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  1. I always suspected Hitler was...………. Nah, he was...…. F@ck him up the wrong hole, with a new wire brush.
  2. To be honest, I just like a boiled egg on toast. Dress an egg all you like, I prefer just an egg. Poached eggs are lovely too. I hope eggs are carbon neutral? If not, I may be eating grass like North Koreans.
  3. Bruce and I shared PMs on Scotch eggs. No Bruce, they weren't born in "God's Country", they were resurrected by Normans. So don't blame we Saxons for stealing owt. They were claimed by Fortnum and Mason as it's creation, but the original concept seems to come from the middle east. These days, if Rowena buys them from L:dl ,Ald~ or tisco , I peel the sh1te off and eat the egg. The M&S ones are a bit better, poached egg inside, quite nice covering.
  4. Is the watch working?
  5. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    Some liquid soda crystals.
  6. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    My Mother was a quality control checker at Bellstaff, Longton, in the 1970's. Until she contracted Leukaemia and had to walk away. Are the Bellstaff jackets still keeping the rain out? She would hope they are.
  7. Stan

    Today I Bought .....

    A pair of Converse All Stars high tops to go with my low tops, got to love old school.
  8. If people want this forum to become an "internet democracy", I suggest they ask Roy to relinquish it and take over the financial burden. Roy pays for your ability to post here, don't consider this place to be an alternative to face@@@@. I Suspect Roy makes little profit from the forum, he once suggested that he would shut it down because of the trouble it caused him. I honestly don't know why Roy still pumps his money into this forum. The only reason that comes to mind is his love of like minded watch lovers. Let's be respectful of the forum and the person who pays for it, otherwise, we might lose it.
  9. Wonderful, congratulations.
  10. Happy New Year to all members, however far afield. Stay safe and well in 2020, and beyond.
  11. Yes, I fancied a vintage Rolex Oyster, but I can't justify the cost. I don't like the ones with "Mercedes" hands, I'm on record for that choice.
  12. Stan

    Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for the overwhelming number of reply's, my lesson is well learned.
  13. Stan

    Merry Christmas.

    My best wishes to all members of the forum Not just about watches, we all have a few. Stay safe and have a good time, my friends.
  14. Has a decent movement, unlike many quartz watches.
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