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  1. That’s a lovely railroad piece. I’d love to get something like that as a marriage watch (shock, horror - I know many disagree with the practice). It’s the sound of a quality pocket watch that does it for me.
  2. Well years ago they were so slow, one would use a calendar to plan pulling out into traffic.
  3. Let’s not forget Seiko lume though. It really is some of the best out there.
  4. I've owned a frightening amount of Seikos, from the £60 5s to the Marinemaster SBDX001, and I've never been disappointed with any of them, ever. Seiko make superb pieces to suit all pockets, and the quality of even the low end ones boggles the mind. I believe they're the world's largest manufacturer of watch movements (all power methods), although correct me if I'm wrong. That certainly does say something if it's true. Here's what £60 gets you from Seiko... Here's what a couple of grand gets you from Seiko... Both works of art in their own right, and both worth every penny.
  5. Nice idea, gives much depth to the piece. It is a handsome watch no doubt. The video is appalling though, the visuals move so fast that one doesn't have time to see the dial they rave about. Nothing wrong with a close up!
  6. Exactly this. As I drive a Citroën Diesel, I'll probably pass on this one.
  7. Budget bling this morning! This was a drunk purchase, and yet I love it!
  8. Given that the 98B226 goes for about £100-£120 used, is grab one and swap the movement over. That’ll be cheaper and easier than getting it repaired. The movements are easy to remove on these.
  9. Upload to imgbb, Copy and paste the link in a post.
  10. Ahhh, never heard of it. What does QP stand for?
  11. Gardening done for now. Before I have a shower I’m heading out for a bike ride. Last change...
  12. Now out to do a spot of gardening; on with the weird Casio.
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