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  1. Beach today so the tool watch on; Helm Vanuatu...
  2. Looks like a fine location to me good sir. Anywhere there's Stella, that's a good location.
  3. Speedbird 3 today. I think I’m tending toward vintage pieces now though - I’m starting to find even this to heavy! Cracking watch though.
  4. Now that is a beauty. I love the Navitimer. Haven’t owned one (yet).
  5. Speedbird 3 on a handmade (and VERY soft) walnut coloured strap.
  6. Speedbird 3 today. Of everything I’ve ever owned, including a lot of fancier gear, this is my favourite piece. Balanced just right, beautiful bracelet, magnificent legibility.
  7. I like the one on the right too. Very crisp. On the name element, I think it’s ok personally. It’s different and has the standard ‘manufacturer’ and ‘model’ moniker. It’s fine. Theres lot of oddly named things out there... Hublot Big Bang Evolution Black Magic Dragon Gate Legend Geeky Equation Watch etc etc.
  8. I love it. Refreshing to see a proper watch on Kickstarter, and I love the ‘Date>’ text, I also love the triple line text on the lower part of the dial and the superb overall contrast. Also a lovely touch is the arrow on the hour hand. Great for differentiating at a very quick glance. Feels very aviation. Any lume shots?
  9. The W124 was just the best Merc ever. My mechanic had a wonderful ‘92 300CE 24v which he sold and replaced with a BMW. He never got over it and regretted it every day.
  10. As Scott has mentioned, mine is also Kylie. I just adore her! Teeny, tiny, curvy and pretty.
  11. Me neither. Pain in the botty and a lot of features are either absent or fail to work. Most forum software has rendering for mobile devices anyway.
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