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  1. Can't help you with another movement but thanks for the post and pictures of the detective work.
  2. I use a chronograph when working out on site, if I remember to wear one that is! If I don't remember then I use a phone.
  3. Great collection and good articles, thanks for posting
  4. Some good news, the restoration is progressing and there will be a small Good Friday service held in the cathedral. A long way to go
  5. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Made a chicken katsu curry, bit of a faff on with the batter and breadcrumbs, but worked out well in the end, I will take photos next time!
  6. @sparrow I always take into account where I am going, some countries and some places in London I think hard about wearing one. Winter isn't so bad as my watch is normally out of sight but short sleeve order in summer I tend to be more careful.
  7. CWC RN Auto on this morning's lock down walk
  8. We had some good ones in the UK still got around 25 or so operating in UK who do about £1 billion of business - some big names have gone though
  9. JoT


    Nothing exciting, up at 6am, coffee and shower, out for a walk, visit the bakery, back home, clean the filters on the Dyson, answer emails, fiddle around with a big spreadsheet, read a technical report, read a book, read the internet, do some sit-ups and press ups, make a curry, watch TV then bed Unfortunately I live in London in an apartment, no garden to dig, no workshop make things, no garage to mess around with cars
  10. In the early days of my mining career pranks were a normal thing, would get fired for them now!
  11. B1 on this morning's walk
  12. Morning walk with a Smiths Empire
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