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  1. The new Corum Admiral 45 Openworked Tourbillon Carbon Gold - I am at a loss for words
  2. I have been all over the place, thematic collections, model collections, 3 watches, 50 watches, expensive, cheap etc etc Some of the collections I put together were quite good in retrospect: 24-hour watches - wide range of models including some hard to find - even had an immaculate B'ling Cosmonaut Glycine Airman - 4 different variants of the original Airman, vintage Airman SST plus some rare quartz models from the quartz crisis years, plus several modern Airman models. Speedmaster - cal 860 Moonwatch, MkII racing dial, MkIII, MkIV, Mk4.5, from Moon to Mars. Gemini 4,
  3. My boxes go into the loft and only reappear if I decide to sell a watch, they are a bit of a nuisance especially when they are "nice" because that usually equates to big
  4. I won't repeat the story in full but I sold: Speedmaster MkII, MkIII, MkIV and four fully restored vintage Glycine Airman watches to help fund it Rolex Deep Sea - I hated it and sold it after two weeks
  5. @Boxbrowniemight be able to throw some light on your problem, 40 plus years as a photographer
  6. Raymond Weil always make me think of Weil's disease Parnis / penis Junkers - couldn't wear a watch that dropped bombs on my nan Croton - good added to soups Arbutus - tick trees Christopher Ward / Chr Ward - nice watches but the name puts me off but the winner is ALTANUS Now who thought that was a good idea?
  7. A watch can have poor accuracy and good precision, poor accuracy and poor precision, good accuracy and good precision and even sometimes good accuracy and poor precision (although the accuracy is more down to luck) If you improve the precision of the watch movement it is easier to adjust it to run accurately. There are a few methods that can be used to calculate precision so it will be possible to come up with a number to compare different hairspings
  8. I think the 36mm Explorer will be very sought after and curiously for me I also quite like the two-tone version, a bit surprised they have withdrawn the 39mm Explorer, perhaps the waiting list wasn't long enough The Explorer II upgrades to the 3285 movement, chromalight lume and oysterlock bracelet is just tweaking. My problem with the new generation Explorer II is the size, I tried one on a few years ago and at 42 mm it just doesn't look right. I like the Daytona with the iron meteorite dial although Omega beat them to this years ago, I like the Widmanstätten patterns the nickel–iro
  9. Nope, it means you have a relatively rare Rolex which will appreciate in value
  10. The watch arrived at lunchtime, dial is a darker grey than the image above which is good, sunburst effect is very fine and barely noticeable without close inspection, applied batons and hands are polished steel, no lume. Polished case 40mm diameter ex-crown and around 10mm thick with display back, slightly domed sapphire crystal. The bracelet is not bulky and very comfortable and works well with the watch, clasp is a butterfly and easily fits my 8 inch wrist. I don't know what grade Sellita SW200-1 movement it is but Eterna have signed the rotor with "Eterna Matic", the rotor is decorated with
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