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  1. There's about 60 for sale on Chrono24 at around £4000 - so on the face of it £2840 doesn't seem too bad - I never buy a watch as an investment but Tudor do seem to hold there value reasonably well and if it is true they only produced 10,000 its not many in the great scheme of things
  2. Gave the Tag-Heuer 2000 back to him and the plan is he will give it to his son when he is a bit older
  3. Maybe it is just people buying watches to cheer themselves up
  4. We needed someone to keep @mach 0.0013137 in order
  5. Interesting, I have bought quite a few homage style watches and flipped all of them, like you said, never quite felt it
  6. Postage is slow from Ukraine and Russia at present, I waited two months for a Vostok
  7. Omega is my most flipped brand 5 x Speedmasters (cal 321, cal 861 and 3 x cal 1861) 4 x Speedmasters (Mk 2, 3, 4, 4.5) 2 x Speedmaster X33 1 x Railmaster 1 x Aqua Terra 1 x Seamaster Pro 1 x Seamaster GMT 1 x Seamaster 120 and a few other vintage models I have forgotten I have since bought an X-33 and a Mk4.5 which are now keepers, wish I had kept the Seamaster GMT and the Speedmaster Gemini IV
  8. I prefer the look of the blue Tudor Black Bay 58 over the Omega SMP but prefer the 42mm diameter of the Omega (The BB 58 is only 39mm) I also prefer the price of the Tudor at £2,760 as against £4,170 for the Omega So I am sat on the fence If Tudor did the 41mm Black Bay with a blue dial that would be my choice I read some reports of a few people who had problems with the Tudor when the new movement was first introduced, but then again so did Omga when the brought out the coaxial.
  9. John Smith bitter in tins Again
  10. Welcome to the forum
  11. Welcome to the forum and nice work on Youtube, good luck with it
  12. Welcome to the forum, I would be happy with the Speedy or the Mille Miglia
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