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  1. I have removed all the dead links / posts but left in place the many blurred images as a result of the Photobucket debacle - it would be good if members could check through the thread and repost and/or update images - sadly some have gone forever. Meanwhile here I am with Rolexgirl
  2. I was going to post how I am still naffed off with having to sell it because the bracelet was so short
  3. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Or the three seashells !
  4. The best version of the SMP in my opinion, congratulations
  5. I don't think we can edit "add the prizes" @Roy might be able to do it
  6. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    We genuinely needed some bog roll, not one to be seen! I have found out that kitchen roll is quite scratchy still, it is better than Izal (only those of a certain age will know)
  7. JoT

    Image Hosting Sites

    I already have a TWF gallery but looking for something I can store personal photos and share with family and friends etc Thanks, I will have a look
  8. Vostok - "Russian Watches" Juri Levenburg about £15-£20 from Amazon
  9. Pretty good quality tool by the looks of it, I use a case opening knife when I can other than that I have been successful using a precision screwdriver (not the jewellers type) with a 1.5mm blade and just give it a twist (which is the principle of your machine I think)
  10. Seiko have announced the re-creation of three classic diver's watches paying tribute to: 1968 Hi-beat Diver’s 300m, 1965 62MAS 150m, 1975 Professional Diver’s 600m Watches will be limited: 100 set limited trilogy-edition of the three watches in a presentation case and 1,100 limited editions of each of the three models. The 1965 62MAS with a 8L55 movement will be €6,500, 1968 Professional Diver with a 8L55 movement will be €7,000 and the 1975 Professional Diver with a 8L35 movement will be €4,500. Additionally there will be 5,500 of the 1965 62MAS model with a 6R35 movement priced at €1350. I can see demand being very high for the 1,100 limited editions despite the pricing and the more affordable 6R35 powered 1965 62MAS will fly I think The press release is here: https://www.seikowatches.com/uk-en/news/20200305-67527300709
  11. Tried the dark green 42mm on a few weeks ago, I was impressed
  12. I have just closed my ImageShack picture hosting account, $19 a year wasn't bad but it just seemed unreliable and often slowed down to the point of being useless. Any nominations for a good site? I don't mind paying a subscription I just want something reliable!
  13. Marathon Navigator complete with new battery so should be good for another three years or so
  14. I like that, nice legible dial, great movement, good size; not sure about it being the first 8 day watch though. 8 Day movements have been around a long time mainly as pocket watches although there were some 8 day trench watches in the early 1900's, Panerai were doing 8 Day watches in the early 60's as well. I think the 8 Jours claim to fame is it was the first watch to have an 8 Day power reserve indicator.
  15. The Sweeney - Series 1 Episode 4 Bought the DVDs as ITV insist on altering the format to fill a 16:9 screen which crops a fair bit off the old 4:3 filming and ruins it in my opinion
  16. Warrior to Dreadnought: Warship Design and Development 1860 to 1905 by David K. Brown Written by a naval architect this is a brilliant book describing the development of warships as the Royal Navy made the transition from wood and sail to steel and steam. It is a fascinating read with plenty of pictures and diagrams. I had always thought that the navy was resistant to change and reactionary but Brown eloquently shows that in fact the Royal Navy was at the forefront of technological changes. As well as details of the ships he also recounts details of naval battles during the period.
  17. I used to have a radio controlled clock which conked out last year, now I use the time.is web page, not as accurate as a radio controlled clock if you want the exact time but it is very close. For timing a watch's performance if is plenty good enough, I normally time over 48 hours for a mechanical and a week or two for a quartz watch.
  18. Hesalite, acrylic, plexiglass - it's all the same i.e. polymethyl methacrylate - I think hesalite was a name Omega used for its PMMA glass
  19. Good choice it's rare they are regulated so well so it sounds like you have a good one!
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