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  1. Does your have the fine fork on it? It's only 1.00 mm wide as against the standard fork which is 3.0 mm Don't know what to suggest if it doesn't fit
  2. I use a Bergeon spring bar tool 6767-F for bracelets, it has a 1mm fork which will release most bracelets
  3. @Sulie I agree with the above @bry1975 does good work from what I have seen
  4. You need our resident horticulturist! @Roger the Dodger
  5. I had to look up what detailing was I understand it now to be a valet+ ! Looks good mine you!
  6. Monadi books in Italy publish some high quality Rolex books, they are expensive even second hand, they are good though https://mondanibooks.com/
  7. JoT


    I have had my avatar since joining the original forum in 2001 or thereabouts and kept it when this one was set up in 2003 It's an African wild dog, I had not long returned from working in Africa and was probably still missing it a bit.
  8. I like the 5512 but suspect it will be out of my price range!
  9. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Bacon, egg, black pudding, grilled tomato and a slice of toast this morning - monthly treat!
  10. Some have arrived Drilling of Rock is a bit disappointing, very sparsely illustrated. Blasting Practice is a good historical record of how it was done 80 years ago, the Symposium on Shaft Sinking is also a good historical record of practices, lots of figures, illustrations and photos, also about 50 pages of advertisements. Not sure when the print on demand will arrive, suspect they will arrive from Delhi where most seem to be done!
  11. Wound up the Lancashire Watch Works pocket watch and a picture to help cheer up even though it is closed down for the duration
  12. Special Branch series 1 episode 2
  13. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Chicken and mushroom pie, sprouts, roasted parsnips - not bad at all
  14. JoT

    Camera phone pics

    Our local eco nutcase did this to the house his parents left him, apparently none of it contravenes current legislation
  15. JoT

    Bird Photos

    Heron this morning
  16. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Bread, two sausage rolls and two hot cross buns from the bakery
  17. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Two chicken and mushroom pies
  18. Given that Amazon will not be shipping books for the foreseeable future I have been through the bookcase to see what I have yet to read: Natasha's Dance by Orlando Figes The Story of De Beers by Hedley Chilvers The Great Fire of London 1666 by The Worshipful Company of Firefighters A History of The English Speaking People Since 1900 by Andrew Roberts The Devil's Alliance, Hitler's Pact With Stalin 1939 - 1941 by Roger Moorhouse Oppenheimer and Son by Anthony Hocking Should keep me busy
  19. JoT

    Missing Members

    Has JohhnyOldBoy eloped with Nigelp ?
  20. JoT

    What Are You Eating?

    Went shopping this morning, nothing in my two local supermarkets, so bought two cornish pasties from the bakery, mushrooms from the greengrocer and he had some tired looking rhubarb - all in all it turned out well - pasty, beans, mushrooms followed by stewed rhubarb and custard - rediscovering old fashioned food!
  21. Rather surreal in my local Nisa store, the only tinned food on the shelf was haggis - it must be bad in London if Scotland is sending us aid!
  22. A 5 hour walk-through of the famous Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg - brilliant!
  23. Went for a walk in the park saw: Canadian geese, greyling geese, Egyptian geese, mallard ducks, tufted ducks, coots, moorhens, little grebe, heron, paraquet, wood pigeons, feral pigeons, black headed gulls, European robin and somebody has put two koi carp in the river
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