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  1. I've haven't sold a watch I bought, I might be odd.
  2. That is ……………. Insane.
  3. If that's a true picture and not FUD, then it's Fecking crackers.
  4. Smiths haven't made watches for many years, but the brand was taken over by another owner. What comes out of that company is not really Smiths, it's the new owner has a different perception of Smiths watches than I do. I'm not getting involved any further.
  5. Perhaps I missed your intention, but don't hold it against me. I suspect this is an ancient game (relatively) that most of us were not privy to.
  6. Not really, I'm not sure we understand what you're getting at.
  7. I hope that's the back and not the dial.
  8. I can't send you 50 male deer, I might be able to get a few cats and dogs. However to quote Bartleby, I would prefer not to.
  9. That's more like it vin, post some pictures mate.
  10. Thanks Honour. I think only 37 of them were built, but it indicated that the NAZI's where resourceful, but Hitler had flawed forethought. I'm glad he did. .
  11. Whatever you wish.
  12. No Sir, just an English watchmaker and assembled In England. Parts sourcing has been global, I'm told. For more information, contact our host.
  13. Thank you for that, a sensible reply. We do have an English owned watch brand at our fingertips...……….. RLT. Some new models would be appreciated. Charm is a valuable business asset, being a nice bloke is even more valuable in life. Englishman? Sounds more British to me.
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