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  1. Yep. unless it has source of power, it's useless. no soul. It's just another machine. Unlike the phone your "life is on". I need to do another backup, where to start?
  2. Thank you for your typically trite reaction, I will look forward to your next car purchase, I'm sure it will thrill you.
  3. About bl@@dy time. Congratulations!
  4. In my case, it was a big cardboard box and three bits of scrap wood that gave me my Dalek personality! My dad had to help me out with eye stalk, however I did get the arms right, I suspect.
  5. The punctuation is rather flawed Roger, could it be gin related? Ladies, forgive Roger. Feel free to post your memories, or not.
  6. Okay, what make and model is it, fess up!
  7. Who do you work for? Just asking so that I can block your employer.
  8. It makes perfect sense to me. I looked for a new kettle on eBay, they've been sending me listings for toasters ever since. Make it work, even if the customer got right in the first place, the customer must be wrong.
  9. Stan

    Garmin hacked.

    Probably very well.
  10. I bought nowt, that's a first, or not. I do get confused. I did get some side cutters in the post.
  11. That looks a splendid work in progress, you have a fine home with much potential. Keep at it, it will be worth the effort. imho.
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