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  1. Going for a drive out today, wearing this:
  2. Time for a thread resurrection - Over 40 years in mining still working although Covid makes things difficult, left the investment company after more travails in South America and Africa, after a spell with an Australian company have been involved with several junior mining companies in north America with projects in the Americas. Gold South America Working on converting this US real estate into a mine Gold in Canada Older and non the wiser
  3. This has been really interesting so far, a lot more respect for traditional measures and the logic behind them, reading about the rod/perch/pole and the acre. Lots of local variations in Anglo Saxon times
  4. Just because I like the watch - here you are suitably edited
  5. You would have to be adept at cutting a small notch in the strap spring bar loop to accommodate the quick release catch - sounds difficult to me unless you buy a notch cutter from Cousins at £364.95! https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/notch-cutter-tool-quick-release-spring-bars?code=C32108
  6. Even big names do it, this Zenith El Primero has 30 minute register subdial and continuous seconds subdial with a big chunk bitten out of them by the 12 hour register subdial. Function has been compromised by form
  7. My big gripe are chronographs with dials which have incomplete chapter rings, makes them useless as a tool.
  8. This arrived today, bespoke lamp made from a Noble firefighting branch from the 1970's. The branch has been polished and repainted and set on a block of pine which has been wire brushed and then burnt with a blow-torch, nice finishing touches include red felt under the base, red twin cord wire. As a bonus it has got the seal of approval from rolexgirl Nice practical addition to my small collection of fire service memorabilia, seen here in its temporary spot (maybe permanent) in my home office
  9. If it is the same as mine you will need a small watchmaker's screwdriver Try a screw, if they are tight don't force it, run the bracelet under hot water or use a hair dryer and try again Be careful you don't slip with the screwdriver and scratch the polished edge If the pin screws out easily it's a 5 minute job If you are taking out an odd number you will need to decide which side to take the most from, personally I always take more out of the 6 side When you put the screws back in make sure they screw in easily, if not you might be in danger of crossing the thread Don't overtighten Good luck! A slotted watch bracelet block would help keep it in position while you tinker Just an explanation about the hair dryer, there's a bit of loctite or similar on the thread and warming softens it
  10. I think I have developed an allergy to tomatoes, peppers and chilis - this is bad news if genuine - I am cutting them out of my diet for a while to see what happens
  11. Not an expert by any means but it does look like a late 70's 1505 and it would not be unusual for a case back to have 1500, the 1570 movement was used into the 1980's, I know the Explorer 1016 used them.
  12. I have 20+ watches and no watch winder, I wind manually when I need to and if a watch hasn't been worn for a few weeks I give it a wind or shake and let it run for a while. Some argue that a winder allows them to grab and go, it takes me about 30 to 90 seconds to wind and set a watch, I am never in that much of a hurry I can't afford that time. Does a watch winder wear a watch movement, I suppose it must do, the movement is running after all, but I suspect the effects are negligible so as to not be of any consequence. So my view is if you are happy to have your Seamaster tumbling away on a winder carry on!
  13. @johnny3star Glycine true-24 hour watches have good heritage Here's my 40mm "vintage" from the current lineup And there's always a Vostok
  14. I agree, a masterpiece, will have to wait until I win the lottery though!
  15. The Caribbean blue is really nice, good choice
  16. JoT


    They look good but I really need a wall-mounted type
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