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  1. I think this strap/RLT4 combination is the mutts nuts black bison leather, contrast stitching and Pan-style buckle - the watch deserves it
  2. Probably too busy making fakes
  3. Looks great on my Poljot SS-18
  4. Personally I prefer steel, but I can see the attraction of Titanium for those who like a lighter watch. I quite like the colour of titanium cases. Its also non-magnetic, which must have its applications.
  5. Will the 24hr and GMT be ready at the same time?
  6. It looks good Roy, nice clean dial, nice size, neat case
  7. Neil I am a novice looking at a chart Is there anything more complete that you could point me to!?
  8. Ian that is so funny because that's what I did when it first came out in 1963! I will change it next week
  9. 155mm !!!! a bit of overkill maybe ;)
  10. Good on you Stan ... do you want an AS90 to go with it? ;) My son gave me the Swatch he wore in Iraq - thats my brave watch! G that eco-drive looks good, not seen that model before: I like the khaki green strap
  11. CWC Quartz G10, I love this watch ... I haven't seen a better photo of the CWC G10 than Stan's .... it would be nice to see it again ;)
  12. I came across this earlier, I found it very interesting. Omega Movements Link
  13. If you find a source let me know, I have been looking for one of these for over 6 months ... good luck with the watch. Stan Babylon 5, now there's a good sci-fi series ... I like Number One even though she was a bit bossy and dominating ... I never came across a Bab5 Omega Destroyer watch though
  14. Stan - Mat ... just sit quietly and relax help will be on its way shortly
  15. If you've got it flaunt it! Nice one David ;)
  16. Gert if you like it buy it! Its a novelty watch so does it really matter if its a good watch? If I bought a Star Trek watch it would be because its a Star Trek watch and not for the watch itself! If you see what I mean dont take it seriously
  17. Edge does that include your quartz watch without the battery? ;)
  18. Hello Bryan, welcome to the forum. I am not a collecter of pocket watches, but in my opinion stands would be a good way to display them. So you have my vote, after all why keep pocket watches in a pocket ;)
  19. Great pics Wardy - they have prompted me to look for a camera
  20. The three watches in my collection I never wear!
  21. Fourteen in all - I wear five of them on a regular basis and I never wear three (was six but sold them) the remainder I wear now and then. I wouldnt keep a watch if I didnt wear it, so three more to be sold!
  22. JoT


    He has had is ray gun deactivated - you could always add taped Dalek messages to your intruder alarm Exterminate Exterminate If you send me your e-mail I will send you my Dalek .wav files Yes I know
  23. JoT


    full size and genuine I hope, I don't like those reduced homage daleks! A half size homage should look good on a mesh bracelet though
  24. JoT


    .... and I have just bought a Dalek ..... .......... I will just sit here quietly and wait for the men with white coats to arrive :shocking:
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