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  1. Annoy away it's what we are here for, good to have another miner on here!
  2. Welcome aboard, the owner @Roy will be pleased to read this!
  3. Welcome aboard, you will soon get the hang of it, to post images you will need a picture hosting site there are instructions here Or for £5 a year you can host them via the Forum
  4. In the West End on Friday night, pubs were empty
  5. Wound up this 1920's Middlesbrough signed Doxa pocket watch for this morning
  6. I have a small collection of miners' lamps I will have to dig them out, one was presented to me the other's I have picked up from places I have had an involvement with
  7. @Damo8604 welcome back, it looks like you have accumulated a good collection!
  8. We will still have The Watch Forum and the dubious benefits of Twitter for the news and Facebook to keep in touch with family. I have several books to read and a number of DVD box sets, some bought recently: Kojak, Special Branch, The Sweeney, Mad Men, UFO, The Sopranos, Deadwood - all of which are quite watchable more than once. Other than working from home as best as I can there are jobs to do, I need to sort through the mountains of stuff in the loft. I could practice indoor photography, perhaps nude photographs of rolexgirl
  9. Thanks will give them a go, expensive though!
  10. @Roger the Dodger have you seen that Spain has closed down? How's Portugal doing?
  11. @Varish I haven't read any fantasy books so can't help with suggestions! When I was younger I read quite a bit of science fiction if you want to branch out that way Isaac Asimov - "The Foundation Trilogy", "I, Robot" Philip K. Dick - "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Jules Verne - "De la terre à la lune", although I read the English translation
  12. I wonder if @Roy has changed much in the last 4 years
  13. I need thinner socks for wearing with shoes
  14. I think it is fair to say that the Rolex 6542 GMT Master was the first, they produced a watch with a 12 hour hand and a 24 hour hand, the first Glycine Airman had a 24 hour hand only with second time zone read from an adjustable bezel.
  15. I did think of the @BondandBigM method Viruses don't like booze, is that true?
  16. No football, no rugby, no darts, no Formula 1, no NASCAR, no Indycar, no NBA, no NHL, no cricket etc etc So no TV sport to pass the time Limited travel opportunity Limited or no socialising It's going to be a boring six months So what to do?!! It looks as if London is already self isolating! Victoria station at 17.30 this evening - almost empty
  17. Tea towels - all they do these days is smear the water around Socks - does anybody make decent socks these days?
  18. Doxa Sub 300 Sharkhunter - 50 Years Anniversary Edition
  19. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Spice Tailor curry packs, okra, sprouts, mangetout, spinach, tin of rhubarb, tin of marrowfat peas, tomatoes, butter Didn't need any bog roll which is just as well, there wasn't any!
  20. Going through this topic I came across the late Mrcrowley, one of the toughest people I have ever met, the challenges he faced were immense. I visited him several times and we regularly chatted about watches and music on the phone. Heavy metal music, his watches (and he had some beauties), watch forums, friends and beer kept him going, RIP Paul - you are not forgotten old pal
  21. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    There's a lot of information you will enjoy it
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