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  1. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    They are John, but don't get me started on vacuum cleaners.
  2. That's just attention to detail. Or what has now become, erm, that new thing.
  3. That's not OCD, it's preparation and planning. Which may be …………… OCD in the modern world. Tomorrow, I will be addressing everyone I speak to as "citizen", just to make sure I don't offend someone. Although, that may not work either.
  4. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    A Henry extension hose and an extra tool adaptor.
  5. Thanks Wrench, great post mate.
  6. I put a new Hepaflo bag in Henry today, and it wasn't full. It seems all the fine dust he's got out of the bagless machines clogged his bag up very soon. Great work Dyson/ Vax etc (in fact, all bagless vacuums). The cyclones aren't efficient and the filters on most clog with pleasure. Every home needs a Henry, to clean out the vacuum cleaners of our own homes and those of family and friends. Not to mention the brick and plaster dust that would kill bagless machines. Yes, I was paid by James Dyson for this post. I'm waiting for the cheque. All in good fun, I have two Dysons which work as advertised, but it's great to have a Numatic to help with the maintenance routine. Move along, uninteresting interlude.
  7. You look well, old friend.
  8. He looks fit and well cared for. We share a love of animals at least, if not cars and vacuum cleaners.
  9. I'm sorry you lost Bill, I'm sure he was a faithful friend. Leo looks like a prize, what breed is he? Not that it matters.
  10. Rowena bought Jasper Conran plates that are really badly designed, just for the "name", silly lass. I serviced a Bush stick vacuum I got for nowt, Henry was, again, heroic. I might keep it as a stair cleaner as it takes standard 32mm tools. It's a sh1te machine, rubbish filtration, but it has reasonable airflow (when properly maintained). Just having a few Tyskies.
  11. Nope, Henry doesn't need any fixing, he's made in Chard.
  12. The last reply was truly worthy of the respondent, I'm sure he has many admirers.
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