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  1. CWC RN Auto on this morning's lock down walk
  2. We had some good ones in the UK still got around 25 or so operating in UK who do about £1 billion of business - some big names have gone though
  3. JoT


    Nothing exciting, up at 6am, coffee and shower, out for a walk, visit the bakery, back home, clean the filters on the Dyson, answer emails, fiddle around with a big spreadsheet, read a technical report, read a book, read the internet, do some sit-ups and press ups, make a curry, watch TV then bed Unfortunately I live in London in an apartment, no garden to dig, no workshop make things, no garage to mess around with cars
  4. In the early days of my mining career pranks were a normal thing, would get fired for them now!
  5. Morning walk with a Smiths Empire
  6. I was lucky enough to get tickets for The Rolling Stones at the O2 in London in 2012 - by their standards a small venue - great concert made all the better by appearances from Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor - my photos
  7. I stopped watching the newer series because of the move away from showing how and increasing the amount of fluffy fill - another series I am fond of "Car SOS" has done the same, latest series shows less of the cars being repaired and more of the presenters swanning around
  8. JoT


    https://20centurywatches.com/orient-touchtron/ http://www.crazywatches.pl/orient-touchtron-led-1975
  9. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Barnsley chops (I did cook them) roast spuds, sprouts, green beans. Mac won't like it!
  10. JoT

    DIY haircuts.

    I had a haircut last week so am OK for a couple of weeks, I do have a Wahl clipper and size slides but don't fancy doing it myself!
  11. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Brunch a bit earlier today should keep me going until tomorrow!
  12. Bottle of Beaujolais for later
  13. I like it, a nice tribute to the original but without a bracelet option it is a no from me
  14. As mentioned above not all mechanical watches have a movement which allows you to stop the second hand, with some mechanical movements if you exert a bit of pressure on the crown as if to move the hands anticlockwise it stop the second hand until you release the pressure.
  15. The Saint Series 5 Episode 18
  16. Reminds me of the old Enicar worldtimers The first CW I can say I like!
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