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  1. Ha ha oh yes! It always helps. Nice clean watch I like it
  2. @Watchmedic vintage watch buying is fraught with danger as there is so much junk out there even before you consider the "frankenwatches" Do your research or ask on here if you are not sure about a particular watch. Vintage Seiko isn't a bad place to start
  3. @J3ffr3y~1AI The 01 movement is very good by most accounts so no worries in that regards. There are lots of watches at that price point but it is clear you have fallen for the Tag! A bit of advice I always give in instances like this buy the watch on a metal bracelet you can always change to a strap, also the strap version of the watch you have shown looks like it has a bespoke strap and case fitting which means replacing the strap (probably every two or three years) you would probably be stuck with buying the bespoke strap from Tag at a suitably inflated price. The bracelet version of the watch has conventional case lugs and you could easily fit a wide range of non-Tag straps if that's what you fancied a change. Here's the bracelet version
  4. For £28 you can't go wrong, it looks quite nice as well
  5. I arrived at the barber shop at 08.05 to find they don't open until 09.00 so I went for a coffee and muffin at the bakery and read The Watch Forum until 09.00
  6. I gave Formula E a watch, the combination of banal commentary and the constant weeeeeeeweeeeweeeeEEEeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeweeeeeEEeeeee of the motors drove me mad!
  7. Went to the bakery to buy a small bloomer and had a cup of coffee, forgot my wallet so made my first ever payment using my phone
  8. Watching a recording of this weekend's Indycar race "GP at Road America" Good circuit, well matched cars so driver abilities to the fore. Lap 17 - Rosi made a better tyre choice and is 9 seconds ahead of second placed Power and the next 8 cars are separated by only 8 seconds. Not as spectacular as an oval but good racing so far.
  9. Great value for money and a cracking looking watch
  10. Wilson Watch Works Marine Chronometer
  11. Rebel Without A Cause (1955) - I wonder what the producers would have made of today's teenage violence!
  12. If I didn't have a 16600 I would buy a 126600 rather than 114060 although I think they should have been true to the 16600 and not had a cyclops lens on the crystal. Having said that there's nothing wrong with the 114060, personally I think Rolex have done a good job on the redesign
  13. Friday treat at the local bakery, and a new watch, Aerospace Avantage
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