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  1. Jason89 bought one
  2. Having worn Seiko watches since the 70's I can't say I have noticed anything different, other than improved quality of the vast majority of their watches. Has Seiko's alleged QC failings just become one of those internet things which lacks hard evidence, do a few people on Youtube really mean things have got worse I can certainly remember the occasional misaligned bezel or second hand in the 70's and 80's
  3. Didn't Tiger Woods play in his sponsored Tag Heuer automatic golf watches? They seemed to stand up to his golf swing, not so sure how they would fare with his car driving and nocturnal activities though
  4. Yes! A good name for a female WWE wrestler perhaps but not for a watch
  5. Minus 1 second a day is very good, and well within COSC range (-4 to +6 seconds) not sure of Tudor apply the same -2 to +2 seconds Rolex is reputed to use but if they do it is also within that range. 1 second a day means your watch is 99.999% accurate
  6. I nearly always with a watch on, just never think about taking it off.
  7. I don't think @Roy should act as an escrow agent, it would be more trouble than it is worth and there are legal and tax implications as has been pointed out. I have been on the forum since 2003 and a moderator for much of that time. There have been very few incidents during this time where sales have proved to be fraudulent. The admin team are good at weeding out new members who look like they are only here to sell before they reach the 50 post classifieds threshold, but we don't catch them all and of course there is no way of telling if one or other is dishonest. One option would be to increase the Classified access threshold to 200 posts
  8. Cheap mass produced Swiss bar movement, nice little watch but not worth much
  9. Both of these links will take you to Kickstarter and Indiegogo policies on accountability Worth reading before you decide to invest https://www.kickstarter.com/blog/accountability-on-kickstarter https://learn.indiegogo.com/trust/
  10. Kickstarter does not accept any accountability for projects which fail or presumably for scams and neither does Indiegogo I will pin these links to the Kickstarter section https://www.kickstarter.com/blog/accountability-on-kickstarter https://learn.indiegogo.com/trust/
  11. A case of busman's holiday but interesting nontheless
  12. Good to see Levert and Williams both in their early 70's here, I would have loved to have seen them live
  13. Nice acquisition and great collection!
  14. I have this Newmark with a VH31 the second hand moves four times per second rather than sweeps but does look much nicer than the 1 jump of standard quartz calibres
  15. WOW! Now that's an acquisition!! Congratulations Great post but I want to know what car you are going to buy for the dashboard mount
  16. British watchmaking according to KPMG is “a dynamic sector with an opportunity for development” 100 domestic companies in the sector, selling some 1m timepieces a year with combined revenues of about £100m. https://www.ft.com/content/c4f865d6-dbdb-43e1-ba6b-da82a407ecc3 https://britishwatchmakers.com/featured-story-2
  17. @AVO I am with you on CyS I have always had a hankering for one!
  18. Looks good @Roy you should be able to see to tell the time now!
  19. You can still do most things, for example you can start a topic or you can reply to existing topics, you can also join the forum's gallery system should you so wish. You won't however get access to the classified section, personal message system or members' profiles and there is a limit on how many times you can use "like" when reacting to a post The reason for this is quite simple, the owner wants people to contribute to the forum and not just to register in order to buy or sell something, or people setting up accounts to harass someone by PM or setting up duplicate accounts to elevate somebody's reputation points. All you have to do is contribute and once you have reached fifty posts you will have access to all the forum functions
  20. The old rank system was based solely on numbers of posts, it benefitted members who posted a lot but didn't take into account the quality of the posts, so a one word post or a "I like that" post registered a point which went towards the ranking; the old ranking system was quantity over quality only. It is also worth pointing out that the forum software is not intelligent enough to determine quality without some help from members and it is this that Roy has tried to address with the new ranking system within the limitations of the forum software. Ranks and Achievement levels are determined by points awarded on a sliding scale with a new topic ranking highest, followed by receiving reactions with a "Thanks" ranking highest followed by "Like" "+1" and a reply to a post. In this way it was thought that quality not necessarily quantity would be rewarded as members would use the reaction symbols and reply for good topics and posts and would be less inclined to do so for poor posts or topics. Note the ranking points are currently not visible and aren't the same as reputation points which are calculated solely from reactions to posts so don't confuse the two. Roy also thought an additional Oracle ranking was justified as there are some members who have been around since the forum started in 2003 who had amassed large ranking points totals. Some Moderators are also awarded Oracle by default, in my case I have been on the forum since 2003 and been a moderator for much of that time. Some sub-forums are excluded from the ranking points, Games for example. Roy is still trying to finesse the new software which is quite complex and there may be further tweaks. he is disappointed that what he saw as a better way of awarding ranks and adding achievement badges has irked someone so much they leave the forum, they are, when all said and done, only a bit of fun. Roy is also trying to find a way of adding rank points not just rank levels on profiles, so then you would have number of posts, reputation (calculated from reactions) and ranking points calculated from reactions, topics started and posts made. Final word from me on this is, as I mentioned above, the software is not intelligent enough to judge quality of contributions without help nor is it able to judge if people are "cheating". There is nothing underhand by Roy, unless of course people regard moderators as being Oracle by default as being underhand, and a genuine attempt has been made to make quality not just quantity a factor in rankings.
  21. Schuhren Unitas 6948
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