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  1. Not gunmetal but PVD black and heavy duty nylon https://www.sectime.co.uk/22mm-black-nato-nylon-watch-strap-strong-heavy-duty-45-rings-pvd-p-1628.html?cPath=311_318_1291
  2. 69 came in a leatherette covered box with some gilt decoration and a curved lid It wasn't the usual fluffy velour box
  3. Like putting your house keys in an ash tray, thankfully that fad died out in the early 80's!
  4. Fricker certainly was a big influence in microband tool watches amongst others
  5. I don't do stop-gaps, if I want a watch I save up for it or if it is too expensive I just dream
  6. You will need to send it for a service, it's an old quartz movement and it could be one or more of many things Some ideas below
  7. The date issue could be as a result of changing the date manually between 9pm and 3am midnight it can damage the automatic change mechanism - manual change will work because it is a different mechanism - watch repairer will be required Ten minute gain is often indicative of a magnetised hair spring or perhaps some oil or gunk making the coils stick together, this effectively shortens the spring and makes the watch speed up - if you are lucky a degauss will fix it otherwise also a trip to the watch repairer is required to see what's causing the problem and remedy
  8. And it landed with the help of a parachute made in Devon!
  9. Yes it looks like a Valjoux 72 movement. You have a fine watch there in my opinion, O&W were a small outfit whose sales peaked in the late 60's as they proved popular with the US military personnel as the extract above states. They weren't that common in the UK. Mr Wajs was associated with the company up until recently.
  10. I think they use rose gold which even as 18k is quite durable, due to the fact it contains around 22% copper, I wouldn't be too worried about it
  11. I didn't think I would like this but I do, turned out very well
  12. Yes, where its made and price are irrelevant when it comes to such matters, the value is in its personal meaning
  13. In my experience this is often an indicator of some damage somewhere or perhaps something loose in the movement such as a small screw, another possibility is the second hand not fitted properly and dragging on the crystal or dial in certain positions. However I am just speculating, your watches need to go to a watch repairer for a service
  14. Sadly they are not Swiss, they are Chinese made and not dissimilar to the many other Chinese made watches made by private label manufacturers.
  15. Not easy to open up, everything comes out of the front, it's a major task
  16. Omega has a 20 year rule for parts availability after a watch has ceased production, some parts may be available for much longer depending on the demand in the 20 year period and how many were made. Given production on the 1000 stopped around 1981/82 parts would have been guaranteed until 2002 at a minimum and possibly later. In the late 1990's Omega introduced Luminova service dials for older watches, I had one on a SM600 PloProf and I believe they made Luminova dials for the SM1000, likewise with hands. It doesn't make the watch any less desirable in my opinion as they are genuine Omega part
  17. Old but good - Columbo - 10 series (with the 10th split into 2 volumes) DVDs are getting harder to find in UK format but pre-owned still available, not sure if they are on Netflix or Amazon Prime but worth watching if they are
  18. Not sure you are being serious, but the dial is not made from whale shark skin https://www.watchtime.com/wristwatch-industry-news/watches/rescuing-the-oceans-biggest-fish-oris-whale-shark-limited-edition-with-live-photos/
  19. Haven't they done see-through before? Or maybe it was Swatch? I can imagine them looking pretty grotty quite quickly Got it - they did transparent Baby G's
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