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  1. It is grim up north! Or at least it was in the era he was painting, I can remember scenes like that myself We have a lot of paintings and not one on the walls ... I should do something about that
  2. Yes its too much red for me, the watch looks good as does the movement
  3. I recently bought my first ever painting "Under The Arch" by Teesside Artist David Watson https://www.thenorthernartist.co.uk and inspired by memories of going to work at Smiths Dock David has been painting for decades on whatever material he could find, a few years ago he was "found" by freelance curator Mark Parham and his work has been shown in several exhibitions
  4. I had a small collection of Parker fountain pens including one for daily use. As time went on I found I was using a pen less frequently so sold them all on Ebay. When I need a pen I now use medium nib Pilot V Pen permanent ink disposable fountain pens, not pretty but write well, ink flows well with no blotting and a good reservoir. I still miss my old fountain pens but these are so much more convenient.
  5. All four are quite different and it looks like you are going to enjoy wearing them, the AS is a bit too much for me but I like the other three, I like the engraving on the Victorinox reminds me of Texas belt buckles
  6. You will have to post good quality pictures You can either use a third party host Or sign up for a free forum gallery trial https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/subscriptions/
  7. It is pretty clear you don't understand this forum, we are not fixated on value, never have been, and we don't judge people based on their watch collection
  8. My first thought ..... and second thought!
  9. It was probably just known as a Longines Automatic, agree with the above mid- 50's to early 60's it can be described as a small seconds automatic, the bracelet is 9kt gold, inside the case back there will be more information on who made the case as gold cases were sometimes made in the country of sale (for example some USA Longines have Longines - Wittnauer cases). It is a nice watch and is worth servicing, a nice keepsake
  10. Here's the place to advertise if you are doing it as a fundraiser https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/44-competitions-fund-raisers-giveaways/ You can make a post to link to it from this thread Or if you are doing 50:50 then use the Classified section and make it clear in the advert it's a 50:50 https://thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/classifieds/ But don't make a link to it from this thread as per forum rules No items must be offered for sale or trade in the discussion forums.
  11. Coot and chicks this morning
  12. I quit like Wilson Watch Works on your side of the pond, they don't make their own movements but use Swiss and refurbished Hamilton 917, 921 and 945 movements - he has a number of models available on his web site but will offer a genuine bespoke service and build you a customised watch. He uses German, French or Swiss cases and German dials Here's mine with a sterling silver dial and Waltham signed Unitas chronometer movement
  13. I posted this on another thread regarding GShock solar but it is also relevant to Seiko solar. As far as solar watch "chargers" I have read elsewhere they work fine. Other thing to look out for is a tired capacitor which will reduce the ability of the watch to hold charge.
  14. I have always liked 12 hour bezels, prefer them to the standard dive watch bezel, I find them useful for travel
  15. I think 316L is the best choice for most watches, yes 904L has better corrosion resistance but who amongst us is going to wear our watches in strong acid reducing conditions! 904L contains quite a lot of nickel, somewhere in the order of 25% compared to 316L at around 12% which might have implications for those with Ni allergy. My Sea Dweller is 904L and has worn well, although in reality 904L isn't that much harder than the best 316L I have wondered why the watch industry doesn't use 317L for dive watches, the Ni and Cr % is a bit higher than 316L which gives it better chloride resistance. Then there is 2205 stainless steel, low in nickel but high in chromium, good corrosion resistance, similar to 904L and workability and hardness similar to 316L I don't know if anyone uses this for watches. I quite like the look of bronze cases but having a preference for bracelets they are a non-starter for me. Gold, well it is what is is, not worn for wear resistance but can't deny its corrosion properties are good
  16. It would go nice with Big M's LV handbag
  17. 1. Probably 2. Model is great, dial is not a choice I would make, a plain dial would be much nicer after all you already know it is an officially certified Oyster Perpetual and a Superlative Chronometer why do you need reminding every time you look at the watch? 3. No
  18. I really like this and quite novel to have a silver case, problem is I am a bracelet person, don't enjoy wearing leather and don't like the idea of a £3.2k watch on a nylon strap, come on Tudor how about a sterling silver mesh?
  19. Don't forget that you are not buying from Chrono24 but from one of hundreds of individual sellers who use the platform, some will be better than others. The platform itself is about as safe as you can make these things with verified dealers, payment via an escrow account, and an authenticity guarantee on the watch. I used it once and everything went very smoothly.
  20. Watches are assets, they are also fairly liquid given you can usually sell them at a reasonable price except when you need really quick cash and are forced by circumstances to sell them to a dealer or at a big discount. Having said that I don't personally consider the investment potential of a purchase, I buy what I like and enjoy but with the knowledge if I had to sell I could
  21. The new Corum Admiral 45 Openworked Tourbillon Carbon Gold - I am at a loss for words
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