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  1. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    A chair mat for a hard floor - polycarbonate thing, bloody expensive
  2. The rules do allow a member to make a post to ask the forum if a potential purchase is genuine at admin / moderator's discretion
  3. JoT

    RLT Heads up

    RLT4 up for grabs I see and one of Roy's 7750 chronographs!
  4. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Fiery Goan pepper curry - made with the help of a "Spice Tailor" kit to which we added chicken, onion, green pepper and cornlets Really very good for a kit!
  5. For comparison Watchuseek's rule on fakes No discussions or pictures of replica watches, or links to replica watch sites unless previously approved by a Moderator or site Administrators. I used to moderate on WUS 10+ years ago and the then owner, Ernie Romers was also very hard on posts discussing fake watches. Many other forums have similar rules to TWF If you want to take it up with Roy and see if he will change the rules his contact details are at the bottom of the main page.
  6. That does look like a big investment, I still don't "get" Bremonts but wish them luck in this venture
  7. Since this forum started Roy has always taken a firm line on posts about fakes, it is his forum and they are his rules. The moderators let the two similar threads about super fakes run and decided to lock them after they became discussions on fakes in general and not the watch in question posted by the OP. This is not a forum for discussing fakes and unless Roy changes his mind after around 20 years of providing a forum that's the way it will stay.
  8. A reminder of Roy's rule regarding fake watch posts "Posts about fake or counterfeit watches are not permitted, the only exception, at the Admin team's discretion, is to ask if a potential purchase is genuine. The Forum takes a strong stance on fakes and counterfeits"
  9. @Kilrymont The balance spring could be magnetised, it makes the coils of the hairspring stick together which shortens its swing, increases its frequency and makes it gain time. It takes seconds to degauss see if you can find a local watch repairer or failing that you can buy one on Ebay for about £10. If that doesn't work could be oil or something on the balance spring which has the same effect as being magnetised. If this is the case then it would need a trip to a watch repairer.
  10. I saw the article, quite interesting there will come a time when it will be financially viable to recover them!
  11. Can't go wrong with that and a Jubilee style bracelet
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