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  1. I am still enjoying my early model Black Bay
  2. Brilliant result and great post!
  3. It's a bit hit and miss, I saw one in a London Goldsmith's store last week but have read on various forums that many outlets have a waiting list. It's only about £200 more on a bracelet and I would buy it on a bracelet then put it on a strap, the watch will be much more saleable with a bracelet if you tire of it. As for discount? No chance.
  4. They are good quality watches
  5. White copper alloy = cupronickel - unfortunately it tarnishes so constant polishing or an acceptance of the tarnish will be necessary! Cupronickel isn't noticeably magnetic, while 316L stainless steel which many watch cases are made from is very slightly magnetic (might move the needle of a compass), some 3133 cases are chromed base metal (looks a bit like brass) rather than cupronickel. As you rightly say, chrome plate is slightly harder than stainless steel but the thickness of the plate is a factor, from what I have seen of Poljots the plate is very thin so may not add much to the durability of the case.
  6. Here you go, perfect for an 18th and a name your son will recognise. £1k new, quartz movement (simple), robust and a good looker. I bought my son a Tag Heuer for his 18th https://www.goldsmiths.co.uk/TAG-Heuer-Formula-1-43mm-Mens-Watch-WAZ1010.BA0842/p/17381197/
  7. I would keep the inscription but I agree a bit annoying the seller didn't say it was engraved.
  8. I have cleaned up the thread and removed all the posts with dead picture links, keep posting your movements, they are great to see and the thread is a great resource!
  9. @Roger the Dodger not only the roads to worry about with E-Scooters!
  10. I will fix it, give me 20 minutes You don't get unlimited time to edit a post, can't remember what it is 5 minutes maybe
  11. I suspect you are going to have to contact Armitron, if they no longer stock the bezel inserts you can buy generic inserts on Ebay but you would have to get your sizing spot on.
  12. I can see the attraction of an electric car for regular short commutes especially if you have a garage or drive where you can park your car to charge overnight (I have neither!) However using an electric car on a long run still has severe limitations, even using a supercharger (if you can find one) you are looking at 40 minutes for a Nissan Leaf (to around 80% charge) and about 75 minutes for a Jaguar i-Pace. Living in London I mainly use public transport but when I do use my car it is typically for longer trips London - Somerset - London for example, I could do it with a Leaf or an i-Pace but would need to charge once for the return journey. London to Teesside I would have to charge once or twice each way with the Leaf and I would be right on the limit with the i-Pace so would probably need a charge each way for this as well. I sometimes do London-Somerset-Teesside-London and would need 2 or three charges each way and unless I am driving a Tesla there are no fast superchargers, some charging stations which run at a much lower kwh only allow you 45 minutes charge and say "How far this gets you will depend on the range of your vehicle and the charging speed of your vehicle". Sounds like it is a bit like putting £5 of petrol in the tank! Great Then there are holidays - rural charging points anyone?!! So unless there is a massive increase in the number of superchargers for general use (not Tesla only chargers), with the current (excuse the pun) battery technology, then using electric cars for long distance travel is a non-starter or very difficult at best.
  13. Got to have a crown on one of my teeth, first work required in 12 years so not too bad I suppose
  14. Martin, Roy has given the software a tweak and expired sales posts will not get bumped to the top going forward
  15. A few similar threads were moved to games because they were dominating the Open section with the frequency of posts
  16. I thought it was good, he is in a bad way now mind you, I don't think he will be on the road again for a while
  17. JoT

    Bird Photos

    Egyptian goose and early goslings photographed yesterday
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