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  1. What Sport Did or Do You Play? For me it was mainly rugby union, I played in my first three years of secondary school then after moving towns didn't pick it up again until I was 15 when I played for a local rugby club colts side. I picked up a bad back injury in the early 80's which resulted in an operation and like a fool went back playing again in the mid-80's to mid-90's when a second operation put paid to any sport. Other sports include football where I was a passable Sunday league goalkeeper, played some squash where I was enthusiastic rather than talented. After my second back
  2. @JonnyOldBoy Exactly, Doxa and many other mid-priced brands are not 100% Swiss parts and don't claim to be. Parts like case blanks, case backs, crystals, bracelets, and packaging are likely to be outsourced and bought from where they are cheaper - they are not Rolex when all said and done. Do they still meet the Swiss Made criteria? Yes. There's a very detailed guide to the use of Swiss Made for the anoraks amongst us https://www.fhs.swiss/file/8/Guide_FH_v.5_en.pdf
  3. It's a new model, just been released, they have also re-released an updated version of the traditional Alpinist
  4. Yes I know Watchlords has been banging this particular conspiracy drum for years, but it is nice of you to acknowledge they do qualify as Swiss made now run along and go and play on your own forum
  5. It's a great series ... poor old Lonely ... I swear I can smell him through the screen!
  6. Seiko Alpinist SBDC119 - 38mm and no internal compass bezel which will please @mach 0.0013137
  7. Somebody on here had one, can't remember who though
  8. Hard to give a definitive answer from a single picture but from what I can judge it looks ok, I wouldn't worry too much about it being a different shade from the 980.113 model as they may have used a slightly different colour shade. These tritium lume dials also age slightly differently depending on how and where they have been used / stored.
  9. The original Timex 433 came out in 1982 about the same time as the Seiko not sure who ripped off whom! Not keen on either of them TBF
  10. If it is being sold by a dealer, that's about what I would expect the price to be, if it is a private sale then it is too much. I would ask them for a discount, people aren't going to be breaking their door down for that model
  11. I think so, there was talk about changing school start times but that had a knock on effect with working parents and it would have meant kids finishing later and going home in the dark rather than at dusk which then led to a call for a shorter school day which also had a knock on effect for working parents and so on There are always other arguments rolled out by the anti-GMT lobby which I have never really understood as the length of daylight is the same no matter what, it comes down to darker mornings or darker late afternoons, the current system seems like a reasonable compromise.
  12. Those of us of a certain age remember the UK did keep BST all year round in the late 60's early 70's, I remember going to school in the dark which wasn't much fun. From what I remember it wasn't very popular, with most people preferring lighter mornings. Personally I also prefer lighter mornings and don't have any problem with it going darker early in the afternoon, it seems the right way round to me.
  13. Omega Seamaster 120m from around 1993 - 1995 How much is the seller asking for it?
  14. Walca is a Swiss private label manufacturer owned by the Jenny family who also own the Doxa brand. As is common with many small brands Doxa are made by a private label manufacturer. Doxa watches are assembled in Switzerland by Walca, inspected in Switzerland by Walca, have Swiss movements and a minimum of 60% of the value of components are Swiss so meet the criteria for "Swiss Made". Doxa are also on record as saying the cases for the Doxa Sub watches are also made in Switzerland and that they exceed the 60%. Walca also have a far-east factory which makes non Swiss branded watches and som
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