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  1. Not vintage just well worn! Chinese movement, post Soviet era and listed on ebay by jaysdiscountbucket with the exact same photos
  2. You can't go wrong with an OP in my opinion, the AT is also a good choice but doesn't have the looks of the OP - not keen on Hublot and I really don't get Bremont
  3. Looks clean enough to me, try changing the gasket and putting a tiny bit of silicon grease on it.
  4. The true Marinemaster watches are SBDX001 SBDX017 Everything else is just a model number
  5. It's a domed hessalite crystal, the watch was released this year and is a quartz version of the old W10 hand winder, brushed stainless steel case, fixed bars, press-on back, 35mm dia ex-crown
  6. My new field watch - CWC T20 quartz - let's see how long I can keep hold of this one? Took the new 18mm NATO off the watch and replaced with a 19 year old 20mm NATO bought from RLT
  7. I didn't realise Zelos did a field watch, I like the design but would prefer a non-lume dial and I don't like push button clasp release, not secure enough for a field watch IMO. Still it gets a from me
  8. Personally I would only use this on an acrylic crystal and I am not sure it would work on a glass crystal or plastic with a metal tension ring in which case you would probably need a crystal press
  9. I have a few which could be GADA but this sprang to mind first
  10. I think the watch looks fine on that strap
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