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  1. I think it is a pin and tube, check your link the collar might still be in place, I think Cousins sell Seiko Tubes & Pins
  2. Let's not be so confrontational please, there's no need for it
  3. Most use red, some have switched to yellow as it is more visible. Non-standard hose (lengths, couplings or rarely used diameters such as hose on special hose layer appliances) is often coloured differently or hose used to move foam concentrate or concentrate - water mix. Only time I have seen blue is for moving potable water
  4. It's a press-on case back which is more likely to have been replaced during service than a screw down case back to maintain integrity of the case
  5. They use either an ETA 2895-2 (27 jewels) or Sellita SW360-1 (31 jewels) base so I can't think of any reason why it would not be good
  6. For your price range I would have recommended Longines, they do some nice ladies watches
  7. Not sure I approve cutting up / melting an antique brass fire helmet, could have used a brass branch! And the other thing I have a problem with is putting a full name on a watch William Wood, Christopher Ward etc although "Wood" is pretty naff as well perhaps "Firebobby" would have been better I like the straps, been thinking about getting a couple from a chap in Ireland who makes similar straps I like the design mind you
  8. @Liza S your best bet is to search every couple of days for "ladies Rotary" (rather than model number) on Ebay - chances are one will come up eventually although persistence and patience will be required Good luck
  9. I do like that My old naked Smiths Empire mine watch
  10. Jean Richard was Girard Perregaux's lower priced brand and were often heavily discounted - GP discontinued the brand quite a few years ago and given most of their offerings were larger case sizes (the full size Terrascope was around 45mm) I am not surprised the 38mm Terrascope is harder to find
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