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  1. I believe Invicta and others were exposed about 8 or 9 years ago but I don't have any details and I am not aware of a legal case, but it did prompt the Ordinance change in 2017
  2. The Ordinance (law) will help to answer, it's quite complex but gives details of what is and isn't allowed https://www.fhs.swiss/file/8/OSM_232.119_en.pdf
  3. As has been said the criteria are being strengthened, the criteria for the movement, casing and inspection haven't changed. They have added the 60% of value to be Swiss to clamp down on abuses. https://www.fhs.swiss/eng/strengthening.html
  4. Oh dear, never mind, what a shame, I was so looking forward to Boro playing them next season Charlton 2 - 1 Sunderland https://www.sunderlandecho.com/sport/football/sunderland-afc/sunderland-afc-news/sunderland-suffer-heartbreak-at-wembley-again-as-stoppage-time-winner-sends-charlton-athletic-to-the-championship-1-9789759
  5. JoT

    Camera phone pics

    Used to get a good pint of draught Bass in there and a mediocre pint of Harp lager! Now it's just new trainers
  6. Moab Brewery (Utah) Johnny's American IPA - very good American style IPA, hoppy but only about 4% ABV which is low for an USA beer. It makes a nice change as I struggle with the high ABV most seem to have.
  7. JoT

    Missing Members

    @William_Wilson He still visits but his last post July 2018 Hope you are OK I miss your sartorial elegance!
  8. Still got Da Vinci on the go but have been distracted with reading Robin Lane Fox's "The Classical World: An Epic History of Greece and Rome" - It's brilliant - If you read one book on this topic make it this one.
  9. Is Formula 1 still a thing? It's the Indy 500 on Sunday, a real race
  10. Play rugby, even as a veteran, don't like the way the laws are interpreted today and my knees and back are knackered
  11. I had to wait an hour and 14 minutes for my bag to appear on the airport carousel
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