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  1. I'm not impressed, sorry. It looks like a Chinese watch on NATO G10 strap. Is this a trend these days?
  2. It doesn't look like a quality piece, hope it's cheap.
  3. Yep, drill don't punch. Pesky rivets. Sounds fishy to me. My daily driver seems capable of diving, but that's just what the manufacture claims. Hold on to your codpiece, I won't!
  4. Hello from North Staffordshire!
  5. Dave, that is a truly ugly watch, A G- Shock has more elegance and integrity, JMO!
  6. I do very little, Q tends toward P, or so I was told in "modern Maths". Total nonsense that modern maths, if something looks right it will probably fly. Unless their is another priority!
  7. I don't bother with Eddie's fetish, that's his his business model. After all he's just Teddy no mates.
  8. They had some nice NATO straps back in the day.
  9. I don't know, I really don't give a **** about awards. I'm not into the social media self promotion trend.
  10. Thank you for starting the thread, and I'm pleased you like your Casioak!
  11. So, we now have some G Shock conversation! Well done my friends!
  12. I don't think there's anything to hate about Casio, it's what Timex stove for, without all the promotion. The Casioak is a fine watch, I should get one really, put some money in place of mouth. What I dislike about Casio, they don't promote their watches. I have to wonder why.
  13. Yes, the autocorrect is a flipping pain, thanks Wrench, three good blokes though! Whatever your taste, enjoy what you like. I love watches (maybe not the type you do), I find them all worthy on some level.
  14. If you think a watch is merely jewellery, then you are like many on the forum who are simply style followers, I'm not, I like things that have a real purpose, not a trinket. Even cheap Chinese watches looks like pretty jewellery, but a posh names make you feel more important, doesn't it? A special forces soldier, a master chief and a rose gardener. Good bunch of lads.
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