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  1. I think Drew Pritchard (the antique salvage bloke) wears a TAG Monaco?
  2. I think we need to lobby the Freeview management to put channel 93 an all UK MUXs! I would like to view Forces TV in my unimportant, minimalised area, please.
  3. Earlier, the sleet hitting the windows was so loud, I couldn't hear the TV.
  4. Stan

    Missing Members

    I agree entirely, however, I'm not surprised William decided to move on.
  5. I loved my MZ TS 150 and TS 250 Supa 5. Great bikes, old school but easily improved. I wish I had a "mint" one, even decades on. There is something that the British like about honest, simplistic motorcycles it seems. Just my observation.
  6. Lily Allen - the Wordsworth of what? A trite money hound is not going to influence anyone with an IQ of more than 70. P1ss 0ff Lily, you`re attitude is well documented.
  7. I cleaned the kitchen today, the lot. Cooker, washing machine, cupboard doors, draing board and plastic rack. Fridge and Microwave (outer), cooker hood and all the rest of it. Vacuumed cleaned the floor and mopped it.   I used mostly vinegar and water but also some better grease cutting chemicals, sorry World.   I also cleaned some fly puke/crap off the windows (I hate fly droppings).   The resident cat thinks she's clean.......... I think I can make her a bit cleaner. (I would never follow that route, of course).
  8. I don't know any terraced houses that were originally built like that. Some "Town Houses" had a front "garden", but they were normally not in a truly working class area. The added bay windows and porches with perfectly matching brick are a give away. Were the pavements widened and the roads narrowed in that area?
  9. Unless you intend to impress yourself. Forget the rest, you know what you like.
  10. I did, I didn't like having a sore face. Sometimes I wonder how you got the job as a Modererator, you seem to like nothing more than being adversary. Bruce suggested the same. You may have retired Roger, perhaps you should from the forum too?
  11. I this a sales pitch? If it is, eBay is your friend, go there instead.
  12. The Ming Shi arrived today. It's my 65th birthday and my friends came round tonight, I enjoyed seeing them. I took my first shave with the Ming Shi after they left. I initially set it to setting 2, to be on the safe side. That setting was mild, I wound to setting 6, hell or high water. Setting 6 is a sharp shave, a one pass shave at 6 would be a good daily shave. I dialled it down to setting 4. Setting 4 is a less aggressive setting and a bit more comfy for me, that setting might be a good overall setting for me. However, if this cheap ( but truly professional clone) of the Merkur Futur is half as good as the original patent, I will buy the original from Merkur. The Ming Shi 2000s is a good razor (British understatement), buy one for about six Quid and be impressed. I'm looking for the best price on a Futur, I'm not paying £60 for one, not considering the quality and price of the Ming Shi.
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