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  1. I don't feel any need for a smart watch and find the aesthetics insufficiently appealing to overcome the lack of need. But then again I have about 40 watches and don't have an Alexa, Siri, microwave, toaster, Netflix or an XBox so perhaps I am not the best judge
  2. I know CREPAS is an acronym but why? Would you like to see my new pancake? I can take it down to 1200 metres!
  3. CWC Diver Auto on a NATO I bought from @Roy about 20 years ago!
  4. Sister Sledge's "Lost in Music" FROM 1979 one of my top 3 disco tracks, there was a short lived disco revival in 1984 when it charted again in the UK
  5. Sturmanskie Gagarin chronograph
  6. The Holthinrich cases look interesting but they also look like very effective dirt traps!
  7. It is subjective I know but I think the trend of wearing what I would term oversize watches has cooled, for example Panerai seem less popular as do the larger Breitling offerings. However, when you look at a brand like Rolex their models have mostly crept up in size by a couple or few milimetres, not so as you would call them oversize but they are bigger. So in my humble opinion and in a complete absence of a peer reviewed academic paper on the subject I think watches have got both smaller and bigger
  8. There's a 1016 on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274973911874?hash=item4005b8eb42:g:2PMAAOSwlnxhW1ab If that doesn't fit the bill EBay is the best place to find such watches, you just have to be patient and search regularly
  9. Giving the 16570 a rare run-out today
  10. I have never been able to come to terms with an expensive watch fitted with a rubber strap Not for me thanks
  11. Youtube is very adept at using its cookies to help it target people with what they think you should watch! As Roy says you can block. You can also go into settings and change your preferences which by default normally allow them to recommend videos
  12. Alternative is Simon Freese, he was at Swiss Time Services for many years so has lots of Omega experience
  13. Congratulations, a grail and from an AD!! Looks great IMO
  14. Please post images, you will find instructions pinned to the top of the discussion section
  15. Might be worth getting in touch with https://billandsons.co.uk/services
  16. This company in the UK also electroplates watches. Never used them and don't know anyone who has, but might be worth a call or email https://easyelectroplating.co.uk/
  17. Coffee and a 1940's West End Watch Co
  18. WWW = Wrist Watch, Waterproof - marking used 1943 to 1958 I think L28281 546028 is just a reference number / code for the manufacturer
  19. I have always fancied a Big Crown but have been put off by the cathedral hands they sport, but I would consider the Holstein, it looks great with the stick hands I have just noticed the price
  20. Thumbs down from me on all counts
  21. I enjoy my Vostok watches, always have, a tank is a good start!
  22. It's £630 now for chronograph dealing direct with Omega UK (from Omega web site)
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