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  1. The black dial non-chrono version looks good, they have a 40mm and 42mm diameter version On a bracelet with additional leather NATO and leather strap they are asking £2130 for the 40mm version
  2. @Eddiex PRS watches are generally pretty good and well finished, although I have no complaints about my G10 finish. At 49g the PRS is heavier than the CWC G10 which is only 40g. If I had one gripe about the Precista it would be the absence of fixed bars, I can understand why they have used shoulderless spring bars as it gives you a much greater choice of strap, but the watch will never be as secure on the wrist as the CWC.
  3. There haven't been many on here over the years and can't recall seeing one recently so thanks for posting the pictures
  4. JoT


    They are owned by T.H.Baker jewellers who have about 30 or so shops in midlands and south England so they should be OK
  5. Value will depend on the condition, EBay is a good guide if you can find a watch in similar condition, he mustn't get carried away from prices he sees from pre-owned sellers, a full service by Omega with any additional non-service parts required could cost anywhere from £700 to over £1,200 or more
  6. Give me the Omega 125 any day, it was a limited edition of 2000 and as you say was the world's first officially certified automatic chronometer chronograph A genuine collectable in my opinion and not sure why they can be bought relatively cheaply although I did see one on Chrono24 for over £6k
  7. The service price for Tag-Heuer is £345 an interim or maintenance service will be around the £110 mark It also depends on how you use the watch, if you wear it every day especially if you work in a dirty environment and swim / dive then you will need a full service every four years with an intermediate maintenance service between the full services. If the watch is going to be used lightly then you could get away with a full service every 5 or 6 years and no maintenance service
  8. The answer is no A careful clean may be possible on some dials but it is fraught with danger, if the dial is very dirty / corroded then a restoration is the answer Like your question on touching up cases there are no short cuts I am afraid
  9. Well done John always good to have a 007 or similar in the collection
  10. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Me too! Especially in an apartment where you struggle to move things around!
  11. Part replating the answer is no, But yes you certainly can replate watch cases and there are people around who specialise in such work. Gold, silver, rhodium, chrome and nickel are possible. Cases are usually stripped back to the base metal by reverse electroplating to remove the outer plating, if the outer plating has been plated on nickel plate then the nickel is stripped off using a cold stripping bath rather than reverse electroplating. The base metal case can then be filled and repaired and the plating process can then be carried out. I looked into it a few years ago to get an old gold plated watch redone which I never got around to doing, but yes it is possible.
  12. Seiko from me as well Something like Prospex Solar Chronograph SSC705P1
  13. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Purdy 9" roller frame Purdy 4" roller frame 2 Purdy 9" roller sleeves 3/8" nap 2 Purdy 4" roller sleeves 3/8" nap Extension pole
  14. I would send a Speedmaster to Omega
  15. Following on from a post by @Jonesinamillion back in February about "self promotion" of self-employed forum members' business / services and perhaps any services you may offer on a voluntary or gratis basis Roy sanctioned it, sorry it took so long but better late than never! So if you are self-employed feel free to promote your services in this thread
  16. I agree with @Always"watching" While the web site does say the brand was "re-established" you have to search for it. I don't like the way the web page and marketing are presented as it implies the current company has a heritage which it doesn't. For example claiming an establishment in 1892 at the top of the web page seems a bit dubious to me. I would prefer the web site and marketing to make it clearer that the name has been revived and that the watches are inspired by the original Patria company. Having said that I quite like the watch and it is one of the better crowdfunding watches I have seen
  17. It's a nice watch in a nurses style but probably not used by a nurse given the elaborate crystal design. It was probably intended primarily as a costume jewellery piece. If it was me I would take it to a watch repairer and get an estimate for a repair and ultrasonic clean of the brooch and chain. Is it valuable? Roamer is a mid tier Swiss brand but sadly, as has been mentioned above, there isn't much of a market in this type of watch. Might make a nice gift for the lady in your life if she likes quirky things.
  18. JoT

    Today I Bought .....

    Olympus EP-16 eye cup
  19. I have a Bergeon 4932 case opening knife which works well and is of good quality, in GBP they are typically £15 to £20
  20. A relative bought a A13313161C1A1 44 mm Breitling SO Heritage chronograph in blue, having seen it in real life I was quite impressed, pictures don't do them justice in my opinion. It's the Breitling caliber 13 chronograph which is cheaper as it is is based on the well-known ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. He has an 8 inch wrist and it wears well.
  21. JoT

    Camera phone pics

    An award winning community garden, apparently it actually looks a bit better than it did, there used to be lots more junk (sorry, upcycled items)
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