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  1. You employ lawyers? Evidence please.
  2. Stan

    DIY haircuts.

    Just get some clippers and work it out, you blouses. The Women will have a much harder time,
  3. Take it easy and stay at home mate. Whatever it takes, let's beat this crap.
  4. Anglo Saxon and proud! We didn't take over Wales, Scotland or Ireland, we were subjugated by the Normans after the rebellion of 1069. It sounds like old Nige is planished.
  5. Indeed sir, they will all be fearful for loved ones, whilst continuing to do their duties. Let's give respect to all people still working, most don't have the choice to hunker down.
  6. To the selfless NHS, the retail industry, the pharmacists, the communication workers, the police, fire service, delivery drivers and all people making things keep running as long as they can. You have my gratitude. Let's support them by following the rules to help them in this perilous time.
  7. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    Heck Chiken sausages, mmmm!
  8. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    I've just bought a new "spudger" kit.
  9. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    Well, it did come with an internal battery with 76% capacity remaining, which is fine for me. The main battery has only 66% capacity available. It's been swapped for a used double spec battery with 92% capacity remaining. With 70% screen brightness in constant use, I should get over 7 hours use, at least. The 120GB SSD turned out to be a 180GB Intel SSD!An enterprise brand that I didn't expect to be in this machine. In summary, a basic machine with marginal main battery but better than expected SSD.
  10. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    A Thinkpad X240 with no internal battery! I must be mad! Nah, I'll sort it out.
  11. In my opinion, the Ronda 715 movement is an inferior movement to the ETA 9xxx movement fitted to the original CWC G10. The movement in the G10 is also seen in some high (ish) end watches like the Omega SMP. The 715 is an "average" quartz engine, in my opinion. The G10 was function over form, not a toy. It could had better water resistance, but the MoD often miss the mark.
  12. I like the homage to the 1970s CWC watch, but a cheap quartz movement instead of an ETA jewelled movement at that price? I'll pass, and keep my G10 WWEGS.
  13. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    Numatic Henry Multi- Angle tool and a shower curtain.
  14. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    Some flickering LED wax candles to sooth Rowena to sleep.
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