)? I can't be bothered looking it up on Kickstarter sorry. The last watch I "bought" off there - using metal from a defunct British warship, so obviously "inspired by" said warship - probably isn't going to happen now (goodbye Nardi) - I'm not bitter or anything honest! I still live in hope but that's probably the best part of £500 down the tubes What's that saying about a fool & his money.........
  10. Thanks spinynorman & I'm going to try & find a thicker movement ring, I think I have one for a 7S26 movement that MAY fit as the NH35 is an updated/improved version of that movement I think. I'll keep on with the watch & I'll post an update if/when things get sorted. The white chapter ring has grown on me & I like the contrast between it & the dial - gives it a vintage feel I think - thanks again all feedback is appreciated
  11. Hi Colin, PC-Magician sent me a link to the movement so it's all his fault & I blame him entirely. I'm really sorry but I don't remember seeing anything from about a movement (watch or otherwise) - this doesn't really surprise as I've not been firing on all cylinders recently - that's no excuse though so please accept my apologies
  12. This is obviously a 20 yards watch i.e. it looks good(ish) from 20 yards away. So I've been fiddling with it (the watch!!) again - if I'm not careful I'll get hairy palms - & it turns out that the movement spacer (the plastic bit that fits round the movement & comes fitted to the movement) is too thin meaning that when I tighten the case back it leaves a gap between the chapter ring & the dial. This results in the movement moving in the case The watch is working fine otherwise - or has been for the last hour which is when I put it back together. Unless I can find a thicker chapter ring (by a millimetre or so) or make a teeny tiny spacer on the lathe I think my fledgling career as a manufacturer of fine & bespoke watches (cobbled together under an angle poise desk lamp with unsuitable tools) lies in ruins! Ahh well, I'll get me coat
  13. This is my latest project watch - sort of complete but with a few rough edges/tweaks to sort out. I had the dial in my spares box, the case (complete with crown, stem, chapter ring, bezel & crystal - I think sapphire but not sure) came off eBay, as did the movement. The bezel gasket, hands & bezel insert came from Seikomods. Anyway I got home tonight after a less than spectacular day at work to find that the final part (the movement) had arrived. So I spent a couple of hours putting it all together & here it is ...........ta da Tweaks needed include tightening up the bezel (if possible) as it moves too easily, adjusting the chapter ring & refitting the dial so the date lines up in the window. I'll post some more pics when I've made the above tweaks. It's a bit of a mish mash but overall I like it I think - not convinced by the white chapter ring - & it seems to be keeping good time. i might even wear it tomorrow Your opinions are welcome
  14. I'd love an Alpina Seastrong diver - I've never seen one in the metal though so can't say if they'd fit me OK or overwhelm my skinny wrist. I don't like the compass bezel on that one though (& the strap colour doesn't help) ...............................so it'd be the Omega for me (I presume it wears better that it looks?)
  15. I'm going on a cruise (Caribbean) in Nov so looking forward to seeing what's available on the ship. It's costing us a fair bit on top of the price of the actual cruise - covid proof travel insurance, excursions, PCR test, parking at the airport etc etc etc - but it'll be worth it just to get away from Blighty for a while & to see some sun Not decided which other watch(es) to take apart from my orange Ratio diver for all that snorkeling
  16. Here is, perhaps, a better pic of the Nighthawk. It really is a cracking watch - excellent fit/finish, comfortable to wear, great lume & one of the best dials/inner bezels & GMT displays I've seen. Destined to become a classic I think. Apologies for posting twice
  17. This is on my wrist today & has been all weekend
  18. Orange for me today - have a good weekend all - TGIF!!
  19. My hat, Sir Daveyboyz, is well & truly doffed Fantastic & fascinating stuff! I'm very much looking forward to the next installments & the finished watch
  20. Good lord!! A blue dial I like - when are you buying one??
  21. Obviously I had a (very) senior moment there - many apologies to Jaydeep (who I called Colin) & to Bricey (the real Colin)! However I blame Bricey as I'm.so used to his daily "this arrived in the post today" threads that I just assumed it was from him. Anyway sorry all
  22. I think I must be the only here who doesn't like it much I know it's a classic & a undoubtedly a quality watch but chronographs, square cases & blue dials never have, & probably never will, been my particular cup of gruel. Sorry to rain (a bit ) on your parade Colin - I hope you get many many years of enjoyment from it
  23. Thanks Roger, still waiting for a milling vice to arrive so not been able to use it yet. Also thanks for the pen suggestions in my other thread. Good idea & I'll have a think about making one (or trying to make one anyway!)
  24. Looks superb - much better than the plain black - bet they sound belting too
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