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  1. It looks like an SKX007 with a couple of Yobokies mods.
  2. Sharon was disappointed not to be able to test her new toy on you. She got glammed up and everything.
  3. Yeah, can’t be bothered. It’ll all disappear in the past and no one will remember.
  4. Speedbird 3 today. Lovely. Currently repairing a huge windscreen chip thanks to an inconsiderate lorry driver whom deems acceptability to be liberally spreading gravel all over the road as he thunders through villages.
  5. Serious Watches are the dealer. Brilliant service, quality of the watch has to be seen to be believed.
  6. Still can’t get over how beautifully made this is....
  7. Now THAT's more like it! More details please.
  8. I see where you’re coming from, but the brands I mentioned make some very high quality pieces for that wedge. Yours would need to be spectacularly good to sway me. Do you have any examples of the alternative styles of your creations?
  9. And for the midday hour, my Speedbird 3...
  10. Still this. best free image hosting sites
  11. Oceanx Sharkmaster 1000. Ordered yesterday afternoon from Serious Watches in The Netherlands, arrived at 11:17am today. THAT’s service. The watch itself is absolutely superb quality. Wears exceptionally well and the dial really pops.
  12. €1,390? That’s seriously into Sinn and Damasko territory there, and they make some astonishing pieces. What makes this watch a competitive piece within that price range? To my eyes it’s too thick and oddly shaped, the minute hand is way too stumpy, and indices appear to have no lume - which is odd for a sandwich dial (or a dial with that potential), the screws in the dial are not evenly spaced from the 3 and 9 indices, and the dial colour feels like it should belong on a child’s watch. I could never justify spending the fat end of 1.5k on it, certainly given the overwhelming amount of very slick timepieces on the market from highly respected manufacturers within that price bracket. I wish you luck though.
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