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  1. That is the Eterna bracelet which comes with the watch, not sure why the decided on no fitted end-pieces perhaps it is a heritage thing? It looks nice on a plain black leather strap
  2. He is a judge, along with @Roger the Dodger and myself so be careful of contempt of court
  3. Don't confuse Tissot (Swatch Group) with Mathey-Tissot (SWP Swiss Watch Partners) Two totally different companies
  4. Sometimes I buy a watch because of the movement rather than how it looks I also buy watches because I like how they look and wear but I do consider what's driving a watch and if it isn't aligned with the watch's price I tend to pass it by So yes the movement is important
  5. Omega Speedmaster Automatic ST 176.0012 cal. 1045
  6. looks superb A nod from its older brother
  7. Nice one! Glad it is still enjoyed
  8. I had a tritium lume version about 12 years ago, from memory the lug-width was 3/4" i.e. ~19mm and worn with a 20mm NATO strap so it is a snug fit. It's a nice watch
  9. You have more sun and daylight than here in the UK!
  10. The case looks like the one they use on this Rotary Henley Automatic https://www.watcho.co.uk/Watches/Rotary/Rotary-Mens-Henley-Automatic-Sapphire-Black-Dial-Silver-Bracelet-Watch-GB05380-04.html
  11. You can buy 10 case presses for £100 Good advice about the notch for the crown stem
  12. I have given Ecodrive/solar a go and decided they would be fine if I had a couple of watches but as part of a collection more bother than they are worth. There are plenty of grab and go quartz watches as alternatives
  13. This quartz version of my watch is now being sold by HS Johnson for £249 https://www.hsjohnson.com/watches-c123/mens-watches-c116/eterna-2730-41-58-1746-eternity-steel-bracelet-wristwatch-p18173/s24745
  14. Update @TOPAZ.de The model number is 891582 and it was released in 2001 - I don't think it was in production for long
  15. Whilst it doesn't look "ladies'" I think at 33mm it is a bit small, my 11yo grandson wears a 36mm CWC G10 which looks perfect size-wise
  16. Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 TS186.1999
  17. Optima are part of the RibaWatch group who produce fashion watches under several brand names, seem to be based in Switzerland and Lebanon Diamonds aren't necessarily expensive if they are of low quality and for this sort of fashion brand recommended retail price is usually meaningless as they are always sold at a big discount. "Sorted in 6 different brands we produce 200 different watch models and a total of 1000 different colour and style combination." https://www.ribawatch.com/brands-2015/ Would I pay $2k for one? Definitely not
  18. Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001 - the original, not a modern pretender!
  19. I think FM only introduced its first in-house movement about 10 years ago so your conquistador is probably an ETA base movement so third party servicing shouldn't be a problem If you check the Watch Repairers section there's a list of repairers, not endorsed by the forum but who have had positive reviews on various watch forums
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