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  1. Nice, I have been seriously tempted to get one of these
  2. It must have been this one Alasdair, the first of the two I owned
  3. I can just about figure out the minutes but would have to guess the hours based on the approximate position of the hour hand, definitely a case of function being sacrificed for form!
  4. It didn't happen without pictures!
  5. The one on the left, when this picture was taken I was trying to convince myself I liked it, the GMT Master II and some vintage Speedmasters were sold to pay the bill. I quickly grew to hating it, a strong emotion I know, but I really did, I sold it within the month ... still haven't got over it
  6. I agree with @JayDeep on Breitling's current direction, although having said that the watch market is is problematic for middle range brands like Breitling, which might explain why they are putting a big effort into women's watches, I wish them well but am not sure it is the right strategy. When CVC Capital Partners bought the company in 2018 (creating Breitling MkIII) and appointed George Kern as CEO he was scathing, referring to the collection as "visual pollution" he was going to streamline the brand and focus on heritage. Kern seems to overlook the fact that under the Schneider family's Breitling MkII (they rescued the brand in 1979 when they bought it from the Breitling founders) Breitling MkII initially relied on heritage i.e. the Navitimer and Chronomat but they were also very innovative producing watches like the B-1, Emergency and Aerospace to go with more traditional offerings. Where MkII made a mistake is some of their watches just got too big, following the Panerai trend perhaps, it was a passing fad. So Breitling MkIII is focussing on heritage (which MkII also did but not to the same extent) they are also going big on women - rather than streamlining the brand Kern has presided over a proliferation of very un-Breitling designs which you could argue are, to use his words are "visual pollution". The Top Time and Premier are nice chronographs and house the excellent B01 movement, they do echo the designs of the original Breitling I am not sure it will deliver as "nice chronographs" is a very crowded space. Kern has hung on to the Avenger and interestingly the Avenger Auto 43 looks more like a Superocean than the current Superocean even though its depth rating is a modest 300m. The Superocean range doesn't work for me neither does the Superocean Heritage, Kern has done a good job with the Chronomat (or at least the steel bezel versions) and the reintroduction of the rouleaux bracelet (which shouts Breitling MkII to me), Aviator 9 range .... forget it, Professional range, I think they have missed a trick in not having a modern version of the B-1 (introduced under MkII) it remains iconic and I am not sure the multicoloured composite case models will work. Hedge Funds don't buy assets for the long term, they want to restructure - add value - then dispose and given they paid almost $900 million for 80% of the company they better get cracking!
  7. I have owned or own: Navitimer Cosmonaut, Chronomat Longitude, Chrono Avenger, Superocean, Superocean Steelfish, Chrono Avenger M-1, B-1, Aerospace Avantage, Aerospace Not a hint of a problem with any of them and dealing with BUK for service was always very professional and the results were always first-rate. And to pierce @Daveyboyz bubble I didn't think any of them were high horology they are (or were) just very good tool watches. My son wears Breitling for the same reasons and has owned a B-1, Superocean Heritage Chronograph and currently has a Cockpit B-50 Having said that - Breitling have been heading in another direction since 2018 under different ownership (a hedge fund I think) and are putting a lot of effort into Top Time, Premier heritage ranges and women's watches. The Premier and Top Time aren't bad looking watches but they are not tool watches which is why I used to buy Breitling, I haven't bought one since 2017 which maybe says something The updated Chronomat (or at least the versions with the steel bezel) looks good to me and it houses the excellent B01 in house chronograph movement. I have never liked the Superocean Heritage range nor do I like the current Superocean.
  8. 6139-8020 Chronograph from early 1970's
  9. It is the measure of radiation in millicurie (mCi) the gas gives off so more gas = higher mCi It isn't a measure used much these days since the SI unit is the Becquerel 25mCi = 0.925 gigabecquerel (GBq)
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