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  1. JoT

    Camera phone pics

    It's a part spring /part pumping scheme fed river which starts just beyond the bridge, has a small cascade just downstream which dams the water so it's always like that. Yes seen the Yorkshire footage, looks terrible
  2. I always thought the early models were chromium plated cases with a stainless steel back and the later models were all stainless steel. 15 or so years ago I owned both an early version and a later version and that was the case
  3. JoT

    Camera phone pics

    Grove Park this morning
  4. Very nice, do these have polished titanium alloy cases?
  5. There's room for both in every collection, although my preference is for mechanical I tend to wear quartz watches more frequently as they are so convenient and accurate.
  6. I do enjoy a drink from time to time but RG and I only have a bottle of wine a week and maybe half a dozen beers in a month - I can still manage a session from time to time though!
  7. JoT


    Looks like Mars are trialling the "Marathon" name again in the UK - 12 weeks special in Morrisons supermarkets! Bring back Marathon!! https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/9877267/snickers-change-name-marathon-morrisons-30-years/
  8. Miami Vice series 1 which is being shown on Forces TV I enjoyed it in the 80's and enjoying it again, well produced
  9. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Four pairs of Jockey trunks 100% cotton non of this tackle crushing elastane nonsense Bloody expensive as well £34 in total
  10. Ha ha good special effects!
  11. Looks like a watch equivalent of a wine club or a whisky club - legit but not my idea of fun!
  12. I used to put together thematic collections I had a Glycine Airman collection of all but one of the original vintage Airman watch, Airman SST and most of the models up to those produced in the pre Invicta days. I also had a Speedmaster collection, cal 861 Speedy, Mk II racing dial, MkIII, MkIV Mk4.5, Gemini 4 limited edition, Mars limited edition. In both cases I woke up one morning and decided to sell them all - I really wish I had kep one of the vintage Airman and the Speedy Gemini 4 These days there isn't a theme its an eclectic mix from Vostok through to Rolex
  13. It doesn't mean the buyer is stupid, it means the buyer wants an AT and is prepared to pay for it. Of course there are some people on forums who think that anyone who buys an expensive watch is an idiot especially when they could buy a Seiko It works the same way with most luxury products be they clothes, cars, etc Some people even pay for a logo on a polo shirt, not my choice personally, but it doesn't make them stupid. A friend of mine has just bought a Breitling Heritage chrono, a decent watch, he spent 18 months making the decision over which time the watch in all likelihood increased in price significantly, does that make him stupid? No, he took his time, considered many options and bought his watch. A watch which incidentally he is over the moon with, this is what buying a Swiss watch is about. Too many of the forum dwelling watch cognoscenti look down their noses at people and their reasons for buying a watch, live and let live and don't be so judgemental.
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