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  1. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Two long sleeve polo shirts, sweater, 5 T-shirts, chinos - winter's clothes shopping done - and not one designer logo
  2. Deadwood: The Movie - made by HBO who made the brilliant TV series "Deadwood" (2004 - 2006) Featured the same cast including British actor Ian McShane who played Al Swearengen in what was, in my opinion, his finest career performances for which he won a Golden Globe in 2005. It was more of an extended final episode than a movie and was set 10 years on from the last series. The last series ended with a number of unresolved plot lines leaving it open for yet another series which never happened. The movie resolved things, not a brilliant piece of work like the series but I am glad they did it.
  3. If it wasn't for sport I would do the same!
  4. I don't drink much these days, a few beers now and then, the odd glass of wine, spirits rarely
  5. Forces TV is fast becoming one of my favourite TV channels The original series of Miami Vice starts on Wednesday starting with series 1 Episode 1
  6. I haven't had a drink for two weeks
  7. Watching the start of the TV series after watching the two part mini series - one of the better series from the 1980's
  8. JoT

    What do you like ?

    Autumn - wind - rain - dark evenings - leaves on the ground Perfect
  9. I made a pan of chorizo sausage stew, will let it stand until tomorrow
  10. Yes Jacob 5 time zone watch worn by David Beckham a number of years ago
  11. Nice haul, I especially like the black dial Junghans
  12. For me it is the Glycine Airman, I went through a phase of rescuing these and having them restored by Werner Siegrist before he retired in 2012 - I sold them all at cost (good virtue signalling) but wish I had kept one of them.
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