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  1. Swiss Franc service prices here https://www.zenith-watches.com/en_us/service/rates
  2. Hard to read with black hands over black dial but got to love the 31681 variant of the Maktime/Poljot 3133
  3. Probably something like this Vacheron Constantin 57620 Pocket Watch Who knows how much it would cost, £10 million maybe?
  4. Some more pics from Hodinkee The first new watch in many a year that's caught my attention to this extent I would never wear it on the rubber strap so the quick release bracelet wasted on me, but even so I think it is a beaauty The 10 second sub-dial is driven directly from the escapement and @Roy will like this the movement is a modified high-beat El Primero 3600
  5. I like this new offering from Zenith The Defy Skyline comes in black, blue and white with a design strongly influenced by AP At $8600 could be a winner
  6. Post some good quality photos, there are instructions on how to do it elsewhere on the forum
  7. The only watch I have ever taken a picture of on someone else's wrist was this one, worn by an ex-Rhodesian Selous Scout I bumped into about 12 years ago when doing some work in Mozambique. He told me he had it serviced once about 25 years prior, never leaves his wrist, he wore one of these during the war and after he left the Rhodesian forces bought this one.
  8. 36mm for me and even then it would only be certain type of watches such as this G10
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