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  1. I think the bezel is steel coated with titanium carbide - I suppose that is an improvement on the original 1980's version.
  2. I like the M5 ... almost bought one but got a PRS instead ... its a good watch but I am not sure now ... perhaps I should have gone for the M5
  3. Thanks Fred -one less thing I know bugger all about
  4. They work for the Inland Revenue I think
  5. Hi Paul - FM - bit out of my price range been wondering about the Junkers - although wearing a watch that dropped bombs on my granny (she survived!) would take some adjusting to
  6. Has anyone seen the new Tag Heuer Formula 1 - they claim it is "the coolest watch on the track since 1986" with a "daring design". Doesn't look that daring to me - a bit of a retro feel more like. I am assuming they are mechanical but as the official site doesn't give any information on the movement I am not sure - can you have quartz movements with sub dials?
  7. Anyone ever heard of Claridge watches? Are they watches made for Claridge's in London? There is a secretary at work that has been given one and wants to know more about it. Quite a nice traditional ladies watch believed to be late 40's but may be pre-War. It seems I am regarded as a watch expert if only they knew the truth that I know bugger all
  8. Does anyone own a tank or tonneau shaped watch? I have tried a few on recently but am never quite sure or maybe just not found the right one in my price range
  9. What watch are you wearing today and which watch will you wear on Christmas Day? I have the RLT5 on today; giving my wrist a rest after a week of "heavyweights". For Christmas Day "putting me posh watch on" - Railmaster
  10. Paul As I recall all you will pay is the VAT on the purchase price, I dont know about second hand watches being brought in from overseas.
  11. I haven't got a problem with true homage watches; an RXW is not a Rolex even if the design if not the quality is similar, you know it isn't a Rolex and so do people who know bugger all; you know what you are buying. Where I do have a problem is with the so-called homage watches that are nothing more than fakes, a "homage" watch with Rolex on the dial is a fake! No other word for it and I agree with Griff's sentiments.
  12. Hello John Welcome to the Forum In addition to the description given in Roy's link above The arrow is sometimes refered to as the Admiralty Arrow, probably due to the massive influence the Navy had in the past. The Broad Arrow is used to identify material belonging to the British Crown i.e. State. The mark was used on all manner of government property, and later its use was extended throughout the British Commonwealth. For instance marks on Canadian Government property frequently used the arrow surrounded by the letter "C" and was in use at least until the 1950's. No item was too small to escape the broad arrow mark and in the past it was used on items as small as nails and screws! The penalty for having a Broadarrow screw is not known . The initials of the ruling monarch may also be included with the Arrow such as VR for Queen Victoria; GR for King George, and WR for William IV. Other letters such as "N" (Navy?) and "WD" which is assumed to be War Department are sometimes seen. Picture shows a Government Screw ... quite appropriate
  13. I quite like the Fortis diver dial - something different from the usual A 12 hour bezel would be nice to have as an option as well as the standard 60min
  14. You aren't being foolish ... i like Russia ... its just the steppes that are crap !!! It has its problems ... but it is an exciting place No forgiving necessary !! They are not politically correct as well ... suits me
  15. How do you tell the time on it
  16. Paul a youghurt knitter is a bleeding heart liberal not a PG sorry for any misunderstanding! I didnt buy the book for anything othet than finding out more about watches ... there is a lot of info in it whatever your attitude to collecting is .. thats all I was trying to say ... I would have to sell my house to track down all the watches
  17. Well I know less than Bugger All and find it interesting ... they are not all posh ... Ticking off a list isnt my style ... I know what I like and I like what I know ... (can't get the bloody tune out of my head!) ... Take someone that we all know and love who has a genuine interest in American watches .. well this book has a great section on Gruen and Hamilton .... OK I will shut up ... ... PG agree with roman and gold bad, and black-white-silver-gold bad Give you the Russian Steppes ... anytime ... they are crap ... I work there quite often ... they are either cold or red hot ... and their is less to see than in Scotland ;) ... i had to do a round trip of 1120km for a 2 hour meeting ... it sucks ... Girls are nice though ;) I am just in a bad mood Sick of Youghurt Knitters
  18. Much to some people horror I find quartz and electric watches interesting at least on this forum you aren't hounded out The first commercailly available quartz watch, Seiko 35SQ Astron, appeared on Christmas Day 1969. At $1200 it cost as much as a Toyota Corolla; equivalent today to $6000! The first digital LED quartz watch, the HMW Pulsar cost $2100 dollars when it was introduced in 1972! Equivalent to $9000 today I have always been interested in owning an Accutron - there doesn't seem to be many come up for sale; well working ones at least. Has anyone got a Hamilton Electric?
  19. JoT


    I agree on the above except substitute Skoda for Ferrari Just have to make do with my MG ZT190 and RLT4, RLT5, RLT7? though ... Getting better in your wardrobe, stepping one beyond your show. When the sun beats down and I lie on the bench, I can always hear them talk ...
  20. JoT


    I would rather have five £1000 watches than one £5000 watch ... but that is just me ... 20 RLT4's is a bit over the top I suppose! Not that I dont appreciate the aestheics of expensive watches ... however the finer points of the movements is lost on me ... in fact wasted on me ... happy to be a philistine. I know what I like and I like what I know ..... wasn't that Genesis? Me I am just a lawnmower ....
  21. Nice Paul ... interesting looking bracelet as well.
  22. Just bought the "Complete Price Guide to Watches - 2003 of Amazon.co.uk It is an American book so I am not sure how valid the prices are - it is full of information and lots of facsimile pics of thousand of watches (note - no glossy pics). Good sections on Gruen and Hamilton (just for Stan) as well as the usual Omega &c. If you are interested in American watches lots of info. Amazon Link
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