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  1. I have come across quite a few 19mm on older watches - they are probably 3/4inch (19.05mm). I think the original G10 spec was 3/4". Omega are using 19mm on their new Aqua Terra range for some reason. Thats interesting about the NATO I have had some grey 19mm when I was expecting 20mm, ideal for the G10 though. Latest ones are back to 20mm . Havent had shrinkage, or at least not so I have noticed.
  2. Kristen Scott-Thomas .... sigh .... ... posh totty ;)
  3. You won't regret it ... great strap for the money ;)
  4. I think you are right there Sargon, I am going to have to lie down - I have a free sprung balance
  5. I didnt know about Hamilton's until I joined the forum and started to read Stan's posts; I am not really into vintage watches, but I do like some of the modern Hamiltons such as the Hamilton Khaki Action Auto
  6. glad you find me useful boss ;)
  7. Well I wouldn't know a Miyota from a Zenith (unless it was signed!) so I rely on the views of others its all part of my education ... what's so bad about Miyota anyway .. would someone care to explain?
  8. If you like milltary should think about the CWC Quartz G10; attached is Stan's excellent pictutre of his G10. Most on sale are ex-issue with new batteries and crystal. In my humble opinion one of the finest designs of any watch ever made. Failing that I would go for one of the vintage Seiko's.
  9. I,m with Foggy on this one; Casio. Except I would go for the G-Shock G-2800B-1VER solar powered, water resistant 20ATM. It would have to be a second hand one as they retail new at about £65.
  10. JayGee - I'm with you on that Looks as if steel and not black is the majority so far; I suppose the black bezel market is quite well catered for. Haven't seen as many steel bezels, would look nice with the right dial and hands, like the Fortis dial and orange hands perhaps ;).
  11. Apparently Fordham has 25 bottles of lager and a couple of double brandys before a game to get him "into the zone" .... thats my type of sport
  12. Its not bad, not sure about the hands though; wouild have preferred sword style, not keen on square ends.
  13. Is there any problem with having a choice of either/or?
  14. I hear that Miyota are supposed to be very good
  15. I wonder where Andy "The Viking" Fordham gets his watch straps from; did you see the size of that guys wrists? (He is the new BDO World Darts Champion)
  16. Joolz - You could also just post the link to the main photo page by pressing the http:// button and entering the url in the box. Could be that Villagephotos are now blocking direct links to photos to preserve bandwith - they never used to sorry
  17. Glad I am not the only one
  18. maybe because the photo url hasn't got a www.* designation? It used to work for me before I switched to AOL Sorry if its bum information
  19. Paul - that is a Soviet watch - so a red strap rather than red white and blue would be more appropriate ;)
  20. Neil I must get a blue one one day as well ... so many wants Here is my Aqua Terra Railmaster - bit underexposed - but getting better slowly! Watch isnt sitting quite right either - i need a new camera and more practice I think.
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