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    The time now is 14:41
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    Been thinking about that too. Put me down for one ! 04/50 please
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    How about a GMT version with a standard crown with an ETA 2893-2 movement? Or how about a true 24 hour - now that would be different. Buy them they are too nice to go astray
  4. My fun watch is a "LED-Watch" stainless steel LED - its not a vintage - and was recently bought new. It does have genuine LED (not illuminated LCD) but with more efficient circuitry. I tried to photo through the crystal to show the diodes so the case is slightly out of focus. By the way its my first photo on my £1000 watch stand
  5. Pauls excellent idea for storage has set me thinking ... why are the purpose built boxes so damned expensive? The best low priced ones I have seen were on a US site ... doesnt seem to be anything this side of the pond. Paul the Mekanic Dude has imagination and a talent to put it together ... I don't! I am a mining engineer and can make big holes in rock ... not much good for watch storage Anyway ... Pauls storage solution I like ... anybody else like to post their solutions to give me some other ideas?
  6. Paul you are THE Mekanic dude!!!! I like the modified watches, do you ever change the bezels on a divers? If I could I would put a 12 hour bezel on mine to give me the second time zone. I dont dive ... in water that is Like the storage boxes .... respect
  7. General Comments Pictures of the watch are all over the RLT forum and on the RLT commercial site; I can recommend PG’s review and photos. The RLT4 is a large watch in the style of the Limes Nightflight Vintage and Glycine Observer; it is however in my opinion a better looking watch than either the Limes or Glycine. The case is 43 mm in diameter and 12 mm high and 53mm lug to lug, the lug spacing is 22mm and the watch minus strap weighs 92.5g (from Roy’s description). Case The case is beautifully made and if rumours are true about its source then we are fortunate indeed. The case is a tasteful combination of brushed stainless steel on the sides, polished stainless steel and crystal display back with milled edges and a milled bezel. The brushing is uni-directional giving the sides of the case a nice satin sheen. The lugs are well engineered with screwed bars and no sharp edges. The crystal is thick mineral glass with bevelled edges and sits slightly proud of the bezel so perhaps a danger of chipping with hard use (which non of us will do of course!). The crown is of “onion†style, not sure about this I think I would have preferred a normal crown, however it is a minor issue. Onion crowns are certainly a lot more comfortable. Strap Roy has given the RLT4 a black handmade English flieger strap with white stitching and a nice taper from 22mm to 18mm at the buckle. The only criticism I have is that the stainless steel buckle is a grey colour, it would have been better to have a polished stainless steel buckle to match the case. Overall the watch sits well with the strap. Dial and Hands The dial is black with highly luminous numbers sitting inside a substantial seconds scale; a date window replaces the number 3. The RLT Watch Co. England logo sits under the 12 and between the 10 and 2. The hands are of squelette type and again highly luminous with a non luminous second hand. I like this dial, it has a nice vintage look but has retained a contemporary feel. Movement I know bugger all about movements and will leave comments to those that know. It will be interesting to see if it performs as well as my RLT5 (less than a second a day). I like the hacking facility – helps when you are accuracy obsessed. The watch number is engraved on the rotor and clearly visible through the display back. Box & Papers Box is really nice and appropriate for the style of the RLT4 – rosewood with brass plaque. There are no papers. Price For the price of £240 you get a lot of watch for the money, and with a limited number of 50 I have no doubt that this will become a valuable collectors item in the future. I am really pleased with the watch it looks great on my 8.5†wrist, a real winner Roy thank you!
  8. Knowing very little about watches I found this site very useful - after all who hasn't had a bent spring bar? How To Replace A Watch Strap ;)
  9. The postie called at 8.03am their is a higher force out there. The RLT4 is sitting on my wrist as a write .. fantastic ... thanks Roy ... it looks superb!
  10. I realise how much I don't know ... and how much there is to learn
  11. I love the USA oiled strap as well but they are too small for my wrist and I thought there were big people in the USA
  12. Now I would have poked B ... ... good job I manage to resit taking the backs off ... Roy of I ever order a watch case opener make an excuse not to sell me on
  13. It looks good Stan - I think it will do well ... CWC G10's are now about £100 for the 2000 model - dont seem to many of the cheaper older ones around. £45 is a good price, for such a good looker I am not sure £100 for a CWC is such a good deal .. despite my high regard for them. I
  14. What's this SB1903 that namaste talks about? Hmmm ... looks really nice ... I am going to end up in Griffs gaol I think
  15. Thanks Roy! I wont sleep tonight in anticipation !!!!! The postie only arives at 10am on Saturday it will be murder waiting.
  16. Ian - no scathing remarks here mate - good little site!!
  17. I have read the posts in the other place - seems as if it is a few individuals and does not reflect the forum as a whole - one person inparticular we are quite familiar with. It was good of Eddie to come on this forum to give support (by the I have a PRS4 on Roy's advice - great watch Eddie). I think the RLT4 is a great looking watch - sure milled edges and onion crowns aren't everybodies cup of tea but so what - some people dont like 250g watches! The watch has few comparisons - the nearest I found is the Glycine Observer - the RLT4 looks to have a lot better finish, has a clearer dial and a more interesting lug design and of course it is a limited addition. Cant wait for my RLT4 04/50 to arrive!
  18. JoT

    Seiko 5

    Hmm ... cut down strap .. thats clever ... never thought of that ....Duh
  19. Just seen Tresa watches on another site selling at £130, Roy is selling at £49 - yet more good value from RLT ;)
  20. Stan that's a bugger; anyone with back problems has my deepest sympathy, people dont realise how bad it is. Worse, you are often classed as a maligerer ... I had problems with mine for years; had the big operation a few years ago ... no pain now but it does restrict me a lot. NHS put me on a two year waiting list ... so went to Johannesburg and got it done private ... it was either that or drink myself into oblivion because of the pain. I was lucky I had the option. Dont let the ba****ds grind you down!
  21. Stan when i got my G10 I couldnt believe how good it was ... the perfect design for its class. Its my favourite by a long way. Great photo by the way mate ;) Whats this about the job ... you joking right?
  22. Well back to the frozen steppe for a week ... don't I just love the vodka and the Tu-134's ... and the music of course ... Russian Charts Try Number 3 Долетай by Катя Лель she's my favourite - a bit better than Westlife and Mandy Still it isnt all bad there is the RLT4 to look forward to
  23. I am so depressed ... The ITV award for "Record of the Year 2003" .... is "Mandy" by Westlife ... yes that Mandy .... Barry Manilow; 1975. Roy hurry up with the RLT4 please ... I need cheering up ... !
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