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  1. yep you learn i use parceltogo site now fully traceable and never use royal mail any more to many things going missing at that place i find customers off ebay are more than willing to pay a bit extra for postage if its trackable and 24,48 hour delivery time
  2. :grin: well mine came today and its a very nice watch well done to the company for quick turnaround its a very nice brown on the face with a date window at 3 with a polished case and mat black ring around the crystal,,nice brown leather strap with white stitching that alone would set you back 10 pounds,, so don't think you can complain at 20 quid :grin: The Canon Man if we ever meet i owe you a :cheers: for the heads up
  3. just ordered one for work use cant go wrong at 20quid :thumbsup:
  4. nearly :D let me know what you want done dave and we'll see what we can do...... yep will do in due corse thanks for the offer :cheers:
  5. never mind the watch £35.00 for postage off a watch :rofl:
  6. Ive heard a few names banded around here that have done work for other members on there watches for instance new hands put on ,,new faces and so on if any one has please could you let me know as i would like to have some conversion work done on a watch or any places that do it as well
  7. where can you get this done ,, i think it looks good and have a watch in mind
  8. hi rich i went and picked the watch up today

    its brill many thanks mate

    regards dave

  9. yep must admit the Breitling/ Sicurais is a fugly thing but he has some nice ones for sale
  10. here is the link and no its not me or anyone i know just found it mooching on the bay he has some nice watches up for sale pitty im skint
  11. some off my bikes gsxr 600 gsx 1400 st1100 the wifes trike in the making based on xj1100
  12. Parnis what are your feelings about them and have you got any and were did you get it/them from have you used ebay to get one were you satisfied with the service you got from the seller on ebay only asking about the ebay ones as they seam to come from hong kong here are some links has anyone used this seller personally i like them and thinking off ordering a few i like hence asking the questions thanks all
  13. thanks gaz64 have you used them are they reliable
  14. can any one recommend a good watch repairer/servicer in the northwest i live in southport i have a old pulsar watch that's a bit battered and needs some tlc it was only cheap but has a lot of sentimental value to me thanks all
  15. does the cape cod cloth do a good job of getting scratches out ????
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