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  1. Sorry Andy, try a jeweller. I'm sure they'll sort you out.
  2. Buy a watch online from a reputable dealer and you'll be fine, unless you like being "stroked" by an "AD". Online can be fine.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe and be well.
  4. Casio GW-M5610, it works for me. Along with a debit card.
  5. Yep. unless it has source of power, it's useless. no soul. It's just another machine. Unlike the phone your "life is on". I need to do another backup, where to start?
  6. That looks a splendid work in progress, you have a fine home with much potential. Keep at it, it will be worth the effort. imho.
  7. I would like to see more pictures of the house, I love architecture from all periods, even our modern energy saving builds. I would not wish to intrude on your privacy, of course, share what you feel comfortable with. Your house looks like it`s made from stone and cast brick?
  8. Looking good thus far, how old is the house?
  9. I've haven't sold a watch I bought, I might be odd.
  10. That is ……………. Insane.
  11. If that's a true picture and not FUD, then it's Fecking crackers.
  12. Smiths haven't made watches for many years, but the brand was taken over by another owner. What comes out of that company is not really Smiths, it's the new owner has a different perception of Smiths watches than I do. I'm not getting involved any further.
  13. Perhaps I missed your intention, but don't hold it against me. I suspect this is an ancient game (relatively) that most of us were not privy to.
  14. Not really, I'm not sure we understand what you're getting at.
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