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  1. My X-33 .... cool functions! Hours, Minutes, Seconds Day, Date, Month, Year. Perpetual calendar to 2099AD Alarm Countdown Timer Chronograph – 1/100sec up to 99h 59′ 59″ 99/100" Mission Elapsed Time (MT) – up to 999 days Mission Elapsed Time Alarm (MA) – can be set for a specific mission event Universal Time (UT) – including day number or “Julian” date Universal Time Alarm (UA) – second alarm for a specific time & date independent of time zone
  2. To identify me as a visitor
  3. Visitors get treated differently, miners would know the severe consequences if they got caught with contraband (matches, lighters, battery watch, cigarettes, batteries, electric cameras etc) so are essentially self policing- visitors get told to take a watch off no matter what. It is primarily because banksmen responsible for making sure no contraband goes underground are not really in a position to check if a watch is mechanical especially given most watches are quartz. So not clowns / jokers - just doing their job.
  4. There aren't any specialist mining watches, it's marketing, around 140,000 people work in the mining sector in Australia Basically any mechanical watch that can take a knock and that you don't mind getting scuffed is suitable for any type of mine, some of the Seiko 5 mechanicals come to mind, a G-Shock would be fine for a surface pit or non-gassy mine such as gold copper etc. but if you are at the sharp end as a miner handling machinery, putting in supports or doing maintenance etc etc then a pocket watch (or a watch head) in a tin is the tried and trusted way.
  5. As the article says a flameproof underground mine (normally, but not exclusively, coal mines) won't allow battery operated watches. The other consideration is what one of the articles call "entanglement", there are some jobs you wouldn't and indeed shouldn't wear a wrist watch. In my younger days and early on in my mining career I used a pocket watch kept in a small tin between two pieces of lint dressing, it was appropriate given what I did. These days when I do go underground the risk of entanglement or serious damage to the watch is minimal so I would wear a wrist watch. Surface mining is different again and for most jobs you could wear pretty much any tool watch. My old mining pocket watch in its rubber shroud and a few years ago wearing an Explorer II
  6. Glycine Incursore 3762 with a Unitas 6947 movement from 2003
  7. I agree, he was underrated, I would certainly put him 6th or 7th in a list from that decade
  8. That era has never been surpassed and never will be: Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Norton, Holmes, Young etc Jimmy Young should have won the title in 1976, Ali won a unanimous points decision after 15 rounds when most gave it to Young by three rounds, but that wasn't unusual back then, and is probably still the case Another film I like is the 90's film "When We Were Kings" which covered the Rumble in the Jungle, plus the remarkable retinue of musicians and the drama of Foreman's training cut which postponed the fight to October. Foreman would probably have won had the fight went ahead on schedule in September, you can see in the film the effect on his preparations as it gave Ali another month to play his psychological games.
  9. I have had that with a few ETA driven watches it's an easy fix, usually a jammed reversing wheel, nothing a drop of oil won't fix - wouldn't expect that from Tudor though after less than a year
  10. Probably easier if I posted a picture Not sure if I will ever own one mind you
  11. Sturmanskie Gagarin Chronograph Poljot 31681 movement (3133 with a 24 hour indicator)
  12. You would be no good with this one then @Roy Black dial black hands! Only readable when I have my glasses on
  13. Expensive new watches on rubber straps It seems to be happening a lot, watches on rubber with no leather or bracelet option I don't get it Personally I would never buy a watch on rubber if it didn't have a bracelet option, even a Seiko! But to pay $69,000 for a Patek on a rubber strap? Really?!
  14. @Roy how about a black dial version? I know what you mean though, I need reading glasses these days and watch dials are a blur without them
  15. I tried a Bond NATO on several watches and didn't like it, also tried various other striped NATO and didn't like them either - maybe I have just not found the right one My favourite is a plain grey NATO I bought from Roy 15+ years ago, it is stitched rather than welded and is made of a different fabric than those you find today I also quite like the plain black single pass NATO
  16. I give watches I haven't worn for a couple of months a wind or a shake just to run them and keep the oils distributed, or at least that's the hypothesis!
  17. For a watch it is probably better to use Relative Income which measures an amount of income or wealth relative to per capita GDP. Applying this measure to the £66 Speedmaster gives you about £2,450 today Of course it doesn't take into account the changes in the Speedmaster, from an engineering perspective the modern watch is a world away from the 1969 version but we are still in effect looking at slightly more than double the Relative Income measure than someone buying one in 1969.
  18. Doxa Sub 600T Divingstar "Seahunters" limited edition of 100 - it has been in my collection since 2005 when it was issued - I think it is the watch I have owned the longest
  19. I like it, congratulations on the purchase!
  20. Seiko 6139-6002 from 1974 and for the Seiko purists its a Chronograph Automatic 6030R dial with serif 1 on the sub-dial and horseshoe "resistant" case back, I need to take some better pics
  21. Thanks G, I was tempted to go for that myself
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