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  1. I suppose on the 5246 it makes sense because of the monocoque case which isn't easy to get into whereas most other watches have easily removable case backs
  2. JoT

    Camera phone pics

    Dungeness Lifeboat
  3. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Madam's a lucky madam, you could buy a nice watch for that price!
  4. Episode 1 of UFO Straker wearing a Navitimer?
  5. Toothpaste tube, I always make sure it is squeezed from the bottom and get very irritated when the tube has been squeezed in the middle or top
  6. "Devil Girl From Mars" (1954) another scifi B-Movie recorded from Talking Pics TV She landed in Scotland somewhere between @mach 0.0013137 and @WRENCH A big lass!
  7. @BondandBigM Not sure about those
  8. I would like to go to Japan, South Korea, Antarctic and maybe China I have been just about everywhere else with work over the last 4 decades
  9. Heated up the leftover chilli, managed to burn the pan, I burnt my mouth on the overheated chili which also tasted horrible
  10. Zoot you have had comprehensive answers and all you are doing is repeating the same question I am closing the thread now
  11. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Full set of U.F.O. DVDs from my local charity shop
  12. @rolexgirl is working July through September so no summer holiday - probably take an autumn break somewhere This is true, I have also been lucky to travel and live all over the world, as Bond says you go off the beaten tourist routes it is a different world. Last count I have been to 56 different countries with my job and to places a tourist, even the most adventurous, would never reach. The worst country I visited was Liberia, my views not helped after suffering from dysentry, in a country of 45,000 square miles it only has 400 miles of paved roads the rest are tracks, here is the main road to the east of the country (man on left for scale).
  13. Fed up of the cold weather so made a chilli con carne!
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