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  1. Lovely looking car enjoy How about a competition ? Name for this car .
  2. This watch will be stoped at 11 for 2 minutes as a mark of respect for all who lost their lives in all wars
  3. Golf today so must take my special balls and my golf watch
  4. Some of the best watches I have seen on here for a long time. Keep it up lads and lasses.
  5. Can't decide what to wear so going naked for today
  6. Same as yesterday (hence old photo)
  7. For the price it's ok you can learn the basic stuff from YouTube ie change strap Open back remove links change battery etc only on basic watches though , once you get the hang of it upgrade your set. Hope this helps Chocko
  8. Hope you have had the emergency device deactivated as penalty for misuse is a huge amount. Love the watch by the way
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