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  1. 'Tis a titanium treat for me today - soon to be gracing my wrist in sunnier climes along with a couple of other watches (although not all will be worn at the same time!). If I can post next Friday I'll let you know where I am in the world :laugh:

    Have a good weekend all :thumbs_up:


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  2. Dunno - sort of necessary. Not strictly necessary for travel but I do own/wear watch(es) as beater(s) when I know that I'm working on the car, doing some DIY or will be down at the theatre. 

    I quite like wearing a decent watch when I'm travelling - never had a problem so far but I don't have any particularly expensive ones & don't go to dodgy places (much) :laugh:


  3. On 05/11/2021 at 17:34, neil wickham said:

    Bought this quite a long time ago with a faulty movement intending to do something with it, but as you can see i haven't.

    Ceracoated and all fits together well and everything turns as it should, need to get on with it really725938467664341aa3d011ae70d9b049.jpg


    That looks great - I'll not be holding my breath but I look forward to seeing the finished article :thumbs_up:

    2 hours ago, spinynorman said:

    I really like this one. Looks properly lived in. :thumbsup:

    Thanks Norman - I like it & have had it a good few years now. It must be close to being one of the watches I've owned the longest (I've no intention of selling it) but I only rarely wear it. It works fine, & keeps good time, apart from the bi-directional bezel which is extremely hard to turn in either direction. Thanks again for the comment :thumbs_up:

  4. 45 minutes ago, Monaque said:

    And an experiment with what I call a Sun Guilloche design, which used a 1.5mm radius cutter and repeated a multi arc design 50 times around the datum. The effect was interesting, and I did really like it.


    I machined a little too deep but the effect isn't changed by that.


    That looks absolutely brilliant :thumbs_up::notworthy:

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  5. 14 hours ago, pauluspaolo said:

    The latest one I've made is the 6309 alike with the white chapter ring. I don't think this is a genuine 6309 case (or one from whatever the modern Seiko version is called), it uses a Yobokies dial, Seikomods hands & bezel insert, the case, dial, chapter ring, crystal etc all came as a package off eBay as did the 7s26 NH35movement.








  6. These are my customs all put together by yours truly & most based on some sort of Seiko diver.

    The black one is made from a Pulsar which has been through many different dial/hand combiations over the years. I've had it a good few years now & this is the latest, & probably final, combination - I have to say that I still don't like it much & rarely wear it.

    The latest one I've made is the 6309 alike with the white chapter ring. I don't think this is a genuine 6309 case (or one from whatever the modern Seiko version is called), it uses a Yobokies dial Seikomods hands, the case dial, chapter ring, crystal etc all came as a package off eBay as did the 7s26 movement.

    The beige Seiko is a genuine 6309 case into which I've fitted a 6306 (hacking movement with Kanji day display) movement, a Seiko 5 dial & Seiko superior hands, I've also semi-sterilised the case back by machining off the moment/serial info but leaving the Tsunami wave.

    The brass one (Ventus Mori) is only slightly modified with a cover for the crown (also made from brass) to make it slightly bigger - it's more in proportion now I think than the slightly too small original one.







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  7. 1 hour ago, mrteatime said:

    With the best will in the world, i dont have the time....work takes up a lot of my time, and as much as i would like to just pick up a load of parts and do it myself, i know they would stay in my new shed.....along with my tv dialled speedy....thats been laying in its box, in pieces for 8 years....

    nice one, thanks for that :thumbsup:


    the brands i loved were Orsa, the ocean 7 was amazing (still going i know but with a much smaller range)


    Helson has caught my eye.....Sharkdiver 45mm

    The Helson Sharkdiver (40mm) was absolutely superb - great build & great lume. 

    I also owned, back in the day, an Ocean 7 LM1 which was also excellent quality but quite long lug to lug - too big me unfortunately which is why I sold it. 

    Another to consider - if you can find one - is Japy. I've had a couple (not at the same time) & the quality on both was outstanding with some unusual/novel design features. One was an auto (Aqutique) & the other quartz (Terrestre). I bought the quartz one after I'd sold the auto (but I also eventually sold it) & wish I'd kept it. They're very collectible now & go for a fair old chunk of dosh :thumbs_up:

  8. I've had Armida, Maranez, Helson, Borealis, Dagaz, Ventus, Artego, Prometheus & many many other microbrand watches in the past, all have been excellent watches. Of those I still have the Armida (A7), Borealis (Oceanaut), Ventus (Mori) & Dagaz (Aurora) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any/all of them. My most recent arrival is a Zelos Swordfish which is quite superb.

