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  1. This Seiko on this wet and dark dreay day Dreary
  2. NO Why would you? You don't need and can't tell the time when asleep
  3. Changed my mind going with this one
  4. Just been given this Catalogue with price lists can't believe some of the prices. granted there from 1974 ie £142.50 for a flightmaster. Great read.
  5. Just finished hoovering the lawn wearing new Grail
  6. This sounds absolutely appalling.if he runs a shop report it to the local paper so nobody else suffers the same treatment. Let us know how you get on.
  7. Sounds dodgy Sorry
  8. Start the day with this Omega PO
  9. Very nice I also like lollipop second hand and the bezel in black works.Not to cluttered either.
  10. it would have to be this one IWC top gun double chronograph.
  11. if we all said the union would you buy it? Will you add them individually and the one with the most votes will you buy that one?
  12. Has got to be this with a double chronograph feature.
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