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  1. Denver & Rio Grande (1952) Dramatisation of the building of the famous Rocky Mountain railway parts of which are still operating today, although the line through the Royal Gorge is now a heritage route as are most of the branch lines. The film included a spectacular collision using real locomotives.
  2. "Please Sir" - being shown on Forces TV
  3. JoT


    Been painting all day again, decorating a room when it is full of furniture is purgatory. Another day and a half should see it done - the a few days off and start on the hallway - no furniture to worry about but 7 doors to paint as well as the walls
  4. Smart watches They are all works of the devil !!! Tick tock tick tock
  5. Not bad for £80! It will clean up nicely, looking forward to the arrival pictures!
  6. I like it, a lot, especially on a bracelet
  7. JoT

    Classic Sci-Fi Movies

    There's been a few old sci-fi /fantasy films on recently with BBC2 showing King Kong (1933) and TCM showing Dracula (1931) I watch a lot of films on Talking Pictures TV (Freeview, Sky, Virgin) and they have quite a few old sci-fi movies upcoming: Devil Girl From Mars (1954) will be shown July 11 The Day of the Triffids (1962) will be shown July 16 The Terrornauts (1967) will be shown July 18 The Mind of Mr Soames (1970) will be shown July 21 Flight to Mars (1951) will be shown July 24
  8. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    2.5l of silk finish paint for the wardrobes, 5l of tough washable matt for the hallway, 2l of eggshell finish gloss
  9. JoT


    Painting; second coat on the bedroom walls, looks good, so all that's left are the built in wardrobes and three doors
  10. Never been a big fan of their designs although out of the current crop I quite like the black dial 39mm Aikon
  11. Some more James Cagney - Yankee Doodle Dandy - storming performance from Cagney at his song and dance best, won an Oscar for the performance A couple of more recent films (by my standards) Russell Crowe - Master and Commander; The Far Side of the World - Crowe's best performance in my opinion, a rare film where CGI actually was done well; just a shame they didn't make another film from Patrick O'Brian's novels Tom Cruise - The Firm - Cruise's best performance by a long way, film made all the better by co-starring Gene Hackman
  12. A good result despite the frustrations and extra cost, looking forward to seeing it working!
  13. Copper Canyon (1950) with Ray Milland and Hedy Lamarr
  14. I didn't watch the vid but in answer to your question I wouldn't take three watches, perhaps two - Rolex Explorer II (or GMT Master II) and an Omega Speedmaster Pro Rolex was good enough for Edmund Hillary and Ranulph Fiennes Antarctic adventures and the Speedmaster was good enough for Reinhold Messner who walked across Antarctica and Ralph Plaisted who did the first "overland" (or technically over ice) journey to the North Pole so I guess it would work in the Antarctic.
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