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Community Answers

  1. I have black linings in my box lower maintenance
  2. @bdalg1 I owned a Muhle Glashutte SAR about 12 or so years ago, couldn't fault the quality As for Jay's comments about them being boring, take it with a pinch of salt, after all he likes Jack Mason watches
  3. Drop an email to https://www.michaelswift.co.uk/ and see if he can help, for info the movement is a F6922 Caliber Automatic
  4. Looks OK to me, it would look better once the bracelet is adjusted correctly
  5. I don't really have a problem with their conditions. A, B, C and F seem quite straight forward D = Rolex watches can have a higher value when unmolested, so if a service changes the hands or dial for example it might be worth less after the service, I think that's where they are coming from on this one. E = is just a catchall just in case someone evaluating the watch misses something, unlikely to happen I know but lawyers tend to consider every possibility no matter how unlikely. Another possibility is that a watch is altered with non-original parts after a Rolex service and sold as original with service records. My personal experience of Rolex UK has been first rate to date - except having to take a gulp at service prices My Sea Dweller, RG's Lady Yachtmaster and a Tudor are due to go in so I hope the good service continues
  6. CWC T20 GS with removable shroud
  7. For me it very much depends on the watch and how much I can afford at the time rather than an arbitrary limit
  8. @T3heli the Benson looks like a nice clean example As Karusel mentioned the company stopped making their own watches during WW1 Post 1914 watches were typically branded Benson and assembled using Swiss movements, the cases and dials would also be from third party manufacturers, nothing wrong with that of course many watch brands still do this today!
  9. As Roy said it is best to get it checked out, however a bezel is usually mounted outside of the sealed watch so should not affect water resistance if it is loose or "wobbly" Older watches do tend to get compromised over time, did they say at what meters it failed? You could try posting a picture, instructions are here
  10. Lightweight today Breitling Aerospace E7936210-B962
  11. Much better on the eye without the Invicta wings, uncluttered dial, what's not to like?
  12. I really like bronze watches but can't see me ever getting one because I don't like wearing leather or rubber straps Your trio look great
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