    Microbrands, vintage or the smaller/more obscure mainstream watch brands (Aristo, Edox & the like) are my main area of interest. My Edox Worldtimer GMT is superb.

    I'm not sure what watches these manufacturers currently produce, or if most/all are still in business even, so I have to say that I look forward to Bricey's posts as he often tells me/us about microbrands I've never even heard of & which are, usually, pretty Interesting :thumbs_up:

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  9. This morning whilst pratting around with a shed in the pouring rain (at least the shed doesn't leak) I was testing out the water resistance of this. It stayed on my wrist while I, rather more enjoyably, finished off my latest pen on the lathe this afternoon. It's a fine watch indeed :thumbs_up:



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  10. 5 hours ago, JRParker said:

    Both look great! Hows the jubilee on the phenix? My seiko one i find a little light and jangly (still love it though)

    It's not the original bracelet but one made by Geckota (watchgecko), it seems to be pretty good quality with a hidden butterfly clasp & no rattles, very flexible & comfortable too :thumbs_up:

  11. 13 minutes ago, Davey P said:

    But... it's... only the end of October.............. :whistle:

    I know! Rash words especially with a holiday looming! In the last week I've made one custom watch, repaired another & bought these two - it's got a bit out of hand so time to rein the watch habit in a bit I think!


    20 minutes ago, SolaVeritate said:

    Love that Phenix :thumbsup:

    Yep it's a belter & no mistake :thumbs_up:

  12. So today I've gone a bit Bricey & have received 2 new (to me) watches. 

    Both are off the forum both are as, or better, than described & both are pretty epic for different reasons.

    The Zelos - my first from this manufacturer - is an absolute beauty with great build & nuclear lume. It's titanium so light(ish) to wear & extremely comfortable. The other new arrival is the turquoise dial Phenix which matches the Seiko Pipin diver I started the day with. It's a great colour for a watch dial - this one doesn't just pop it explodes!

    Apologies for the crummy photo :( but both are brilliant watches & worthy additions to my growing collection. There will be no more this year (famous last words:jawdrop1::thumbs_up:


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  13. My grail used to be the titanium IWC Aquatimer 3536.  I have to say that I'm not so sure now (too many watches too few wrists!) but I live in hope that I'll get a pleasant surprise on my fast approaching 60th birthday :jawdrop1:

    In the meantime I'm just going to continue to enjoy collecting, & occasionally tinkering with, watches :thumbs_up:

    As for your Breitling dilemma..... just get it bought. It's alright thinking it's your grail but you'll never really know until you own it! I expect then you'll find another grail to lust after/aspire to, It really is an illness but I suspect that people who collect anything - beermats, jukeboxes, paintings, cars, candlesticks etc etc etc - all think the same, we wouldn't be collectors otherwise :laugh:  

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  14. Looks a good 'un to me :)

    Having recently recovered from a bad back - caused by me reaching for, not actually picking up or moving, an aluminium step ladder - I feel your pain. I found that ibuleve (not sure of the spelling) worked wonders for me. Rubbing it on my back just before bedding down for the night meant that it did its stuff whilst I was asleep & I woke up the next day feeling largely pain free & able to move freely. The pain would return during the day but taking ibuprofen kept the worst at bay until it was time for bed & I could repeat the ibuleve treatment. I did the damage/reaching for the ladder last Sunday & I'm pretty much pain free now. As bad backs go I doubt if it was the most severe but it certainly hurt like hell & my movement was very restricted..

    Sorry for the long reply - I hope you're feeling better soon & enjoy the watch  :thumbs_up:

    42 minutes ago, Bricey said:

    Get well soon, a new watch is surprsiingly good at easing ones ills imo.


    You should know Colin - you get a new watch every day so must have eternal youth & be running round like a spring chicken by now :laugh: :yahoo: (I jest & where's that ruddy spring chicken emoji gone?)

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