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  1. I don't think I have ever seen Mido watches for sale anywhere in the UK, the Commander is kind of apealing for some reason.
  2. Are NATO straps a standard length? Or do for example the forces issue shorter straps for women? Also I have never seen a navy blue strap are they issued? cheers
  3. JoT


    Sargon It is a CWC Quartz watch issued to British military - I believe the G10 comes from the form you have to fill in to get one - no doubt someone will know for sure. The latest models have a snap on back, most models for sale are the older models with a battery hatch.
  4. Stan interesting comments about US forces; my grandfather always spoke well of them in WW2 to quote his memoirs "good fighting men and generous to a fault". He tells a story of going on furlough after being wounded; he arrived at the port to go back to England with his backside hanging out of his only battledress. He tried to get a new one from the quartermaster and was told to F*** off! A US NCO who had witnessed this took my grandfather to one side and said "you cant go home in that state, come back in an hour". When he came back the US NCO had a brand new Canadian battledress for him. What did the British army do when he got back to England? Charge him for wearing a Canadian battledress! Interestingly my son had similar comments about US forces in Iraq, especially the full time forces (he wasnt so sure about some of the reservists). He said they would have starved without the extra food that the US servicemen gave them!
  5. JoT


    I might be exagerating a little - but I am very impressed with it. Got loads of comments about the watch this morning at the office - and I thought they never noticed these things. I am trying not to visualise Stan in the shower
  6. JoT


    Just got a G10 from Roy ... fantastic watch ... great danger of making my collection redundant!
  7. Hmm ... you can see why we English dont go in for national dress
  8. I can recommend this guy; GSGS Genealogy
  9. Stan I know a very good genealogist if you want someone to do your family history for you? He did a great job on mine. Although it would divert funds from buying watches ;) JoT
  10. The Zeno is a monster! cool web site
  11. Griff; so you dont want to buy mine then?
  12. Fred thats what worries me, its the fashion at the moment, 40mm or 42mm I can live with, but if I get a large (and pricey) 46mm (Glycine Airman 5) and its only a fashion? I like the watch but I just wish it was 40mm
  13. Here is my new Vostok 1943 on on of Roy's tan saddle leather straps, not bad for the money?
  14. I haven't got a really big one, my Seamaster at 39.3mm is as far as I have dared to go; (forgot about my Vostok 1943 at 40mm, looks great on one of RLT's tan saddle leather straps). I am thinking about a 46mm watch, and even though I have a large 8.5" wrist I do wonder if it will look like a frying pan on a strap Anyone got good - bad experiences of a big one? cheers JoT
  15. JoT


    Done that! but still not working ...
  16. JoT


    Paul I quite like the look of the Airman 8 but a bit worried about the diameter of 36mm. I prefer the style of the Airman 8 to the Airman 2000 but (I think) I prefer the 42mm diameter of the 2000. Eric sounds as if he has the Airman 6 it is the same style as the Airman 8 but with a 46mm diameter, I have never gone that big!! What colour and what strap do you have and have you got a pic of it on your wrist? Eric Is your airman on a bracelet or a strap and have you got a pic of it on your wrist! And if you do have pics how big are your wrists! Sorry for being a PITA JoT
  17. JoT


    When I am not logged in the time on my posts is correct, when I log in the time of my posts advances by 1 hour I give up!
  18. Jb Dial olive green, dia about 36mm I think, what dont i like? erm???? not sure, colour maybe, or that the bezel is does not rotate or ...... i dont know!
  19. Anybody got a watch that they dont really like yet they cant part with it? My pet hate is my Seiko Kinetic SMY017
  20. JoT


    No my computer time is spot on ... pg seems to have the same problem .. its only started since I got back
  21. JoT


    Roy I see 11.38 for your last post
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