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  1. Looks clean enough to me, try changing the gasket and putting a tiny bit of silicon grease on it.
  2. It has been purloined "Too small for you" ..... ..... "let me try it on ....."
  3. The true Marinemaster watches are SBDX001 SBDX017 Everything else is just a model number
  4. It's a domed hessalite crystal, the watch was released this year and is a quartz version of the old W10 hand winder, brushed stainless steel case, fixed bars, press-on back, 35mm dia ex-crown
  5. My new field watch - CWC T20 quartz - let's see how long I can keep hold of this one? Took the new 18mm NATO off the watch and replaced with a 19 year old 20mm NATO bought from RLT
  6. I didn't realise Zelos did a field watch, I like the design but would prefer a non-lume dial and I don't like push button clasp release, not secure enough for a field watch IMO. Still it gets a from me
  7. Personally I would only use this on an acrylic crystal and I am not sure it would work on a glass crystal or plastic with a metal tension ring in which case you would probably need a crystal press
  8. I have a few which could be GADA but this sprang to mind first
  9. I think the watch looks fine on that strap
  10. Bloody hell, last time I looked you could get one like that for £20k - what happened!! Edit: There's one on Ebay for £7k thats more like it
  11. Not dead yet, a new limited edition 1200cc V4 SS model will be launched with a 1200cc V4 RR in 2021 - "certain assets" (they didn't buy the Donnington Hall HQ or existing factory building) of Norton were sold to TVS Motor Co of India for £16 million. TVS plan to invest tens of millions of pounds and relocate to a new, larger UK factory.
  12. I agree about modern diesels - EGR might make them run cleaner but there's a lot of downside My 316D (62 plate Euro 5) only has 55k on the clock and the rate I add mileage it will take another 8 years to get to 100k and it will probably good for another 50k to 100k beyond that! I had a look at a pre-owned BMW 330e plug-in hybrid not a bad car to drive, bit odd when it was running electric (total range 35 miles) but a lot of extra engineering for the hybrid charging system and weight from the lithium batteries (it has a GVW over 200kg more than the 330i). Then there's the petrol engin
  13. I thought I had found "the one" but ended up selling it to @Roger the Dodger I have thought about selling up all my mid and higher priced watches and buy an AP Royal Oak but have never been able to pull the trigger. I just know there would be a horological mission creep and I would start building up a collection again!
  14. Sturmanskie Gagarin Chronograph with the Poljot 31681 movement (basically a 3133 with a 24 hour register)
  15. As mentioned above it is usually a simple fix, most watchmakers should be able to help. Or you could always send it to Victorinox Service Centre Victorinox Swiss Army Service Centre Locker, Hull & Thornton Ltd 10 High View Close,, Vantage Business Park, LE4 9LJ Leicester Tel 0166 442 0003
  16. I have always had a hankering for a moonphase complication - don't know why as I would never need it - they just look nice something like this vintage Datora would be great (image from Timezone) I have owned quite a few 24 hour and GMT watches - a simple complication but one I enjoy nevertheless - especially the true-24-hour such as my Glycine Chronographs, I have had a love-hate relationship with them and now only have three mechanical chronographs - an Omega Speedmaster Automatic, Seiko 6139-6002 and a Russian Sturmanskie. The Omega has a Lemania mov
  17. My favourite Sub, congratulations!
  18. Not me personally but you might find some here
  19. I think I would rather spend a couple of hours at the dentists
  20. Rotary Quartz GMT - on offer at H Samuel for £99 you could get this then save up for the Base 22 https://www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/d/5525691/rotary+men's+stainless+steel+bracelet+watch/
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