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  1. Stan you have sold me on this bracelet ;)
  2. I normally do that after five pints, Bangalore Chicken Phall and two parathas
  3. Thats better Paul ;) I have some en route ... including a triple first Blue - Mesh - "hummer" ... can't wait :cool:
  4. Thanks Paul I do my best ... normally not very good ... but at least I try ... ... C4's usually full of more yoghurt knitters than the BBC ... typical ... put something decent on and I miss it. And Jon Snow ... what a plonker ... he should go and live in Cuba or North Korea ... he would be happier there. Did you see that crap the other night on C4 "Invading Iraq: How America and Britain Got It Wrong" according to C4 it was a military disaster - and of course the interview with the General of the Republican Guard got more emphasis and was given more credence than our officers ... what a load of bollox it was ... you would swear we lost the fight ! Feel Sorry for my lad ... he's going back to Iraq / Gulf in a months time ... third time in four years.
  5. You must need a NEW one Paul!!!
  6. Don't tell me ... its a wrist watch digital camera!!!!???
  7. I put my RLT4 on this morning Nice watch Fred what model is it?
  8. Hello Sean - my son also swears by them - he is in the forces. It is a big watch though, you might want to consider the Suunto Observer in Titatnium at 44mm diameter as an alternative. A bit more expensive though. It is also only water resist to 30m though and not the 100m of the Pro Trek
  9. Because they are good watches??
  10. JoT


    bloody hell Do you ever come across vintage Airmasters?
  11. JoT


    On my wish list .... one day
  12. JoT


    Paul the Early Bird doesnt have a screw down crown, I have read somewhere that it was used in Vietnam - it was always regarded as a poor mans Airman, it is not as robust as the Airman, slightly larger diameter but not as thick, it is also lighter than the Airman. Overall I really like it, I would like a Vinatge Vietnam era Airman, but these are really hard to get hold of - and there are a number of vintage fakes on the market. I dont know if any of our US members come across them in the States, in fact I have also read somehwere that they were made in the US at one time. My Early Bird is 1960's NOS bought through Roy from O&W No more photos - I am still learning!!!! Its the white dial taht puts me off the Dolphin - black dial and I am in!!!
  13. JoT


    Another Early Bird picture
  14. JoT

    Getting Better

    My first watch photograph! My latest, still not great but I have improved
  15. I agree Neil, mecahnical movements are beautiful, I dont think I have seen a quartz watch with a display back either someone will probably prove me wrong.
  16. I am not that keen generally on the coloured NATO's but the "BOAC" NATO works well with the red/blue bezel on the Early Bird
  17. He had one I hear he has a nice Kirium F1 though ;)
  18. Yes ... thats right ... I have quartz watches and I like them, I can't understand the "I couldn't possibly wear a quartz watch" or the "you have a quartz watch? How sad" and the worst of the lot ".... so you dont appreciate the engineering and art of mechanical watches". pish what the .... !!!!! where have all the smileys come from??? Now I have to scroll down to Australia to post do you know what I think about :censored: so they can go There ... I feel better now
  19. I think Ron's gadgets, digitals and speciality watches are fantastic - brings a whole different dimension to the forum. I have to visit an area near Chernobyl every couple of months - maybe the Geiger Counter watch would be a good idea!
  20. My favourite tasty dials sorry to lower the tone Any chance of these on a RLT limited edition?
  21. Have you got a picture of the dive computer???
  22. What do you mean - Dollar were great!!! and then there was ...er ... you are right .... 80's music is (as the Scots say) PISH
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