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  1. Filterlab


    The team leader sounds like a prize numpty!
  2. Not my cup of tea at all, reminds me of the finish on an 80's American station wagon... However, Citizen make superb movements that last well and are massively accurate. Given that, the guts will be very solid and the watch should be reliable for eons.
  3. It uses the Soprod FM13D, which was used in a few pieces.
  4. Filterlab

    Mafws Game

    TEXTS Trusting entitled xenophobes takes strength Ignore - post coincided with Roger’s SOUND Strong old umbrellas never die PIPES
  5. eBay. Nowhere else is likely to give you a large enough audience.
  6. Filterlab


    My parents had one brand new. It didn’t even run properly new!
  7. Filterlab

    Mafws Game

    SAINT Sensible actions instigate national triumph! BEANY
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